Hundreds of men and boys in drag highlight Cuenca’s Day of the Innocents parade Sunday night on Huayna Cápac

Jan 3, 2013 | 0 comments

Cuenca’s holiday festivities continue Sunday with the Dia de los Inocentes parade on Av. Huanya Cápac. City officials expect about a thousand to participate in the parade with another 25,000 waching along the route.  

Like many of Cuenca’s festivals, the Day of the Innocents was originally
a religious celebration that, over the years, took on the trappings of
carnival. The event is intended as a remembrance of King Herod’s
death sentence ordered for all Israeli new-born boys after the birth of
Christ. The event is celebrated throughout
Latin American. Cuenca's version is reportedly the largest in Ecuador, and includes a competition for the best costumes, skits, many with satirical, political and social commentary themes. 

The event is notable for the army of boys and young men parading in women’s clothes although it also includes women dressed as men and a wide variety of devils, clowns and historic and fictional characters.

The categories for the competition are institutional, provincial, neighborhood, family, school and individual. There is also a prize for best mask. 

The parade begins about 4:00pm, beginning at the on Huanya Cápac at Juan José Flores and ending at Museo Pumgpungo at Calle Larga.

There will be plenty of music and food at the parade.

Photo caption: A scene from last year's parade.


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