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Join Indivisible Ecuador’s Earth Day celebration Saturday at Santa Canela

By Naomi Herndon

The important thing is not to stop questioning. – Albert Einstein

As an expat coming from the United States, living in Ecuador for almost three years has been a great experience. There is so much to see and do and learn. Although I enjoy my new home, the United States will always be a very important part of me. I love the U.S with all of its assets, and its flaws. One area of frustration for me as an expat in Ecuador, has been how to participate in the political process in my country of origin. After all, democracy is not a spectator sport. A strong democracy requires that everyone has a voice and that everyone uses that voice, even from abroad.

Motivated, I spent hours researching resistance groups to see which would best serve the needs of Democrats living abroad. I discovered that since Indivisible was written by former Congressional staffers, their knowledge of the inside workings of our government was invaluable for effecting change. Indivisible is not “blind resistance”; the group teaches the fundamentals of how government works (now I know what cloture is) so we can be informed citizens and better understand the issues on which we are voting. Our country was founded through the process of resistance. It is not unpatriotic; it is fundamental to democracy.

Marchers demand Trump release his tax returns.

There are now 5,834 Indivisible Groups throughout the U.S. That is at least 2 in every Congressional District in the US. has been viewed over 18 million times by over three million unique users from every state. Indivisible has become this popular because it assists ordinary people, like me, with the process of getting our voting preferences actually heard by our state Senators and Representatives.

That is why I sought out a group of like-minded people and started Indivisible Ecuador. Indivisible Ecuador is the sister group of Indivisible US. We are very proud to be (to our knowledge) the first international Indivisible group. Indivisible Ecuador has adopted and adapted Indivisible’s take-action tools to help citizens living abroad participate in the democratic process and make our voices heard from afar.

Our Indivisible Ecuador formation committee members and I have spent many hours vetting the resources listed on our Facebook group. Only the most current and accurate sources and facts are included. The committee members are passionate, committed people who, like myself, want equality, inclusion, and human rights for ALL citizens of the USA. We want a country where everyone can thrive, not just for ourselves, but for our children, grandchildren, and future generations. It is a pleasure working with these loyal Americans.

I encourage those of you who want to help shape the future of America to go to our Facebook Group, Indivisible Ecuador, and see what we are about.

Another way to get to know us is come to Indivisible Ecuador’s Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 22 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Santa Canela Restaurante on Calle Larga. “Science, not silence!” say the organizers of the Earth Day March for Science. Join us for:

  • Vocalist and guitarist for Earth Day songs and some fun “sing-a-longs”
  • Great food and some very interesting cocktail choices
  • Live coverage of the National Earth Day March for Science, including featured Teach-ins
  • Indivisible EC members available to help you write an email, send a postcard, call your representatives, or register to vote using online tools and a click of the mouse

Meet Indivisible Ecuador and sing out with us in support of science and the environment!

Santa Canela Restaurant and Hostal is located at:

3-82 Calle Larga, corner of Vargas Machuca (across the street and next block down from Todos Santos on Calle Larga)

For links to online tools, join our Facebook Group: Indivisible Ecuador and click on the Files tab, Links and Resources.

For more information, contact Naomi Herndon at:

12 thoughts on “Join Indivisible Ecuador’s Earth Day celebration Saturday at Santa Canela

    1. Jenny. About 20 Veterans commit suicide a day. Did you help any of them. What a horrible comment!

  1. The real question is, why haven’t Republicans organized in Cuenca or Ecuador? Democrats Abroad has almost 700 members in their first year in Ecuador (started in Cuenca).

  2. Sure, just like the Republicans help to ensure that all voters can vote. I’m waiting for them to bring back the poll tax . . .

  3. I looked up http://www.indivisible. It is a hate group. Why do I want to join a hate group? No matter which party. It has the words ‘tactics’ and ‘resist’ in it’s heading, both are combatant words.

    This is the problem with groups like this, they hate the other party and are unwilling to think about the greater good… Americans. It’s all about ‘the party’. Republicans did the same thing to President Obama. They were the haters, and racists of the president then. Now, different haters of the present President. Americans should be focusing on better change.


    1. What you see is what you are looking with. Indivisible is not a hate group…unless you call supporting women’s reproductive rights, saving social programs, opposing tax reform that benefits only the wealthy….etc. “hate. I guess I hate bigotry misogyny, racism, sexism….yep.

      1. LadyMoon. You can still be a hate group even though you support all sorts of things. It is all about how you go about supporting what things you believe in, positively or negatively. They say, “…hold Congress accountable”. Yet, everything they then state and publish is anti-Trump. I’m all for holding Congress accountable but that is not what this group is about. It is in black and white.

        1. I’m more than willing to give Trump the same thing Republican law makers gave Obama, which is absolutely NOTHING.

          1. Beth. And so the ugly hateful cycle continues and the only ones really affected are future generations. Because if this attitude had stopped 40/50 years ago, America TODAY would have been a much better place to live… Much better. But people back then said the same thing you are today. So ya, let’s screw over our kids and grand kids like our parents did to us. Nice. And that is exactly what you are doing.

        2. We help people learn how to contact their congressmen/women to let them know what proposals we do and do not support… It’s called “democracy in action.” And…I forgot….I don’t respond to people who won’t put their face on their posts. Chicken shit coward

          1. Name calling… Wow. See how politics brings out the ugly in people. And I downloaded a pic, it’s one of my favs (you never said a recent pic, you just said a pic, but I’m sure you’ll not be happy) . What is so interesting LadyMoon is that a commenter having a pic is actually more important to you then the conversation at hand (you called me a “chicken shit coward” not for my comments but because I didn’t have a pic). I’m betting a lot of people don’t know how to download the pic. But because of that, you will hold it against them and feel that they shouldn’t even contribute if there is no pic (you’ve mentioned about the pics to other posters). That is exactly what you are saying. WOW. Take care. PS. OH, you can reply ’cause I have a pic now. 🙂

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