Galería Conde exhibit combines Cuban, Ecuadorian and antique European art

Oct 29, 2015 | 0 comments

Although there will be plenty of venues to see and buy art during Cuenca’s holidays, one of the more notable exhibits will be at Galeríe Conde on Calle Larga.

Noyd'an Conde, Lanner Díaz, and David Morrill at Galería Conde.

Noyd’an Conde, Lanner Díaz, and David Morrill at Galería Conde.

The show includes Cuban, Ecuadorian and antique European art, and combines the talents of two Cuencano-Cuban artitsts and an expat collector.

“It’s a little different mix from what you usually expect,” says gallery owner Noydán Conde, who grew up in Cuba. “By seeing older European work, you see the roots of the Latin American art being created today.”

Conde, who is married to a Cuenca attorney, works primarily in portraits and landscapes, often drawing on Cuban themes. In addition to painting, he is a wood sculptor and teaches art at his gallery. He divides his time between Cuenca and the Florida Keys, where he works several months of the year as a construction foreman.

Fellow Cuban Lannar Díaz has lived in Cuenca for 18 years and has taught art at local universities. Much of his work reflects local scenery, especially a series of small paintings of hummingbirds.

Expat David Morrill, the third exhibitor at Conde, has collected European art for 30 years, specializing in antique British watercolors and prints. He is a former art reviewer for several newspapers in the U.S., including the Miami Herald.

Conde says the “fusion” approach to the exhibit fits well with the spirit of Cuenca’s holidays. “It’s all about showing off good work and having fun,” he says.

The exhibit opening is Thursday and Friday nights, Oct. 29 and 30 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30  p.m.  Galería Conde is on Calle Larga 4-32 at Vargas Machuca, just east of the Todo Santos church.  The exhibit continues through Monday, November 2.



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