Group wants controls on mining, Carnaval climaxes today, Cuenca’s Saint Hermano Miguel, 15k race

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Lunes, 12/2/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda event –

Museo – The Archdiocese of Cuenca will install a museum, “Sala Expositiva permanente, vida y obra del Santo Hermano Miguel” (Permanent exhibition room, life and work of Saint Brother Miguel) in the Curia Arzobispa, the house in which he was born.

Articles about –

Miguel Cajamaca – This artist works in iron. His latest piece is a larger than life rearing horse made from “herraduras” (horseshoes – your word for the day) and valued at $10,000. There is no owner yet. <hint, hint> He also creates furniture and smaller pieces at this workshop next to the parque Pencas in the ciudadela Penkas. <The photo shows a table with a glass top floating over a slab of tree trunk with art nouveau style legs and a couple of iron bugs the size of low stools.

Exposición – “Doxa” by artist Estéfano Rubira opened in the Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno. The exhibit uses photography, sculpture, painting, or installation to approach the theme of secularization, the sacred, and historical memory.

Talk – There will be activities this month in the Museo Catedral Vieja to commemorate 108 years since the death of Francisco Febres Cordero Muñoz, better known as Saint Hermano Miguel. There will be a talk about Saint Hermano Miguel el jueves, 15/2 a las 19:00. There are other activities – go to to see them.

Exposición – The show “Con M de Mujer” (With M for Woman) opened at the Centro Cultural Quinta Bolívar.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Carnaval llega al clímax total (Carnival reaches the total climax) – Thousands are enjoying Carnaval in the cantons of Azuay. <Along with fun loving gringos? We aren’t all grumpy water avoiders, are we?> The biggest mote pata in the world was in Ricaurte hoy. The tub they’re cooking in has the footprint of a full size pickup truck. Big enough to make 1,500 servings.

Mining – After the the vote for “si” on question 5 won with 70%, environmental and indigenous groups are seeing this as a repositioning of the society to protect biodiversity and nature. According to the Cámara de la Minería (Chamber of Mining), 15% of Ecuador is in concessions for large mining projects – about 3 million hectares. The groups believe the government should rethink mining including dismantling 6 megaprojects including Fruta del Norte Mirador, Loma Larga, Río Blanco and Llurimagua that received concessions during Correa’s term.

Unemployment – 300,000 Ecuadorians are unemployed, and another 4.1 million are under-employed. The Minister of Labor talked about plans and programs to address this.

Transport – La Asociación de Distribuidores de Gas del Austro (Asogastro) counts 69 propane distributors out of the total 128 in the province. They are supporting the “Ordenanza que Regula el Procedimiento para el Otorgamiento de Títulos Habilitantes de Transporte Terrestre en Cuenca” (Ordinance that Regulates the Procedure for the Granting of Qualifying Titles of Land Transport in Cuenca) and are prepared to “regularize” their vehicles. Two other groups with 35 members combined, that supply propane to institutions, are also in support. The Sindicato de Choferes is against the ordinance.

Traffic controls – EMOV detained 49 drivers for DUI and speeding between last Fri. to 4:00 de ayer. The fine for the first offense is $386 – one SBU (Basic Salary).

Carnaval – The article explains Carnaval and Pawkar Raymi which are both celebrations of abundance. The origin of the word Carnaval comes from Italian for carne (carne/meat) and levare (quitar/remove). <Just a shot of trivia.>

Deportes –

Open Road Race 2018 – This race will be el domingo, 18/2 a las 8:00, leaving from the redondel at the Hospital de Seguro. The route is 15 km. Register at Life Bike and Bike Monkey until viernes, 16/2.

Norteamericano tennis – The article is about Northamericans who play tennis in the Complejo Bolivariano. There are pictures – one a formal group shot and two more casual. Ken L. and Elaine H. were quoted. <Leave contact information on the comments section if you want me to save this article for whomever.>

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