Luisa González and Daniel Noboa are back on the campaign trail, both wearing bulletproof vests

Sep 5, 2023 | 0 comments

Presidential candidates Luisa González and Daniel Noboa are back on the campaign trail and both are wearing bulletproof vests. Both report that they have received death threats and have agreed to police and armed forces protection.

Luisa González

Over the weekend, González wore a protective vest for the first time as she campaigned in Imbabura Province. “It is not comfortable but circumstances require that I wear it,” she told reporters Saturday. “I am following the instructions of my protection unit. It is regrettable that we are forced to manage a campaign this way but because of the assassinations there is really no alternative.”

Noboa was also wearing a vest in recent visits to Guayaquil and Manta. “I don’t like it but I understand it’s necessary,” he said. “Luisa and I have both been threatened and we are following the guidance of the people assigned to protect us.”

Daniel Noboa

In recent appearances, both candidates have focused their messages on crime prevention and fighting the drug cartels responsible for soaring murder rates in coastal provinces. Two recent polls show that crime is the most important issue for voters by a wide margin.

On Sunday, the National Electoral Council announced that González and Noboa will meet October 1 for the only debate of the runoff election. The debate will have a different format than the widely criticized presidential debate before the August 20 election. There will be a single moderator who will ask questions related to four yet-to-be-announced themes. The debate will be 90 minutes.

The runoff election is scheduled for October 15.


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