Former Vice President Moreno doesn’t rule out a presidential run

Nov 28, 2015 | 0 comments

Lenin Moreno says he has not ruled out a run for the presidency to succeed Rafael Correa but says he has a lot of soul searching to do before he makes a final decision.

With Correa taking himself out of presidential contention in 2017, Alianza Pais has identified three potential successors, with Moreno at the top of the list. Correa also named current Vice President Jorge Glas and Internior Minister José Serrano as possible candidates in recent comments.

Former Vice President Lenin Moreno

Former Vice President Lenin Moreno

Moreno, who is confined to a wheel chair as a result of a gunshot wound suffered during a robbery 17 years ago, currently serves as United Nations Special Envoy on Disability and Accessibility. He is widely liked and respected, even by the political opposition, and is considered almost unbeatable if he decides to run.

Moreno turned to humor during his long recovery from his gunshot injury and credits it with helping him overcome pain and disability. He has spoken frequently about the healing power of humor. In 2012, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for advocacy work on behalf of the handicapped.

About his appetite for partisan politics, Moreno says,“I have never been particularly attracted to many of the aspect of politics. I like to work out of the public spotlight on projects that are important to me.”

Moreno adds that he is honored that Correa considers him a worthy candidate. “I am committed to the cause of Alianza Pais and will remain committed,” he says.

In addition to his likability and sense of humor, Moreno is known for speaking his mind and has, on several occasions, criticized Correa’s actions and policies. At one point, party officials considered expelling him from Alianza but Correa has been steadfast in his support.



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