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Government warns protesters over the disregard for Covid-19 health restrictions

The government is warning protesters in Cuenca, Guayaquil and Quito that they risk arrest for violating social distancing protocols. “We respect their right to assembly but we are in a public health emergency and if the rules are not followed we may ask the police to intervene,” said Interior Minister María Paula Romo Tuesday afternoon.

Protesters gathering Tuesday in front of the federal government building on Parque Calderon.

The protests over government budget cuts and changes to labor laws, have drawn crowds of as many as 3,000 in Guayaquil and Quito and several hundred in Cuenca. Protesters include labor unions, university students and medical workers who say they have not been paid. So far, the protests have been mostly peaceful although police pushed back crowds Tuesday in Quito and used tear gas in Cuenca following the arrest of man accused of selling drugs.

“We are extremely concerned about the disregard for social distancing standards and the fact that some protesters are not wearing masks,” Romo said. Labor and student organizations say the protests will continue on Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Government warns protesters over the disregard for Covid-19 health restrictions

  1. The tram could be used as a mobile jail for those caught not wearing a mask and violating distancing protocols. Since the tram is wrong on so many levels why not add to its heritage. Oh wait, bad idea since the tram is violating the protocols too and should be shut down. Does anyone in the city government use their brains?
    If some people decide to make a “Sherman bowtie” how long do you think it would be out of commission?

  2. So pleased for Cuenca to have a new tram. Whether bus or tram, public transportation in a great service to communities. I wish we had more of them in the States. COVID will in time subside with or without vaccines and life will return to normal and how lucky Cuenca is to have the tram. I can’t wait to try it when I can return to the beautiful country of Ecuador.

  3. I read the article in Spanish and English. Right out of CIA HQ at the Univ of Miami.

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