Gov’t renegotiates oil contracts, Bus station repairs, Body of third kayaker found, Seminario San Luis

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Lunes, 29/1/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Presentación de libro – “Claves de la historia de Cuenca” (Keys to the history of Cuenca) will be presented el miércoles, 31/1 a las 19:00 in the Museo de la Catedral Vieja (Old Cathedral Museum). The event is organized by the City, U. of Cuenca and the Open Chair of History. <Which leads me to think that the book might be free (another reason Ecuador isn’t a 3d World country) and good for practicing your Spanish as long as the book wasn’t written by academics for other academics.>

Articles about –

Seminario San Luis – The seminary, next to the cathedral <Benigno Malo y Bolívar> was created in 1813 in the house of the Jesuits. The intents was to form the clergy and much later it became the only campus for secondary education. The seminary closed for about 2 years due to the Independence of Cuenca <the actual war from 1820-22 – not the annual eating, shopping, sightseeing, pyrotechnical celebrations.> At one time it was used by “Gobiernos impíos” (unholy governments) as a barracks for soldiers. The building still has offices for Archdiocese services such as Radio Católica, the Pastoral Juvenil, and a couple of libraries. The main patio is rented out for events such as crafts fairs, and there are restaurants and businesses around it.

Book give-away – Some 8,000 publications by the Ministry of Culture and the Central Bank will be donated or given to libraries and the general public with municipal libraries receiving priority. The topics include art, education, politics, archeology, painting, etc. Write to Tamara Landívar, Coordinator of Zone 6, Ministry of Culture. <I think the books will be sent out in the order the letters were received. Maybe libraries go on a different list.>

Rodalla Cañari – The performance that this group gave at the UPS was reviewed.

Otras cosas –

Titular – San Valentín reactiva envió de las rosas (Valentine’s Day jump starts rose deliveries) – Rose exports rise at this time and rose shippers have added staff. Only 3 rose growers remain in the South with 4 others growing only summer flowers. The main destinations are the US and Europe, but growers fear that the first half of this year won’t exceed that of 1017. Ecuadorian roses are valued worldwide because of their long stems, large blooms, strong colors and longlastingness. <You know what I mean even if I’ve forgotten the right word.>

Oil – The government is negotiating to revise long range oil contracts with Petrotailandia, Unipec and Petrochina.

Terminal Terrestre – Repairs at the Terminal Terrestre will be done this year including signage at the platforms and concrete slabs. There will need to be some demolition to allow buses access to the loading platforms while the repairs are made. <Let’s hope that there’s not a 3 year gap between the demolition and the repairs.> The mechanical breathalyzers for testing drivers before they got on their buses were installed in 2012 but quit working after a year, Currently there are 6 manual alcohol checks in the Terminal.

Voting Page – The articles are about question 6 on the referendum which asks if you are in agreement with a repeal of the Organic Law to Avoid Speculation on the Value of Land and Taxation, known as the “Capital Gains Law”, according to Annex 1.

Ad – The U. Católica de Cuenca is looking for full time faculty in all sorts of disciplines. Pay is $1,800 <I’m assuming per month.>.

Postal service – I you can’t get or don’t want home or office delivery of mail, you can ask the sender to send it to an agency or branch of the Correos del Ecuador CDE E.P, where you can go and pick it up. The cost is $1.00 for a package between 500-1000 grams. Letters under 500 grams don’t have a cost, and packages over 1,000 grams have a tariff depending on content, weight and final destination.

Kayak accident – The body of the 3d victim of the 20/1 kayaking accident was found in the río Upano Saturday afternoon.

Business page – The article has tables for paying income tax. If you make up to $11,270, you pay no income taxes. <Don’t know if that’s before or after deductions or if there even are deductions.> If you make $114,890 or more, you pay $22,485 on some base amount and 35% on the excess over the base amount. <And I don’t know what that base amount is either. I think you need an accountant.>-.

Amenidades –

Concierto de Bunbury – This much awaited rocker will perform on 6/2 a las 20:00 in the Coliseo Jefferson Pérez. Preferred and VIP seating has sold out, but tickets costing $39 and $69 are still available.

Descuentos y compras –

Cuencauto – Chery Arrizo 3 from $15,990 incl. IVA.

Mirasol Chevrolet – Sail from $19,990 and S-Cross from $26,090 (sic).

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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