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Heavy snowfall recorded in the Cajas Mountains

As much as four inches of snow fell near the Cuenca – Guayaquil highway Friday morning. (El Comercio)

The National Institute of Meteorology (Inamhi) reports that the overnight snowfall in the Cajas National Park was one of the heaviest on record. The snow measured 12 centimeters at some locations along the Cuenca – Naranjal highway and as much as 60 centimeters in the higher elevations.

According to Inamhi, the snow was the result of heavy participation over much of the southern inter-Andean valley Thursday night and early Friday morning. Cuenca recorded almost four centimeters of rain as of 5 a.m.

Transit police reported icy conditions on the roadway at dawn but said the danger had passed by 9 a.m. as sunshine melted the ice. The overnight low temperature at the Cajas park ranger station was -2 C degrees. In Cuenca, the morning low was a moderate 10 degrees.

9 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall recorded in the Cajas Mountains

    1. Now it’s climate change, clever switch – keep attention off of Americans living in parks, under bridges, what the Fed is up to, demonizing Iran, gearing up for war, rolling out the killer 5G. They’ve put this burden on people’s shoulders for a reason, especially the young. People should be asking, “Where are those sunspots”, and what is the “Maunder Minimum”? Cooling is here (dare I say freezing?), true science proves it.

      1. When 5G rolls out next year and people don’t start dropping dead, will you move on to the next thing?

        You might want to find out what the Maunder Minimum really was. While you’re at it, maybe learn a little about the scientific method before publishing your predictions in a public forum.

  1. I lived in snow country in the US so this is a mere dusting. But for here, it is amazing. Several years ago there was a light dusting in the Cajas during a bus trip and people stopped to take pictures. The same with sunsets and sunrises. If you have lived where these events occurred everyday you simply accepted them as normal.

    1. So right. The Cajas are beautiful, especially when snow capped. When people come to visit me, it’s usually the first place we go see. I love to show them the temp gauge in my car, then watch it drop, and then, rise, as we go towards Molleturo. I open the car windows, near the summits, only for a few seconds, and hear them say, “roll up those windows! We’re freezing!” When we get to the Pio restaurant/gas station near Naranjal, they say, “put on that A/C!”

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