Fuel subsidies are maintained, Water rates headed higher, Rate your bus driver, Graffiti contest, Free glaucoma exams offered

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Miércoles, 11/3/2020

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Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

“El Tejido” – “The Tissue” or “The Weaving” is a new cultural space at calle Baltazara de Calderón 2-19 y Miguel Vélez and is part of the San Sebastián cultural circuit. In addition to presenting exhibits and artistic projects, the two brothers who founded the center serve coffee, and will have events called “Mucha Mierda” (a lot of shit – your words for the day. <Be careful how, where, and with whom you use them.>) This is a phrase to wish actors good luck – like “break a leg.” El jueves, 12/3 a las 20:00 the Quiteña band, “Aztra” has been invited to share their experiences, career and stories.

Concierto – The Congolese band “Jupiter & Okwess” played a free concert Wednesday night in the teatro Pumapungo.

Cine – “Algoritmo” will premier in Ecuador el 20/3. It is a thriller with a touch of comedy involving a family and a transnational corporation.

There’s a new way to register complaints against bad bus drivers.

Roto Fest – The legendary band Mamá Vudú will on the Rock Stage el viernes, 1/5 at the RotoFest 2020 festival.

“VadeArt” – The call to participate in the 1 Encuentro Emergente de Arte Urbano y Diseño “VadeArt” is open until 18/3 and waiting for graffiti and mural artists. This is a project of the Dirección Municipal de Cultura de Cuenca and is related to the traditional El Vado barrio. The rules for the contest are on the website for the dirección.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Mantienen precio de combustibles (Fuel prices to be maintained) – The announcement that there would be new economic measures taken due to the effect on the economy of falling oil prices caused by the coronavirus, had people lining up to get gas and gasoline. <Maybe it’s a good thing more more of you don’t speak Spanish – you can’t read and be panicked by the local social media gossip.> However the measures taken will not include raising prices of combustibles. Measures will include cutting public expenses, new taxes, and a mandatory contribution from official salaries. Owners of vehicles costing over $20,000 will pay a one-time tax of 5%, and income tax withholdings will be increased. The government will also be taking on more debt.

Rating drivers’ behavior – Bus riders will have a new online platform of the Sistema Integrado de Recaudo (SIR – Integrated Collection System – <Look at your bus card.>) acccessible with your cédula number. You can see your card balance, recharge history, and when and where you rode the bus using your Movilizate card. There may be the possibility of blocking lost or stolen cards and transferring the balance to a new card.
And there are digital forms for making complaints or observations. Go to usuarios.sircuenca.com to register with your cédula number, email, and a password. <Maybe I spoke too soon about you guys speaking Spanish – here’s a way for you to complain about unsafe, rude, etc. bus drivers where it might make a difference instead of complaining only to other gringos on English-language sites where your complaint isn’t going to go anywhere.> The Cámara de Transporte (CTC) will use the information to make corrections or to recognize the work of the conductors. <Does that mean you can also praise good drivers?)> If needed, complaints can be confirmed with the security cameras on the bus.

The Asociación de Barrios de Ricaurte announced a “Bus Seguro y Solidario” campaign in which they will give short talks about order, security, courtesy, and the right way to line up at bus stops. They will be giving the talks on the line 100 buses.

ETAPA rate increases – The 2020 budget for ETAPA estimates collections of $42.1 million for water service which is higher than the $32.5 million collected in 2019. This is because the directors have included the possibility of increasing water rates in the budget. The increase will depend on the financing agreement for the Guangarcucho wastewater treatment plant.

More free stuff – This week, the doctors who belong to the Sociedad Ecuatoriana del Glaucoma en Cuenca will be giving free exams to commemorate the Semana Mundial del Glaucoma, and referring patients to specialty centers if needed. Dr. César Mejía, a representative of the society in Cuenca, said that glaucoma is a silent disease in which patients slowly lose peripheral vision. He said people over 35 with a family history of glaucoma and everyone over 40 should get a check up to prevent the disease which is irreversible. HIs office is at Benigno Malo 10-96 y La Mar or call 095 892 1372.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –



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