Fire department adds drones, New Supermaxis, Megamaxi in the works, Aeroregional reduces flights, Mining referendum reviewed by court

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Miércoles, 8/1/2020

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Exposición – A collective art exhibit opened hoy a las 20:00 in the sala Cézanne in the Alianza Francesa.

Book presentation – Natalia García will present her novel, “Nuestra Piel Muerta” <Remember I don’t translate book titles because if you can’t read the title in Spanish, how do you expect to read the whole book?> in Cuenca esta jueves a las 19:00 in the centro cultural República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55) and el viernes a las 11:00 at the U.of Azuay. Her book will be available at Sodilibro and possibly at Librimundi.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Serendipia scientific drawing – Two weeks ago, Noemí Cevallos started Serendipia in a space at the Museo de la U. de Cuenca to teach scientific drawing. She became interested in the subject when she was 20 but could not find anyone in Ecuador to teach her. She searched and got a scholarship for a 2 month course in México. After being unable to interest foreigners to come to Ecuador to teach, so she became a travelling teacher. She will hold a lecture este viernes to teach the difference between scientific and naturalistic drawing. On el 25 & 26/1, she will have a workshop on illustrating wildlife.

Otras cosas –

Aeroregional says it is temporarily reducing the number of flights to Quito.

Titular – Reducen los vuelos hacia Quito (Fewer flights to Quito) – Due to low ridership, Aeroregional has reduced the frequency of its flights to Quito. There is already no service on martes y sábado where there used to be flights daily. The tourism and hotel sectors are worried, mostly because when Aeroregional started service, the other 2 airlines serving Cuenca lowered their fares. The airline hopes to return to its normal operations after enero, which is the low season. The airline uses a Boeing 737-500 with a 129 passenger capacity, but can only operate with 80 due to the limitations of the airport. <That also means that the flights won’t be so crowded – always an empty seat next to you?> A council member said the city is planning to have its staff fly Aeroregional to support it and to not lose its service.

Emergency drones – The Cuenca Fire Department acquired 2 aeronaves no tripuladas (unmanned <or unwomanned> aircraft – drones) which will be used for search and rescue in the mountains, locating people trapped in fires, looking at collapsed structures and other emergency life saving activities. The two drones, tools, accessories and training for 8 pilots cost $14,071.80 plus IVA. The dispositivos (devices, gadgets, gizmos – your word for the day) are part of a command car used to monitor large scale emergencies. <From the pictures, they don’t look big enough to carry anything that could be used to bomb people.>

Mining referendum – Prefect Yaku Pérez submitted 2 questions to the Corte Constitucional to end metal mining in areas of water resources for Azuay. The court is already analyzing the questions (See Wednesday article in CHL). He was accompanied by mayors of 6 cantons and residents of 10 parishes of Cuenca, indigenous leaders, ecologists, unionists, and politicians. The prefect said the questions comply with constitutional requirements and there is no reason to disqualify them. The first question is, “Are you in agreement with the prohibition, without exception, of the activities of prospecting, exploration, and exploitation of artesanal, small, and medium to large scale metal mining in water sources, recharge and discharge zones, and of regulation of water, páramos, protective forests, and fragile ecosystems in Azuay?” The second question is “Are you in agreement with cancelling metal mining concessions that have been granted before a referendum, in water sources, recharge and discharge zones, and regulation of water, páramos, protective forests, and fragile ecosystems in Azuay?”

Property Taxes – The municipality has collected 14% of the taxes for 2020 amounting to $1,750,000, and hopes that it will collect an equal amount by 15/1 which is the last day to get the 10% discount. Payments can be made in cash or debit card at the Tesorería Municipal. You can also pay in cash at “Aquisíto Nomás” locations, or on line with Banco Pichincha cards which has an agreement with the city. <Did that just save you a bunch of time standing in line?>

Negocios (business page) –

Interview with Álvaro Rothembach, regional manager of la Corporación Favorita – La Favorita is the parent company of Supermaxi, Super Aki, Juguetón, Kiwi, Librimundiand other businesses and will invest $40 million in southern Ecuador in 2020. Plans include opening “Titán,” a wholesale warehouse to sell to small businesses in case lots. You will have to have a RUC and a business reason to buy at the favorable prices. Titáns are already operating in Guayaquil and Quito and the company is looking for land in Cuenca. Also planned is a remodeling of the Supermaxi El Vergel using land next to the existing store for new storage facilities and to expand their environmental and ecological lines. The corporation also wants to build a Megamaxi store – starting construction in 2020 and opening in 2021. A new Supermaxi is planned for Challuabamba which will follow the Megamaxi.

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