Holiday weekend activities; Cajas highway open 24 hours; UN worried about prisons; Census gets underway; Electronic music fest includes food and art

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Viernes, 7/10/2022

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

Tres días de música en el ‘Roto’ (Three days of music at the ‘Roto’) – The Rotofest independent electronic music festival opened Friday at 17:00 in the parque La Libertad. It will run through 9/10. Timo Maas, Origami, MOP, with Eli Lasso will be performing Saturday night. On the 8 & 9/20, the electronic music and rock will be along the banks of the Río Paute where there will also be an art, design, gastronomic and music fair. There will be spaces for the sales of at least 10,000 vinyl records of metal, rock, blues, salsa, jazz and Ecuadorian music. The City of Paute will have childrens’ games, rides on cuadrónes and horseback rides, and parking. On sábado, el 8/9, the electronic stage on the Río Paute will open at 10:00 with Einmusik, Timo Maas, Matthias Meyer, Yugen, George O’Hara, Ana Belén, Matt, Fabuloud, Matos X Molac, and Aftom. On domingo, el 9/10 the Rock Stage will open at 10:00 with Puya, Pato Machete, Mama Vudu, Zura, Cabra Negra, Mistic Roove, Vtres, Adrián Lopez, La Lemut, and Pulsar Rhodes. The newspaper has Q codes printed for each band so you can learn more about it or sample itsmusic.

From El Mercurio del jueves, 6/10:
Actividades en el feriado (Holiday activities):

The crafts of Cuenca will be on display and for sale during the holiday weekend.

Teatro – The Escenarios del Mundo scenic arts festival opened ayer and performances will continue hoy y mañana in the Teatro Pumapungo. You can get tickets at Librimundi, the Galería de Miguel Illescas, and on line at Meet2go.

Música – Rotofest opened today at the parque La Libertad and will continue tomorrow and domingo in Paute.

Arte – Museums and municipal exhibit spaces will be open during the holiday. The Arte Moderno and Remigio Crespo musems will be open from 10-19:00. The Ecomuseo’s hours will be from 10-15:00, and the Planetarium will be open from 10-18:00.

Feria “Cuenca, Ciudad Mundial de la Artesanía” (“Cuenca, World City of Crafts” Fair) – This crafts fair will be on the 3,4,5, & 6/11 with craftspeople in the areas of goldsmithing and jewelry, pottery and ceramics, straw and basketry, wrought iron, embroidery, saddlery, tinsmithing, wood carving and milling, marble and stonework, and fireworks.

Fiestas a lo grande en Azogues (Big parties in Azogues) – Crafts guilds, merchants and hotels are hoping a large agenda with more than 100 activities to celebrate the 202nd anniversary of the Independence of Azogues will improve the economy. Activities start this month and will continue to deciembre. The Chamber of Commerce will resume the “Expoferia Azogues” in the Unidad Educativa “Luis Rogerio González” from el 1-5/11 with 150 exhibitors. The “Viva Azogues Festival” will take place the same days with bands and entertainment at different venues.5

Titular –

Cárceles: heridas sin cerrar (Prisons: unhealed wounds) – The prison situation left Human Rights experts from the UN profoundly worried. Their visit to Ecuador coincided with the last two prison massacres that left 29 confirmed deaths. The organization made a confidential report to the Government in which it called for immediate measures to address the complex prison crisis and to assure human rights for prisoners. The experts pointed out that the recent violence was a consequence of the abandonment of the system for decades during which the State lost control of the prisons leaving the most dangerous prisoners to administer the jails. There were no comments from the Government.

En la búsqueda de soluciones (In search for solutions) – With regard to the recommendations from the UN, Vivian Cartagena, a researcher for the Permanent Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, said that it was recommended that the Government start the most basic, and also the most complicated step, of controlling the entrance of weapons into the prisons. In this way, the most powerful criminal organizations would lose their hegemony of violence. This would also require investigations into the guards and police officers who guard these entrances.

Cuenca –

Como acceder al censo en línea (How to access the census on line) – The 8th Census of Population, the 7th of Housing, andd the 1st of Communities is on line during octubre from 7:00 to 23.59. The questionaire has 70 questions that address 3 components: housing, home and individual concerning themes such as water and sanitation, housing shortage, peoples and nationalities, human mobility, people with disabilities, sexual diversity, and urban wildlife <I don’t think those urban wildlife questions are going to be about where you go to drink and cut loose.> It should take about 40 minutes to complete the questions, and the application allows you to save the session if you can’t finish it in one sitting.

There are also help buttons and you can call 1800 08 08 08. <But those probably won’t help much if your basic problem is a deficiency of Spanish.> The in person census will take place between 7/11 and 18/12 with 18,000 census workers covering the country. They will carry electronic devices <gizmos, whatchamacallits, thingamjigs for you fellow Luddites>, and the in person census will allow you to validate and modify data if needed by using the Q code from the on line census.
There are 10 steps to take the census on line at

1. Click on the bullet – “Censo en línea.” <So far so good even if you don’t know what that means?>
2. Enter your cédula number. <Hopefully there’s only one box on the screen.>
3. Write your email address and click.
4. Open a message from INEC in your email with a temporary password.
5. Go back to the census page and enter your temporary password.
6. Change your password.
7. Put the province, cantón, and street or sector where you live. <If you live in urban Cuenca, your canton is Cuenca. You’re on your own if you’re outside the urban area. If you’re way out you might be in another canton.>
8. <And here we enter territory where no gringo has gone before, except for those of you who’ve lived here since 2010.> Answer the 70 questions.
9. At the end of the questionaire, click on the “Finalizar” button. <Maybe we’ll finally get an answer as to how many gringos there are in Cuenca.>
10. Print or save the certificate on your device.
Results will be available starting in mayo, 2023. They will be free and the public can download the data base.

Region –

En Molleturo, tránsito sin restricciones en el feriado (In Molleturo, unrestricted traffic during the holiday) – Km 49 on the vía Cuenca-Molleturo-El Empalme will be open 24 hours without restrictions from today to this coming martes for tourists traveling for the 9/10 holiday (Independence of Guayaquil). The stretch of road will be monitored to avoid the risk of falling material. <Like rocks the size of VW bugs.> If there is heavy rain, closing the road for the safety of drivers will be analyzed. At km. 7 in the El Lirio sector in the Sayausí parish, traffic will be permitted in only one lane due to emergency work to repair a sinkhole in the other lane. <If it ain’t one thing it’s another. I don’t think technology is ever going to conquer la Pachamama (Mother Nature.)

And that’s all for today so hasta el miércoles, 26/10.



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