Glas’ trial is underway, Moreno takes over Alianza País, Correa will receive no extra protection during visit, International film festival begins

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Viernes, 24/11/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda events –

Inauguración – The Pálier Librería & Café will open mañana a las 17:00 “en los bajos” (in the bottom) of the CCE. There will be reading of books and sales of art publications.

Articles about –

La Orquídea – The film festival opened Friday night. There was an invitation only ceremony at the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz with a special tribute to Sonia Braga, and simultaneous screenings of “Acuarius” at the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz, and at the teatro Pumapungo for the general public, which Sonia Braga also attended.

OSC – A program of experimental music was performed by 3 musicians <playing kazoo, Farberware and the bumper off a 1952 Ford pickup?> and a vocalist from the Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca Friday in the Capilla del Museo de la Medicina. The program will include works by Libertad Figueroa, J.S. Back, David Lang, John Cage, Pedro Astudillo, Philip Glass, Carlos Hernández, and Arvo Part.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Moreno hace purga en AP y renueva Frente Eonómico (Moreno purges AP and renews Economic Front) – Moreno is leader of the AP, but only controls part of the assembleístas. He purged the party directorate in a fierce fight with the wing led by ex-pres. Correa who returned to Ecuador Friday night. Moreno appointed legislator Ricardo Zambrano the executive secretary of the movement, and chancellor María Fernanda Espinosa as 2nd VP, both interim. Zambrano replaces Gabriela Rivadeneira and Espinosa replaces Ricardo Patiño who lead the other faction.

Derrumbes – The Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas (Ministry of Transport and Public Works) is analyzing alternatives to solve the constant landslides in the Ingamullo 1 & 2 sectors of the vía Gualaceo Limón. <They’re going to make a deal with Mother Nature?)

Glas – Glas’ attorney submitted a petition for the recusal of two of the judges for conflicts of interest but the petition was denied. The trial (?) <I can translate the legal terms literally, but not necessarily into their counterpart terms in English.> started Friday morning for Glas, his uncle Ricardo Rivera, the ex-comptroller Carlos Pólit, and 12 others for “asociación ilícita” (illicit association – conspiracy?).

Security – The Interior Minister, César Navas said that no additional security would be offered to Pres. Correa who had planned to arrive tonight, but will now arrive in early Dec. The additional security was requested by Gabriela Rivadeneira, executive secretary of Alianza PAÍS. <Now ex-secretary.> Correa will be coming for a Convención Nacional on 3 de diciembre in Esmeraldas, called by Ricardo Patiño <now ex-pres. of AP> to throw Moreno out of the movement. <Sounds like things are going to get messy. And of course there are plenty of you gringos who are going weigh in on this. Just remember what I hope your mother taught you – if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.>

Violencia machista – Femicide is the only crime in Ecuador that increased this year in spite of more awareness of the problem and the adoption of measures to combat it. From 1/1/2017 to 5/11/2017, there were 92 cases of women killed by partners or ex-partners or because of their gender. This is 28 more than the same period last year. 60% of Ecuatorianas have experienced some sort of violence, whether physical, sexual or psychological. Ecuador has the 6th highest rate of femicides in Latin America and the Caribbean, where the UN says it is the most common cause of death for women between 16-44 years, just ahead of cancer. The femicide rate is 5.04 per 100,000, representing 40% of all the crimes committed in the country. A woman is killed every 50 hours in Ecuador.
Before the new 2014 Penal Code, femicides were included in crimes of passion or intrafamily violence. Since they have been classified separately, there have been femicides of 246 women with 70% of the victims between 25-34. 28 had filed a previous complaint.

Moreno – The president has completed his 1st 6 months of office and has an approval rate of 73%. <I bet Trump would literally kill to have an approval rating within 20 points of that. As in start a war with N. Korea.>

March against violence – There will be a march against violence against women mañana a las 8:30 from parque de San Blas to el Parque Calderón.

LGBTI – A photo exhibit, “Reivindicación de la Población Trans” (Claiming the Trans Population) will open el lunes próximo a las 20:00 in the Department of Social Development which is next to the coliseo “Jéfferson Pérez.”

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations. The following movies open this week.

2D Tayos – Esp.
2D El hijo de pie grande – Esp.

The following movies are continuing. All are in 2D except the first.

3D & 2D- Liga de la justicia – Esp.
2D – Liga de la justicia – Sub.
Thor Ragnarok – Esp.
Asesinato en expreso oriente – Esp.
Condorito – Esp.
Jigsaw 8 – Esp.

Internacional –

Argentina – Confirmation that there was an undersea explosion hours after the last communication from the missing Argentinean submarine ARA San Juan has unleashed despair over the fate of the 44 crew members.

Bolivia – In a poll conducted from 11-15/11, 75% of Bolivians were against allowing Pres. Morales to run again. A referendum in 2016 to permit Morales to run in 2019 was rejected but contested by the government. <Doesn’t sound as if the citizenry has changed its mind since then.>

Discuentos y compras – I’m only going to list sales I don’t remember listing earlier.

Jugueton – toys – up to 50% off selected merchandise – 24-27/11. <The store has a good selection of jigsaw puzzles up to 3,000 pc. Just in case you were interested.>

Superstock – 10/20/&50% off on clothing, shoes dishes, toys – 24-26/11.

MultiPlaza – Navidad – <And Black Friday isn’t even over yet.> a raffle ticket for a trip to the Galápagos for every $20 purchase – 24/11-7/1/2018.

Marcimex – Black Friday – 50, 60, & 70% off – 24-27/11.

Vitefama – furniture – 15-60% off – until 26/11 from 10-20:00 – across the street from the Supermaxi El Vergel.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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