Expats could benefit from proposed driver’s license changes; bill would also eliminate mandatory jail time for some speeders

Dec 4, 2014 | 0 comments

National Assemblyman Gabriel Rivera has introduced legislation that would streamline the process for obtaining an Ecuadorian driver’s license, a move that could save expats time and money.

Current rules require all applicants applying for a license to take 33 hours of driving lessons. The lessons are administered by private companies that pchl driverrovide the cars.

Rivera’s law would eliminate the driving test for those who have driver’s licenses from other countries.

The proposed legislation would also make a number of other changes to the transportation law that went into effect two years ago, including one that mandates jail sentences for speeders.

According to Rivera, many foreigners who have previous driving experience are already exempted from the full 33-hour course, although informally. “In many cases, the teachers realize that the current requirement does not make sense and decide on their own to terminate driving lessons early,” he says. A number of Cuenca expats confirm that they were not required to take the entire driving course once teachers learned of their experience.

Elimination of driving tests is being vigorously opposed by companies that provide the training. They claim the move would increase the rate of traffic accidents.

Rivera says that jail time for speeders is unjustified and says increased fines are a better solution.

In all, Rivera’s legislation would make 31 changes to the current transportation law.



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