Gov’t to concession highways and airports, Cuenca rum headed to Europe, Civil Registry streamlines, La Condomine cultural sites

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Jueves, 26/12/2019

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Collective show – 14 artists from El Puente Roto are having a show in the Quinta Bolívar in Gapal.

Map of cultural attractions – The El Vado Committee has published a map of attractions in the area and along the vehicular and pedestrian calles La Condomine. Included are a hat maker, copper worker, art and metal workshop, the museo La Condamine, a traditional musical instrument maker, a contemporary art painter, traditional barbershop, the centro cultural El Prohibido, the hotel Cruz del Vado, the “Tierra Diabla” gallery/café, and a boxing school. <Sounds like something for everyone.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – 2 créditos para obra ambiental (2 sources of credit for environmental project) – The $80 milllion Guangarcucho Sewage Treatment plant will be financed by loans from the Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina (CAF – Development Bank of Latin America) and the Banco Europeo de Inversiones (BEI – European Investment Bank). $10 million has already been invested in land acquisition and preparation, and each bank will provide $35 million. An environmental engineer considers this an urgent project since dozens of residences in the Challuabamba zone discharge waste water directly into the río Cuenca. The new plant should take 14 months to build. <OK – it’s a construction project so automatically add 25% more time. And it’s in Ecuador so double that. Let’s just hope it doesn’t leak.>

Cuenca-made San Miguel rum looks to new market in Europe.

Roads and airports to be concessioned – The government announced massive concessions to the private sector to build, maintain, and extend roads in the whole country. The private investors will be repaid through tolls. <Your bus trip to the beach just got more expensive.> The first contracts will be for maintenance of the vía Guayaquil-Salinas for 20 years; widening of the stretch of the vía Machala-Guayaquil between Huaquillas and Tenguel; and the vía Guayaquil-Quito in two contracts. Airports are also being privatized. The Corporación Coreana Aeroportuaria made a proposal to administer the Manta terminal, and concessioning the airport in Esmeraldas is in the works. <And all those airport fees look like they’re on the way up, too.>

New babies – 27 babies were born between Christmas Eve and Christmas at the “Vicente Corral Moscoso” and the “José Carrasco Arteaga” IESS Regional Hospitals. Several of the girls were named María.

Cooperativas grew 11.27% – Savings and Credit Cooperatives grew from $9,031,512,000 in 2018 to $10,344,049,000 this year. As of septiembre, 2019, there were 561 cooperativas with 7,646,465 members, and 4 mutualistas <whatever those are> with 15,465 members.

Ecuadorian rum to Europe – Ron San Miguel, made in Cuenca, is looking to enter the European market and is working with brokers. The rum manufacturer is a compañía anónima (privately held company?) with 300 shareholders and a small group of controlling shareholders. <I hope I got that right. Sometimes professional jargon has different definitions for words than the common ones.> The product is 100% Ecuadorian from growing the sugar cane to processing.

Recedulization – The Registro Civil is preparing a process to issue passports and have a mass renewal of cedulas so the citizenry can do renewals without setbacks. <A bureaucratic process in Ecuador without the “Go back and revise your form Z-never right”?> The new cedulas will have an electronic chip.

Descuentos y compras –

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