First exit polls give Arauz a big lead but not enough to avoid runoff against Lasso or Pérez

Feb 7, 2021

According to two presidential election exit polls, Andrés Arauz of the Correista Citizens Revolution movement emerged from Sunday’s vote with a substantial lead over second place candidate Guillermo Lasso and third and fourth place finishers Yaku Pérez and Xavier Hervas.

Andrés Arauz

The Cedatos/Gallup poll gives Arauz 34.94 percent of the vote to Lasso’s 20.99 percent, Yaku Pérez’s 16.7 percent and Xavier Hervas’ 13 percent.

The Clima Social poll gives Arauz 36.2 percent, Lasso 21.7 percent, Pérez 16.7 percent and Xavier Hervas 13 percent.

The exit polls are unofficial and rate their count within an error margin of one and half percent.

The National Elections Council will provide a “quick count” taken from a sample of voting stations across the country at about 8 p.m. Sunday night. If the final election totals do not put Arauz above 40 percent, he will face a runoff with either Lasso or Pérez on April 11.