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How to help with earthquake relief effort

There are dozens of options for donating and volunteering to help the victims of Saturday’s earthquake. In addition to CuencaHighLife’s donation option, the proceeds going to registered relief organizations, many groups are collecting money. We do not recommend any in particular; the list of organizations below is offered forchl charity donors to choose from. Please conduct your own due diligence when picking an organization to donate to, through cash or goods, or by volunteering.

For many more options, Ecuadorian television stations are posting lists of organizations involved in recovery work.

We were contacted Sunday by an official with the Ministry of Health with a message for expats wishing to volunteer: Do not come to the earthquake zone alone; come with a recognized group. Also, if you do not speak fluent Spanish, make sure the organization you are with can provide translation services.

Organizations accepting donations

Azuay Food Bank (located next to Iglesia Turi)
Click here

Catholic Relief Services
Click here

Cruz Roja Ecuatoriano (Ecuador Red Cross)
Click here

World Vision Ecuador Earthquake Relief Fund
Click here

Hearts of Gold Earthquake Relief Fund
Click here

Azuay Province Prefectura
Accepting rice, canned food, bottled water, and clothing in good condition, at La Casa de la Provincia, corner Simon Bolivar and Tomás Ordoñez, west side of Parque San Blas.

Ecuador Finance Ministry
National and International donations deposited in the ministry’s bank account.
Click here

There are donation areas at all of Cuenca’s Supermaxi grocery stores.


13 thoughts on “How to help with earthquake relief effort

    1. Shut up and go away. A far more pertinent question would be, what did YOU do to aid anybody in Haiti? I was on site in Port Au Prince two days after the earthquake hit. I went at my own expense by flying into Santo Domingo and going overland for 15 hours to locate and rescue 29 kids from an orphanage that I support. I gave my time, effort, knowledge, training and money. If you can’t tell us what you did then please do as I suggest and shut up and go away. Permanently.

      1. Not only are you a well-mannered, intelligent Dr. of Philosophy – you are a saint, as well.

        1. I didn’t really think you were capable of telling me what you did to help those in Haiti and you haven’t disappointed me at all.

          1. Though you pretend to have a Ph. D. you lack in essential reasoning. Actually, I never claimed to help anybody in Haiti. All I said was that the money probably won’t get to the people. You made a major disconnect in logic. What you said was a non sequitur so, of course, I did not know how to respond.

            1. Nice obfuscation. In other words, you didn’t do a thing to help the people in Haiti yet you complain about the results from other people and agencies that actually made an effort to help those in need. You cast aspersions with no facts to back up your implied assertions.

              That qualifies you as a first order hypocrite.

              1. Yes, I think that the efforts are admirable. But I don’t know how many times I have to say this. The money probably won’t reach the people. . . . . I don’t really believe that you have a doctorate.

  1. Ecuador Cares is setting up a special fund to help earthquake victims on the coast of Ecuador. We are personally delivering tents, water, medicine, food and blankets.

    If you can help, please donate through the one-time donation section of our website at All major credit cards are accepted. Thank you!

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