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How my life experiences helped form my political views and irritate liberals

By Ed Konderla

I am always surprised how many people are amazed that I’m unabashedly pro-President Trump.

When he won the election my feet didn’t touch the ground for three days. I was elated by the shock and pain I saw in the eyes of liberal progressives, especially Hillary Clinton. I still look back at that morning when I had discovered Trump had won and a big sh*t-eating grin spreads across my face. I’m experiencing one right this very moment.

Now you can still see the delirium he causes in liberal progressives and RINO’s. I doubt he’ll win the next election but God the last four years have been a blast. I am so glad I lived to see it. I plan to vote for him three or four times in November using the new mail in ballot system backed by liberals.

When I look back at my life and compare it to most others, I feel extremely lucky. It appears most people led an adult life that was 40 to 50 years of only a slight variation on the same routine. Their careers kept them locked on a path that never allowed for much deviation. One of the things that happens when you jump around a lot is that you gain a different perspective and occasionally learn something profound. The new path is never exactly what you thought it would be.

F-4E Phantom

Warning: The following is filled with lots of self-aggrandizement, pontification, exaggeration and out-and-out lying and delusion. Continue at your own risk.

I learned from being in tech school and having total freedom for the first time in my life that sometimes control is a good thing and that uncontrolled substance abuse is not a good thing.

I decided to join the Air Force after one particularly no-holds-barred week of debauchery and excess. Sometimes you jump from the frying pan into the fire.

That lesson came after being in tech school for a year-and-a-half, walking the straight and narrow, and finally getting to sit in the cockpit of a real armed F-4E. Sitting there, working on the very computers and systems that aimed and fired the weapons. I was the proud owner of a Top Secret Security Clearance and taking in all of the sensations of sitting on an ejection seat, looking at the seemingly endless array of gauges.

Having my hands on the throttles and the joystick, playing fighter pilot, suddenly a very familiar smell came to my nose. I see a movement to my left and turn to see a hand from the rear cockpit holding a burning joint and a disembodied voice in my headphones asking if I want a hit. This is the guy that just a few days before my NCOIC had pointed to as being my role model — the guy that would show me the ropes and why everything I learned in tech school was BS. Dave would introduce to the real world as he took me through my six months of OJT. Dave had been in the Air Force for eight years during the Vietnam War, serving in Thailand. In Dave’s defense we had quickly hit it off and I had shared some of the experiences of my previous life as guys do when building a comradery. Dave assumed I would love to take a hit. The effect was of seeing myself in Leavenworth. We became fast friends but I made it clear that was not my idea of a good time when I was in the cockpit. I often wonder what happened to Dave.

Ed up in the air.

I learned most fighter pilots are regular guys with car bills they struggle to pay, family and marital problems, fears and worries. They always treated the ground crew as if we were equals and if for some reason they pulled rank, you almost always deserved it. I also learned that they actually fly relatively few hours every month and that the rest of their working hours are filled with tedious, paper-pushing work and dealing with bosses that they hate.

After four years in the Air Force I decided to try civilian life. I moved to Houston, Texas thinking I was going to starve to death. From this I learned timing and location, while maybe not being everything, are darned important.

In my memory, it seems like I went from being scared to death about the future to having responsibilities and a paycheck I could have never imagined. You see, I left the Air Force just at the time the big computer automation change was occurring in the Petro Chem industry. You had lots of young engineers that just loved all of these new electronic and computerized gadgets and were designing them into everything. The problem was you had instrument/electrical technicians who were experts on electrical and pneumatic control and didn’t know the first thing about computers and very little about electronics. Well, I had just left a job that the electronics and computers I worked on all day long every day were far more advanced than what was generally available in civilian industry. Like I say, timing is important but it doesn’t hurt if you are willing to work like a Trojan and are a quick study as well.

I learned from building and flying two airplanes and a gyrocopter the terror and danger self-doubt can cause. When you are at 3,000 feet it’s no time to convince yourself that you mixed the epoxy glue incorrectly when gluing together the spar and that your wing is coming apart.

I also learned how doubt  will distract you. One time I was getting ready to take my gyrocopter out and it was insanely windy. The airport manager walked out of the Walsenburg, Colorado airport pilot lounge to tell me the anemometer was recording wind gusts of 53 miles an hour. Sometime you do things you know deep down you shouldn’t. I told him how much gyrocopters love wind and not to worry although I had never flown it in winds like that. So against my better judgement, I pointed her into the wind, pushed in the throttle and took off straight up like a helicopter. Zero ground roll. I get hit by the first hard gust about 100 feet up and I came completely out of the seat.  The only thing holding me in the gyro was my death grip on the joy stick and the throttle. I look down and to my horror I see I forgot to fasten my seat belt. Long story short I made it down alive but I had to burn that pair of underwear.

I also learned the euphoria that comes from facing and conquering your fears. The thrill of sitting in what is basically a flying diningroom chair flying so low over herds of antelope that you can feel the impact of their hooves as they run at 40 miles an hour, up to 55 mph in short bursts. Being so close you can feel the heat of their breaths and you can almost reach out and grab their big purple tongues being blown back by the wind.

Paragliding in Crucita.

I learned that while gold mining in Alaska that a true adventure or quest is not a vacation. It is filled with anger, fear, loneliness, desperation and severe discomfort, but that all of those bad experiences build irreplaceable and wonderful memories.

I learned that while working for the government in Saudi Arabia that all governments and cultures are not created equal. And that I can be driven to have very strong opinions and, when backed into a corner, dying seems like no big deal.

I learned what an incredible partner I have in life while driving a motorcycle from East Texas to Alaska, most of the time in the rain, camping out every night. When she was given the opportunity to call it quits after crossing the border from Washington into Canada and me pointing out in graphic detail that we were less than half way to Fairbanks and the road and the weather were probably not going to improve. Also, keep in mind, I told her, that we also had to come back. She practically took my head off and said in no uncertain terms, “I told everybody we were going to Alaska on a motorcycle and by God we are going to Alaska on a motorcycle.”

There was also the time, 22 years ago, here in Ecuador when we were taking paraglider lessons in La Crucita. It was the morning we were supposed to solo and she was scared to death. Almost in tears, she was telling me she just couldn’t make herself do it. I told her in no uncertain terms that if flew scared she would certainly get herself killed. So after my second solo, gathering my glider up on the beach, Jaime, our guide, calls me over the radio and shouts, “Ed, look up.” I looked up just as a paraglider cleared the cliff 400 feet above the beach. He shouts, “It’s Tresa and she’s by herself.” I had tears in my eyes, I was so proud of that girl. I’m used to popping shirt buttons around my gut but that day they were popping off my chest. She soloed three times that day.

Ed and Tresa on the road to Alaska.

I learned that while teaching public high school for four years and two years in community college, that we are deeply screwed. Education loves buzz words and terms. One that became popular was “critical thinking.” I never knew a group that knew less about critical thinking than educators. Most of them had gone to college, gotten a degree in a subject while majoring in education and then spent a career regurgitating that info. They actually thought because they knew the definition of something they could teach it. I learned you cannot give a student something you do not have.

I learned why they call them “Starving Artists” when I left the Petro Chem industry at 43 years old to pursue a full-time career as an artist in wood turning and woodworking, my true passions. I had hit that “Is this all there is?” moment. So I walked away from my engineering gig making over $200,000 a year, paying very little in income taxes and paying nothing for room and board with the complete blessing of my wonderful wife. I never looked back.

I learned that after owning three galleries and a coffee bar that the sacrifices and challenges required to have and run a small business are incredible, almost insurmountable. After doing many extremely competitive juried art shows, many of which I couldn’t understand how I was accepted, looking at the talent that surrounded me, I learned how many really great artists hate their patrons. You always have people that love to tell their favorite artist how they are birds of a feather because they love the artist’s work and are willing to pay a bunch of money for it. So the artists sit there and listens to this while shaking their heads yes and saying, “No doubt about it, we are the same,” when actually they want to set the person of fire.

As a cattle rancher, I learned that something really disgusting can provide great beauty.  When you palpate a cow the first thing you do is put on this glove that goes all the way up and over your shoulder. You then insert your arm up to your arm pit many times in her rectum, clear up to your arm pit. One does this in order to check to see if she is pregnant unless you are one of the few people that like to palpate bulls. I don’t know what that is all about. Although disgusting, it was also amazing because depending on what trimester she’s in, you could feel the fetus just beginning to form. If she was in her last trimester you could feel around and find the calves head and press your fingers into the mouth and it would start nursing on your fingers.

As a logger, using a method of wood management called “Shelter Wood” that managed for species diversity and food for wildlife, I learned the humility and pain of felling a huge old tree many times over 150 years old and over five feet in diameter because it’s overstory was just too big. It cast too much shade and although species like oaks produce acorns a couple of months a year most animals need to eat more than a couple of months a year. I’ve seen many the skeleton of a deer that tried it. I used to say an Indian prayer that basically said, “I take your life today brother and I take it with humility but in the future at some point mine will also be for forfeit.”

I can not overstate how destructive I see liberal progressive thought. It is a value system that sees coveting your neighbors goods, and assumes self importance and laziness are desirable personality traits. It demands that you be scared to death of life and that you see yourself as a victim or, even worse, you see yourself as the one that anoints victimization to individual groups through your non-stop virtue signaling.

It demands that everyone must validate your fears and your perceived victimization. It elevates common criminals to the position of victim and folk hero. It rewards the surrender of any and all personal responsibility. It demands the cowardice and fear of its leaders. God help you if you step out of line, for example, if an African American or a woman steps off of the plantation. They will be jerked into line so hard it will give them whiplash. It demands lives devoid of joy and gratefulness because you are too busy being a victim or sympathizing with people you have turned into victims. I could go on for at least 100 pages but I’m sure you get the point.

So it always amazes me when people approach me with an attitude of, “Here let me give you a little more information so you can straighten out your thinking.” They obviously don’t understand that I look at their liberal thinking as an abomination. It’s not like I’m sitting on the fence and with a nudge I’ll fall to the other side. Don’t misinterpret my courtesy as doubt. If you do it’s a huge mistake.

So every time President Trump says something stupid, annoying, racist or arguably wrong and the left’s train practically jumps the track and demands an apology and he, in effect, says “Bite me” it leaves me awe-inspired. When he says China is at fault for the virus and the virtue signalers practically have a stroke calling it a racist statement, I get a thrill up my leg. When he says jobs and work are important and that in the process of pursuing it there is a risk people are going to die, he gets a big old thumbs up from me and a tear rolls down my cheek.

So when some arrogant liberal writes an article stating in effect that in his infinite wisdom and with his superb critical thinking skills he can determine that anyone that disagrees with him obviously has no critical thinking skills, or is hopelessly flawed, I think, “Well that’s a flaw I’ll wear like a badge of honor.” I’ll be glad to stack my critical thinking skills against that jackass any day. There are many that feel the same as I do but they choose to keep a low profile.

Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed swatting wasp nests so just keep in mind I enjoy getting stung from time to time. That’s half the fun.

Ed Konderla lives on farm south of Cuenca.

146 thoughts on “How my life experiences helped form my political views and irritate liberals

  1. Great read Ed…If you are not a liberal at age 20 you don’t have a Heart….If you are not a conservative by age 30 you don’t have a Brain……God Bless you

    1. Personally, I’ve always considered this rag to be reactionary. I do give them credit for publishing different viewpoints, something you don’t see on most sites.

            1. I’m still waiting for him Donald –
              Let’s give ‘Sam I Am’ a chance . . . . two – three days maybe?
              He should be able to gather up his list in that time frame?
              Ken March

        1. 5 days – – I guess I’ll just have to give up on waiting for Sam-I-Am’s top-five go-to news sources.
          We’ll never know.
          I’m thinking his sources may only be Green Eggs and Ham?

          1. That’s because it’s not of your business who my sources are. Probably the same ones as yours. The Daily Beast, Vox, Move On.Org, Huff Post, the Nation, Mother Jones, and your ultimate favorite, The People’s Daily.

      1. I agree 100% with the reactionary part but not the “different viewpoints”. They ignore what is happening to poor Ecuadorians and the indigenous and support the bullshit neoliberal polices of “Money” Moreno. And where is the coverage of what Ecuador did to Julian Assange? This is one of the biggest stories of the year and hardly a word from CHL. Where do people get this “liberal rag” stuff? I’d love to see a little liberalism here.

  2. It appears now a days if you don’t follow the herd, you are considered stupid, racist, uninformed etc. Gone are the days that a persons decision were acceptable and not questioned. Now a days is do as I say not as I do!!

  3. Ed, although I’m back living in the US, I still get Cuenca Highlife to keep up on wants going on in Ecuador (which I love). The article makes it worth keeping this subscription, you make a lot of valid points. We (husband & I) had a life together of moving to various states for work and have travelled, I’ve always felt this has been one of the reasons I see things so differently than most liberals,

  4. They said Trump didn’t have a chance in 16 don’t write him off just yet, this is The Donald we’re talking about…

    1. The best analysis of our choice this November was summarized in a recent article by one of my favorite writers, an Aussie named Caitlin Johnstone. The title of the piece is Biden Can’t Return Things To Normal, Because Trump Is A Normal US President. That’s The Problem.

      Here’s a short excerpt to give you the flavor of the article:

      …[T]his fabled “return to normality” that Biden is supposedly offering is literally impossible, since normality never actually left. Normality never left, because Donald Trump is a very normal US president.

      Don’t yell at me, it’s true. This is something people who love Trump and people who hate him will be equally vehemently averse to hearing, but it’s just a fact: Donald Trump is a normal US president. If hearing this upsets you your gripe isn’t with me, it’s with reality.

      Available at [ ]

      Check it out, Ed. I’m sure you’re going to love it! ;<)

    2. 2020 and the Don will win and the retarded brain dead Liberals will continue crying into eternity …

    3. Joe, I’m not concerned that Trump will win. He will! What I am most concerned about is “by how much” and does he take back the House and maintain the majority in the Senate. Liberal America is pounding on the door, louder than ever before. Biden is the worst presidential candidate EVER. So if Trump is re-elected in anything that resembles a close election, yet fails to win the House, our country will begin its slide into a “Amerizuela”.

  5. Your article is well written and interesting, Ed. I enjoyed it. But you don’t understand mainstream progressive thinking. You are conflating the far left fringe with mainstream progressive thought. The main premise of the latter is that we need to restore the viability of the middle class and get big money out of government before the United States becomes a full-fledged oligarchy or plutocracy. Some of us progressives don’t give a damn about political correctness.

    1. Sometimes when you do something like this there is collateral damage. If you noticed I never said I hate liberal progressives but that I hate liberal progressive thought. It’s like saying the two party system can address every nuance in ones thinking.

  6. Ed, you are one guy I would like to meet. I would gladly buy you lunch or dinner for few hours of conversation. Too bad you live somewhere outside of Cuenca.

    1. We have a guest house and anyone, even liberals, are welcome to come and stay. If you plan to be here more than a day or two we encourage you to bring your own food because the guest house has a kitchen, internet and a TV. We know drivers that will take you to our gate for $35 or on a bus to La Paz for $3 and we’ll pick you up and take you back.

  7. Ed, you have renewed my faith in the expats in Cuenca. Thank you for speaking out! My kudos to Cuenca High life for printing what is most obviously an opposing view to the very leftist slant of this website.

    1. So in your time in Ecuador you have evolved from being a certified member of the lunatic fringe to now just being a Trump supporter. I don’t know if that is actually progress. Have you cancelled your subscription to InfoWars?

      1. Hahaha, so you ran into this clown years ago as well. I get the “towncar” reference and so does Bill Smith.

  8. If I had 10 thumbs, I’d give you 10 thumbs up. One of the things progressive liberals ( well, maybe all liberals ) cannot seem to understand is that if they keep on taking from the piggy bank, eventually the piggy bank will be empty. I would gladly share s a nice meal with you one day Ed. Stay strong and stay safe.

  9. Outstanding article, Ed! Beautifully written too.

    I also love President Trump, one of the finest leaders in American history. I think he’s a lock for re-election.


      1. I’m hardly a left winger, but I’ll argue trump’s lack of honesty, virtue and integrity with anyone. You?

        1. I promise, all you will get is crickets. Did you ever get replies to your challenges to Ray Horsley or Castiglia? Me either.

          1. Kenny boy as usual you are the consummate hypocrite. I have challenged you several times and as of this date you have never responded. Here are my challenges again for you and your spouse the die tition who are very strong proponents of the corrupt, archaic and dysfunctional health care system in the US. Please try to debunk(your specialty) the following:
            Over 100,000 people die yearly from prescribed medications
            48-90,000 people die from medical errors
            WHO states that in the world the US health care is in the 30s
            A study of 13 developed countries reveals that the US is the 12th or 13th place.
            We lead the world in cardiovascular deaths which is probably related to the the dietary old USDA food pyramid.
            How dare you call Drs Hyman or Mercola or myself lunatics because we treat patients using FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE of which you do not have a scintilla of knowledge.
            I am still waiting for your qualifications to call people that do not agree with your narrow minded thought process. I would suggest and surmise that you should not forget to take your meds since 1 out of 2 US people take drugs.
            BTW what was your and Devin’s challenge??

            1. You suffer from terminal stupidity. Even a casual observer realizes that there are more than one people with the screen name, “Ken” and you’d have to be blind or stupid not to realize that the one you’re addressing isn’t married to Susan the dietitian.

            2. When you finally get your head out of your ass and admit that I am not married to susan the dietitian, nor do I know her nor have I ever met her, I may address some of your already addressed requests.

              As I have told you repeatedly, I have addressed your obsession over my qualifications to question you 4 times but CHL has refused to publish my responses. For that reason, I addressed you on GP and you never even responded to my lengthy reply. You are a fake, castiglia and the deflection of calling me a hypocrite will never fly with thinking people.

  10. Well Ed, you actually “fit to a tee” the nightmare that progressives see in tRump supporters. You are “awe-inspired” every time President Trump says something stupid, annoying, racist or arguably wrong” and you admit that you wear the flaw of having no critical thinking skills like a badge of honor. Progressives look for much better traits to represent and lead our country. Yup….you fit the profile of a tRump supporter in a nutshell. Those things you think are attributes that make you smile, and the support of tRumps open racism, misogyny, bigotry, and lack of any empathy for those who suffer through no fault of their own rounds out the personality profile of the deplorables. When you add that crap to the denial of science and the worship of a non-existant supernatural being that rains down hate, cruelty, misery and disease ….well,,,,,you have hit the tri-fecta of tRumpism. May you reap what you sow. Your ridiculous claims to be an “environmentalist logger and rancher” and your fake “concern” for forests and animals while supporting leaders and poltiical philosophies that actively work to destroy the planet make you todays winner of the prize for hypocricy. By the way, you haven’t made my head explode, but you HAVE triggered my disgust.

    1. Progressives look for much better traits to represent and lead the country….In the last to elections you have offered Crooked Hillary and Sleepy Joe….Boy, that is some progress.

      1. I know! I mean really, this is the best you can do? Oh come on your kidding me, right?

        1. We agree on this. Both are pathetic candidates, thus I voted for neither trump nor hillary in 2016. Now, however, the world knows how awful trump really is and I will hold my nose and vote for whoever the democrats nominate as being the FAR lesser of evils. Yes, that means I have forsaken my own values of never voting for the lesser of evils. I think trump is such an existential threat to the world that I am willing to do that this time.

          1. I’ve been in your position many times but in this case I feel Trump is just what the doctor ordered. It’s been my experience you can’t effect change by doing the same thing over and over again. Sometimes a serious shake up is what is required.

            1. Yet you refuse to acknowledge his many pathologies which for most people with values, are immediate disqualifiers. That is the basis for the poor regard in which I hold you. It is one thing for an ignorant bigoted trump supporter to cheer trump on when his pathologies are being demonstrated, but when I know you are neither ignorant, uneducated nor bigoted and you claim to revel in trump’s actions, I know you are no more than a trolling provocateur who struggles with his own narcissism.

              1. Donald all I can do is tell you how I see it then you have to draw your own conclusions. I’m a long long way from making decisions based on what people on this site think of me. I can’t even imagine why someone would think such a thing makes sense. My expressed opinions are non-negotiable however their validity can be taken to wood shed to your hearts content.

            2. If only John Gotti was still around, that’s a serious shake-up. He know how to get these liberal punks in line (or in the ground).

            3. Do you mean like Hitler shook up Germany?
              Like Mussolini shook up Italy?
              Like Pol Pot shook up Cambodia?
              Like Mao shook up China?

              Yeah, they were disrupters, too, just like your hero.

          2. It’s sad to me that the democrats keep offering candidates that can only win as the less bad choice, and our own Libertarian Party can’t even gain any traction. In the 2016 election, the disapproal ratings for both hillary and trump were enormous, yet the electorate wouldn’t even consider Johnson/Weld.

            As I watch the U.S. go down the tubes, It makes me glad that I haven’t lived there in decades.

      2. “last to elections”? John Galt was a libertarian, you must be a trumpista spelling that way. John Galt would have been revulsed by trump.

    2. After reading 22 comments for praise of this article I was beginning to think I was in the minority. I applaud your response to this article.

      1. Let me help you out on the math here Mikey, if you are 1 or 2 of 22 you are in the minority.

        1. Trump is going to win in a landslide. Ed, it’s going to be so much fun to watch the liberals writhe in mental anguish over the next four years. Have you noticed that most of these folks have virtually no critical thinking skills?

          They actually believe that mankind has influenced climate change. Incredible!

          1. Make a promise to me, Larry, that you will contact me the day after the election so that one of us can gloat.

          2. And they believe all the lies of mainstream media. They don’t realize that if they look at the reverse of most of main stream media’s so called facts, they’d be close to the real facts. eg. Flouride is good for your teeth. Vaccines filled with toxins are good for you! Trump is a Nazi (while actually, the deep state IS nazi!

          3. I’m with you Larry –
            All of my core beliefs are at odds with scientific consensus on literally everything.
            How could all those scientists be so, so wrong?

        2. Maybe most realize responding is similar to hitting one’s head on the wall. Open your mouth and remove all doubt!
          I still enjoyed the bio!

        3. No need to help me out with the math Ed. But thanks. Yawn. Not impressed with your views (today or in the past). But I am continually amazed at the stupidity of trumpsters who constantly make excuses for the orange sphincter. I call him the 3D president… a truly disgraceful, despicable disgusting human being. Shameful. AND by the way… he is going to lose by a landslide big time in November. It is time to dump Trump and make America great again. The only question is what do we do with the trumpsters who did not call him out on his racist and sexist views and policies? Send them back where they came from?… or maybe put them in cages on the border? Food for thought.

    3. After reading konderla’s previous virtue signaling trash, I wasn’t about to read this offering, but I was curious to read the comments. As I scrolled down through the article to get to the comments I glanced at the pictures and that is all I needed to see to confirm my guess that the article has to be the same——- massive virtual signaling.

      If a picture tells a thousand words, the words I get from konderla’s pictures are trump simple: “Look at me, please look at me, I am wonderful.” Your comment is a re-statement of my previous opinion of konderla and I certainly don’t need to read the article for further confirmation. I have more important things to do. My cat’s litter box needs attention.

      For the record, most people that have read my comments over the years know that I am most certainly not a liberal. I’ve been a proud libertarian and rabid fiscal conservative all of my adult life and I eschew many of the beliefs that those that call themselves liberals or progressives embrace. That absolutely doesn’t allow me to be a trumpista. trump is a vile, dishonest pathological and compulsive liar who is afflicted with Narcissistic Personality Disorder that by definition means he has no empathy for anyone but himself.

      Fortunately, trump is in the process of self destruction and I look forward with great anticipation to the country ridding itself of him in November. His poll numbers continue to slide and he can’t seem able to stop himself from saying stupid things that alienate him from even his own base. Here is a graph that tells that entire story:

        1. boo hoo, boo hoo, whaa whaaa, I am so hurt by you calling me that. I’ll probably tear up my membership card tonight.

          1. He figures that by adopting a screen name from an Ayn Rand novel, that makes him a libertarian. Were you in Colorado Springs on opening day?

      1. Read the article with an open mind, like I read left-wing articles, of which there are many more on CHL. Or do you have a problem with that?

        1. No sir. I will bet you that I read far more left and right wing material in a day than you see in a week. I haven’t, nor will I, read konderla’s article because I have absolutely no respect for him. He has adequately revealed himself to me in previous material. I have better things to do than waste my time on konderla, but as you can see, I do have interest in the comments.

          By the way, I applaud you for at least reading both ends of the spectrum. Few readers are willing to do anything other than feeding their scanning biases and will read only material that supports their already held beliefs. This is true across the continuum of beliefs.

      2. “…and I certainly don’t need to read the article for further confirmation. I have more important things to do. My cat’s litter box needs attention.” As a bestselling author I knew you were an idiot from the first 2 paragraphs because you rambled and said nothing.

          1. It appears so, doesn’t it? Notice that this guy has suddenly appeared as a poster here and seemingly with a stolen screen name of a guy that he claims to be an author.

            Personally, I believe that FUE has done this a number of times with various screen names that he thinks are cute and send a message in themselves. I long ago lost respect for FedUpExpat and his latest trick of claiming to have blocked several of us but then reading our posts and responding with new, fake screen names speaks volumes of his character.

    4. God Bless you and lead you, Mr. Snow. May Christ’s love and peace reign down upon you. Blessings to you and your family. We forgive you for; “it’s” not your fault.


    5. “tRump”? “tRumpism”? You making sweeping charges? Where’s the critical thinking in that?

  11. Liberals reading this today are probably very surprised to see the number of upvotes. It’s the silent majority and we are the reason you will need lots of tissues 11/03/2020.

  12. CHL shows it true colors as a stooge for the right-wing maniacs. I’ve sent them dozens good suggestions and links for honest reporting and they’ve ignored them all.

    1. Have you ever read Van Pelt’s or Michael Soares’ articles in these pages? We accept your retraction and apology.

    2. I notice they repost a lot of articles from National Review, the world’s worst example of fascist drivel.

      1. It used to be great. At least William F. Buckley was articulate and intelligent.

  13. The fact that Mr. Trump is very upsetting to one particular group is probably not a good reason to elect him as President. For those here who are certain that he will be re-elected, don’t bet the rent money on that. Excellent strategy for anyone currently running against him: When a guy is hanging himself, as Mr. Trump is right now, let him.

    1. Amen. Just look at the trend in this chart:

      Just let the trend run. Biden doesn’t have to even leave his basement. trump is hanging himself. This “trump will win in a landslide” trash is just trumpistas whistling past the cemetery. Hell, even trump himself has been doing it recently. Did you see his reaction to the latest Fox News poll that shows him losing to Biden by 8 points? trump whined about that for days and told Fox, who has respected pollsters, to fire those pollsters. That should tell you all you need to know.

  14. Serious question… What are you doing hiding your light under a bushel down in South America? How come you haven’t come home to join the other MAGAts in Making America Great Again?

          1. I read this comment yesterday and I figured you were just being the usual AH provocateur that you always are. Today, it occurred to me that because you live a bit primitively, you haven’t heard of the riots in the U.S. over the last several days, including gun violence and the death of one police officer in California. Look and you will see.

            Do you think, like trump, that this will just end like the covid-19 pandemic? This is just the beginning.

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a car with as many cylinders or as much C.I.D. as that Moto, but then
    again, if there really is no global warming, I suppose it really doesn’t matter now does it?
    Because we all know, as our future Landslide President, “one of the finest leaders in American history” said, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”
    And we all believe that and know it to be true . . . . . right?
    Hello! Are you in there?

    “Look at Me!” on my Moto!
    “Look at Me!” paragliding!
    “Look at Me!” up in the air!

    1. I noticed that the first time I scrolled down through the article to get to the comments and as I said previously, it told me all I needed to know about the article and konderla. I believe he may suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder just like his hero, trump.

  16. “Mail-in ballots increase voter fraud.”

    “Our COVID testing is better than any other country in the world.”

    “Climate change is a hoax.”

    “No cuts to Social Security and Medicare.”

    Donald Trump lies like most people breathe.


  17. I am still looking for any achievement attributable to Mr Trump. Neither in the article nor in the pro-Trump posts did I find one.

    1. Read closer…. the author admires “Mr. Trump”, but I think his “achievements” date back to presidents and administrations that preceded the current one. So…what is your point?

        1. Well…. let me state the obvious: If you want the author’s opinion, you should ask him (just sayin’). If you are asking my opinion on how the Trump Administration has distinguished itself… I’d say that it is superior and more successful in just about every way, compared to the corrupt, failed, and disgraced administration that preceded it.

          1. Well, the bar is quite low then for you. We pretty much disagree in just about every way about how government in general and this administration in particular should function, but that´s OK.

            1. Whew! Thanks! For a bit. I thought it just might not be “OK” with you…and that would have ruined my whole week!

              1. … it would have advanced the discussion just to come up with any achievement or an example of the Administration´s superiority and success as compared to others or previous ones. It´s telling that in all of this little back and forth nothing has been said to that extent. Posters instead center more on a “that´s OK” than the subject at hand.

                1. I don’t need a conversation with you….indeed, I don’t want to have a conversation with you. Get the picture?

                    1. No, not really…. just don’t want to feel compelled to deal with the same old, threadbare, overused talking points that your handlers feed you.

                    2. Handlers? My goodness… I asked a question which didn´t even amount to a “talking point”, let alone several (since you used plural). As I said: Faulkner-style and even a bit Trumpist.

                    3. I am not “getting” your Faulkner obsession. I expunged him from my view quite some time ago, since I found him overly argumentative on issues which he was factually and demonstrably wrong, and did not understand…yet, on which, he had an opinion. Life is too short.

                    4. Toby, we agree on that. Look, I asked Ed a sincere question, taking advantage of the fact that he is a Trump supporter and I do not know personally any of them but take an interest in why somebody would defend him, given his abysmal record on almost anything he has done during his term. You gave your point of view and, when pressed for details, started to get grumpy rather than answer, just as JF used to do. Ed also did not provide any answer other than saying Trump had changed government in a number of abstract ways which he´ll hopefully explain to me over a beer at some point in the future which I am looking forward to.
                      I have read other posts of you, in particular those about what´s going on in Ecuador and I find myself in agreement with most of them because it appears you also have the theoretical background to back it up. So, let´s just leave it at that and see if we can somehow benefit of each others input. I´ve visited Ecuador for 20 years and made it my home for the last 6 during 5 of which I taught International Business at university level, so I always try to get other people´s input who are not locals.

                    5. You do realize that by telling me what my thoughts and values are, you are essentially arguing with yourself?

                      What is it in this blog, that encourages people to download personal experiences that they think gives them some sort of particular credibility that trumps (no pun intended) the perspectives of others (Van Pelt, Konerla, and now you…. as shining examples)? Is it an ego thing?

                      I don’t know for sure…. but let me just say that you are a “very special, all knowing, insightful, articulate and the final authority on most subjects”. Now, allow me to agree “let’s leave it at that”….. I need to get back to the “Obamagate” coverage (the 23rd scandal of his administration), on FOX News.

                    6. Really amazing what you read into my posts. Nothing in them “trumps” the perspective of others – according to your definition everyone voicing an opinion would be guilty of that, absurd, is it not? Apart, since you have not given ANY perspective here there is nothing to “trump” (pun intended). And if those few lines of mine on this subject amount to your verdict above then you set the bar very low but I take it for what it is.

                      If you come across proof for “Obamagate” let me know since I do not have cable or other international TV. Trumps own attorney general said he would not investigate him which is surprising given how guilty he must be. But Toby has already decided the matter, hasn´t he…

      1. Precisely: I can´t think of one. That´s why I was asking.

        Honestly, I´d be happy to directly talk to someone who is a fan/admirer in order to better understand the Trump phenomenon. After all, I am German, so my perspective may be different as I am also looking at the transatlantic implications of his policies. I do think that the man himself and his presidency have been a disaster, domestically and internationally. Having said that, there are 3 topics I agree with him – that is, the fact that he raised them, not necessarily how he went about them: taking on the Chinese about trade and Hong Kong, border security (no other country would tolerate half a million illegal border crossings each year) and Europeans having to spent more on defense.

        Maybe there´s a chance to visit on our annual trip to Loja/Vilcabamba rather than exchanging posts here or I may re-do an exhilarating hike from a few years ago from Yunguilla all the way up to La Paz.

        1. You are welcome any time. Like I say we have a guest house complete with kitchen, television and internet.
          As to President Trump. When I write something like this article it is a declarative statement and not really an invitation to discuss. Now one knows how I see things. Issues like the US Presidency and it’s actual role in the scheme of things is complicated and many of the benefits of President Trump are somewhat abstract. I would suggest you go to FOX news as an example and listen to some of his admirers articulate his impact on the Presidency. If FOX news is a “no go” for you then my correct answer to you would probably be, “If you have to ask the question you probably wouldn’t understand or accept the answer.”
          Come see us sometime.

  18. “If We Had A Real Leader”
    From the Conservative Columnist – David Brooks May 28:

    All the leaders I have quoted above were educated under a curriculum that put character formation at the absolute center of education. They were trained by people who assumed that life would throw up hard and unexpected tests, and it was the job of a school, as one headmaster put it, to produce young people who would be “acceptable at a dance, invaluable in a shipwreck.”
    (David Brooks)

    1. Page not found.

      Besides, many of us don’t have facebook and never will. I’d love to see the cartoon.

  19. What a great article on your full and exciting life. Not many can admit to that much excitement. I would love for my wife and me to spend an afternoon with you at your convenience. I would appreciate your contact information and location. Please e-mail at Thank you.

  20. “This unraveling presidency began with the Crybaby-in-Chief banging his spoon on his highchair tray to protest a photograph — a photograph — showing that his inauguration crowd the day before had been smaller than the one four years previous. Since then, this weak person’s idea of a strong person, this chest-pounding advertisement of his own gnawing insecurities, this low-rent Lear raging on his Twitter-heath has proven that the phrase malignant buffoon is not an oxymoron.”
    (George F. Will – American conservative political commentator.)

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