Glas accuses comptroller of persecution, Campesino pension hiked, Art in Chordeleg, Immigration offices

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Jueves, 10/8/2017

Hola, Todos –

It appears that there is some confusion as to the dates on these translations. The date on these posts is the date of the issue of the El Mercurio that I am translating. So if I say “hoy or mañana,” refer to the heading to orient yourself temporally.

Pagina cultural –

Thursday’s agenda events –

Folclor argentino – An argentine dúo, “Quillapura,” played Latin American and Argentine rhythms Thurs. in Imay Centro Cultural (El Batán 4-70 y El Oro). <You could still make it if you live real close.>

CCE – CCE had a Provincial Assembly meeting Thurs. to talk about administrative stuff.

Summer camp – The summer camp “Atractive” closed with an exhibit of student work Thurs. en the CCE. Cost: $2 & $4.

Upcoming and ongoing agenda event –

Arte en Chordeleg – The City of Chordeleg is presenting “Chordeleg Vive el Arte” el sábado a las 10:00. The festival will include a “chiva” (brightly painted, rustic buses) to crafts locations and scenic viewpoints. There will be a crafts fare, a fashion show, and other cultural events highlighting the diversity of the canton.

Articles about –

Día de la Cultura – The Ethnographic Gallery reopened at the Museo Pumapungo and is accessible. <Let me know if you navigated the place in a wheelchair and then I’ll believe it.>

“Huellas” (Footprints) – This exhibit of paintings on canvas by Juan Vinueza is showing at the “José Domingo La Mar” Gallery of the Azuayan Government.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Glas acusa a la Contraloría de persecución (Glas accuses the Comptroller of Persecution) <I wonder when he’s going to pull out the “fake news” card?>

SSC increase – Pres. Moreno announced an increase in the Seguro Social Compesino pension from 63 to 100 (sic) and also offered an active participatory role in State decisions to indigenous communities and villages.

Braille classes – SONVA (Sociedad de no Videntes del Azuay – Society of the Sightless in Azuay) is giving afternoon braille classes to adults at their location on Las Herrerías across from the plaza El Herrero. Open to the public.

Immigration paperwork – In octubre, 2016, the offices of the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana (MREMH – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility) were moved from Cuenca to Azogues because Cañar has the highest per capita migration. There are still services in Cuenca including reception of documents, some kind of certification, apostilles, legalization, services to people in vulnerable situations (refuge, sickness, robbery), and repatriation of mortal remains. The services are available in the Banco Central building. An immigration attorney said that the services of MRWMH should be available in Cuenca due to the demand in the city from elderly, retired foreigners who can’t get around too well any more. <That exploring Ecuador budget wasn’t meant to fund lots of visits to Azogues.>

Road work –

The underpass at Sangurima and Huayna Cápac has been reopened. The technical commission charged with reviewing the two proposals to finish the Tranvía work will deliver its report to the Mayor tomorrow. <Someone’s working overtime.>

An pedestrian bridge over the Circuncalación Sur is being built in the Tres Marías Bajo sector near the parque Inclusivo This will help the 500 students at the escuela Aurelio Ochoa Alvear who cross the autopista daily to do it in safety.

Sevilla de Oro – The canton was 25 years old on Thursday and is celebrating. Two motor launches were inaugurated yesterday, and took their first tourists on a tour of the Mazar dam and the lake behind. The “Vicentino” and “Palmeñito” will run during the fiestas. Fares are $3.50 for adults and $2.00 for children. Make reservations at 098 721 9184. The following activities are scheduled:
Mañana – 9:30-Inter summer camp fútbol; 21:30-Election of the queen and a show.
Sábado – 9:30-Agricultural and crafts fair; 11:30-Show with the group La Quinta; 17:30-Sevillano rodeo; 21:00-Show with Los Sandunga and Son Karibe.
Domingo – 10:00-civic-cultural and military parade; 12:30-sesión solemne; 19:00-Dance with the Tropicalísima Orchestra and Amor Ardiente group.

Internacional –

Colombia – Humberto de la Calle, the ex-negotiator for the Colombian government in the peace process with FARC, delcared himself a presidential candidate for the 2018 elections.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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