Former assemblyman and court president among those arrested in early morning raids

Mar 4, 2024 | 0 comments

A former National Assemblyman and six judges are among 12 people arrested early Monday in Samborondón and Guayaquil in connection with the Metastasis corruption case. Among those taken into custody are former assemblyman Pablo Muentes and former president of the Guayas Provincial Court of Justice Fabiola Gallardo.

Former National Assemblyman Pablo Muentes

Attorney General Diana Salazar said the arrests are part of the ongoing investigation aimed at “cleaning up the mess” of drug trafficking’s influence in Ecuador’s judicial and legislative systems.

Muentes, a member of the Social Christian Party, was accused by Fernando Villavicencio early last year of being under the influence of narco traffickers. Before he was assassinated in August, Villavicencio said Muentes had threatened him and his family.

Villavicencio has also accused former and current Assembly members Ronny Aleaga, Roberto Cuero, Ronald Gonzalez and Walter Gomez with involvement with drug gangs. The four are members of the Citizens Revolution party.

Gallardo is the second official from the Guayas Provincial Court office arrested. Mayra Salazar, press agent for the court, was arrested earlier and charged with providing drug boss Leonardo Norero details of court agendas and schedules.

Former prosecutor Diego Ramos told Guayaquil newspaper El Expreso that information from Villavicencio has proven “detailed and very accurate,” providing key evidence for several Metastasis arrests. “As the investigation continues, his evidence will bring more arrests,” Ramos said. He added that, in addition to Muentes, the other National Assembly members named by Villavicencio could soon face arrest.

In addition to Muentes and Gallardo, those arrested Monday morning are: Mónica Alvarado, Muentes’s wife; judges Johan Marfetan, Guillermo Valarezo, Reinaldo Cevallos, Nelson Ponce, Henry Taylor, and Alberto L. Y.; Fausto A. Saúl Mero, Council of the Judiciary administrator; and Ruth Solano of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Those arrested were transferred to Quito Monday afternoon for an arraignment hearing and will remain in custody until a judge rules on their cases.


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