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Here’s the scoop: Cuy ice cream becoming a hit

By Michael Bartiromo

And we thought mustard ice cream was a stretch.

Cuy is good on the grill and good too in a cone with chocolate syrup and nuts on top.

An ice cream vendor in Ecuador is reportedly seeing demand for her new — and arguably strangest — offering. It’s made using the flesh of guinea pigs.

Guinea pig meat, known as “cuy” in Ecuador, is typically eaten as a savory dish there and in other South American countries, like Peru and Colombia, where it’s often grilled and served whole, per National Public Radio.

But María del Carmen Pilapaña, who runs a small stall near Quito, has stumbled upon a completely new preparation — and it is a hit, she tells The Associated Press. “My family and my husband thought I was crazy,” Pilapaña told the outlet. “They didn’t think anyone would like these ice creams, but now they’re our main product.”

Pilapaña makes the ice cream by cooking down the guinea pig’s meat and making a pate of sorts before blending it with milk or cream, freezing it, and serving it just like she does with her other flavors.

Oh, and speaking of those, some of Pilapaña’s other out-there offerings include beetle- and mushroom-flavored ice creams, along with more traditional flavors. She’s planning to experiment with other meats — and even crab — in the future.

At the moment, Pilapaña has no reason to believe those won’t become popular too, at least judging by the reaction from her customers. “I was suspicious, but it was tasty,” one said of the guinea pig flavor.

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5 thoughts on “Here’s the scoop: Cuy ice cream becoming a hit

  1. I have wanted to try CUY since I came here months ago…researched , asked how it tasted and found the best place is an outdoor restaurante right on E35 in Tarqui… CUY ice cream….Quito here I come

  2. I had mushroom ice cream made with candy cap mushrooms at Cowlick’s in Fort Bragg, CA, and it was delicious. I draw the line at guinea pig ice cream, though. Sometime in my future I may be willing to have a bite of roast cuy, but I prefer my ice cream not to contain flesh of any kind. Except maybe bacon. Maybe.

  3. No way…I am ecuadorian and had cuy many times (not a cuy fanatic) but that sounds dusgusting!

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