Help Cuenca’s dogs find a new home by responding to a ‘challenge grant’ from a generous donor

Jan 24, 2023 | 3 comments

By Rosemary Rein

Since our first article appeared in CuencaHighLife about (FAAN) Familia Amor Animal Foundation in October, the expat community of Ecuador has demonstrated not only their love of animals but their generosity.

For 8 years, FAAN has served as a sanctuary for abused, abandoned, neglected and senior dogs in the Cuenca, metropolitan area, with a temporary shelter located in Tarqui. There are currently over 140 dogs now in our care.

The Challenge & A Gift from An Anonymous Donor
FAAN is now working in a grassroots community effort to buy permanent land for the shelter because their temporary lease is expiring and the shelter needs to move the dogs as soon as possible.

During the past week, FAAN announced that they have received a $20,000 Challenge Grant from an anonymous donor who wants to encourage the generosity of animal lovers in Ecuador and around the world.

The way the challenge grant works is that all donations received through March 15t are doubled. (Up to $20,000).

This means $25 becomes $50, a gift of $100 will become $200 and a generous gift of $1,000 becomes $2,000.

Expat Volunteer Advisory Board Member, Barry Rein notes: “This challenge grant represents an incredible opportunity to immediately contract the land and build the core infrastructure by doubling donations through March 15.”  Mr. Rein encourages everyone who loves Cuenca to do what they can and make Cuenca proud in this community-wide endeavor to improve animal welfare in our World Heritage City.

In addition to the match, levels of giving are available through the FAAN “Paws Society” which recognizes donors at advanced levels of giving.

Gold Paws: $1,000 + with the match $2,000
Silver Paws: $500 + with the match $1,000
Bronze Paws: $100 + with the match  $200

FAAN President, Jose Gomez says “This is a miracle for the dogs of Cuenca made possible by the generosity of animal lovers in our community and around the world”

FAAN is dedicated to creating a sustainable and community-based shelter and continuing with their mission to educate, spay/neuter and facilitate a community where all animals are respected and cared for by the collective community.

FAAN is an Ecuadorian Non-Profit Organization with a 501-c-3 sister foundation in the US which makes giving easy through multiple methods and US tax-deduction.

You can learn more about the match, supporting FAAN and volunteering at or write


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