Heavy rains cause flooding, kills animals, in several Cuenca neighborhoods

Mar 11, 2017

Cuenca’s luck for escaping the flooding rains experienced in other areas of the country ended about 3 yesterday afternoon.

Friday flooding in Patamarca.(El Mercurio)

Heavy downpours sent rivers and streams over their banks, flooding streets and low-lying neighborhoods, particularly in the north and east sections of the city.

In Patamarca, dozens of farm animals and family pets were reported killed as rising water trapped them in fenced enclosures and on leashes. According to the fire department water was reported two feet (60 centimeters) deep inside some houses, businesses and workshops in the area.

In the Vizorrey neighborhood, police and firemen rescued four children and two adults as a nearby creek flooded its banks. The family said it lost 30 cuy and two pigs.

The weatherman said rains will continue. March and April are typically Cuenca’s wettest months. For more about the weather, click here.

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