Humanitarian visas issued to Venezuelans, The Amazon burns, Wind farm is under construction, Police find weapons at prison, Hike in Molleturo

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Jueves, 22/8/2019

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Jueves Cine – There will be 20 sessions of Thursday Film until 26/12. 18 full-length Ecuadorian films will be screened, all in sala 5 of the old Escuela Central. The 2nd film was today at 19:00 and was in kichwa. Upcoming films include “Alba,” “La ruta de la luna,” “La muerte de Jaime Roldós,” “La Clara y Oscura,” “Océano Sólido,” “Mi tía Toty,” “Pescador,” and “Qué tan lejos,” and more.

Teatro – “Entrañas Breves” is 3 – 15 minute mini-plays which will be performed viernes y el sábado a las 20:00 in Break. Cost: $7.

Taller – There is a workshop on Group Singing viernes a las 16:00 in Lakomuna (Pres. Córdova y Coronel Tálbot).

Qué tan Lejos tells the story of two young people’s journey from Quito to Cuenca.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Hike in Molleturo – There will be a hike este sábado in Molleturo leaving from the parque San Sebastián. It will follow the old García Moreno Road to Guayaquil. This was the road <trail?> that was used to bring luxury goods like pianos and cars to wealthy Cuencanos. The paved road passes waterfalls and hydrological features. Register with Fabiola Jadán on the first floor of city hall (Sucre) or with Ángel Puin in the city library. Phone numbers: 099 813 7079 or 418-9410.

Parades in La Troncal – To celebrate its 36th anniversary of cantonization, there will be two parades in La Troncal this weekend, both starting at 9:00. Saturday’s parade is to rescue the customs and traditions of this canton and will start from the La Caña monument. Sunday’s parade is a civic, student and military parade also starting from the La Caña monument.

Otras cosas –

Titular – La Amazonía en llamas ( Amazon in flames) – The worst fire the Brazilian Amazon has suffered in years is being blamed on deforestation for extractive uses and agriculture. The smoke is covering cities as far away as Sao Paolo. You can see the burning areas from space.

Humanitarian visas – Starting el próximo lunes, Venezuelans who want to enter Ecuador need to present a temporary residence visa with an exception for humanitarian reasons <or something like that. Venezuelans speak Spanish – they can figure it out better than I can.>, tourist, or any other visa in the Law of Human Mobility. Thousands of refugees are rushing to cross the border before the new requirement takes effect.

The first step for the free humanitarian visas is to go to, but it costs $50 to fill out a form and applicants have to enter a bank account. Also needed is an apostilled criminal record from Venezuelan authorities, and passport which can have expired 5 years ago, and other requirements for children. This all has to be presented at the Ecuadorian consulates in Caracas, Bogotá and Lima. <And you thought you’re having an impossible visa experience.> The Cancillería announced the process of regularizing Venezuelans already living in Ecuador and there will be a census which will start el próximo 26/11.

Cayambe – The city still can’t sell the land that was donated by the Ministerio de Defensa. The proceeds from the land sale were to be used to finish the Tranvía. But in order to do that, the city needs to construct a wall, an athletic track, and watchtowers. According to preliminary estimates, that would cost between $1 & $1.5 million.
The previous administration tried to sell it twice in early 2018. The value of the land is currently $280-285/ sq. m. One option to make it more attractive to buyers is long-term credit at a preferred interest rate.

Notas cortas –

Traffic signals – To address security for kids getting back to school, EMOV is taking requests for marking pedestrian crossings at schools in close in rural parishes.

Foot and mouth disease – During the campaign’s first phase, the Ministerio of Agricultura y Ganadería (MAG – Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock) has vaccinated 4,331,231 cows and 4.261 bufalinos (buffalos – your word for the day) against foot and mouth disease.

Wind farm – A project with 15 turbines capable of generating 50 megawatts is being built 84 km. SE of Cuenca in Saraguro, Loja and is about 30% complete. <Is this what rural electrification looks like nowadays?>

CRS-Turi – Police confiscated a lot of stuff from cells in the “El Triunfo” pavillion in the jail at Turi early yesterday morning. Included were 5 cellphones and batteries, 13 phone chargers, various chips, 14 earphones, 6 speakers, a microphone and a guitar, <Club Turi – your favorite pasillos from Cell B-14> marihuana, cocaine, 50 bottles of home made liquor, and 64 home made knives.

And that´s all for today so Hasta la Próxima Semana –



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