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Government eliminates tax for cultural products, performances and services

Ecuador’s Ministry of Culture announced Wednesday that most artistic and cultural products and services will no longer be subject to the country’s 12 percent Value Added Tax (VAT).

The VAT tax will be eliminated for most artistic products, performances and services.

The exemption applies to music, dance, film and theater projects and performances as well as to art exhibitions and publishing.

Culture Minister Juan Fernando Velasco thanked President Lenín Moreno for the elimination of the tax, saying that the president recognizes the importance of artistic endeavors in the country’s culture, particularly in the education of children. “Those involved in the artistic life devote the best of themselves, all their their energy and creativity, to enriching the lives of Ecuadorians and are very rarely well paid,” Velasco said. “In a small way, the elimination of the VAT will make their lives easier and make it less expensive for the public to appreciate their work.”

In addition to eliminating the VAT for cultural services and products, including tickets and book, Valesco said that those involved in approved artistic activities will be eligible for tax refunds on items used in their work.

One thought on “Government eliminates tax for cultural products, performances and services

  1. Oh, this should satisfy everybody. What do you figure the VAT take is on ‘cultural and artistic’ stuff? Less than 1%??? Good for photo ops though…

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