I am tired of all the sickness, the anti-science, the hatred and the idiocy

May 2, 2021

I am tired. My good friend, Jeff Salz, died of the Covid-19 virus on Tuesday, and I have not slept well since. I am too depressed and my patience is at an end.

The squeal of anti-vaxxers and their ilk have finally brought me to the end of the line. For a while, I wondered if they were temporarily too addlebrained to think clearly. But, then I considered this: Was there ever any concern for others? It appears not. I see only a heart-shaped hole filled with cold indifference and a truly dismal vision of the world. The lonely monster of their squashed desires yanked them away from community membership. They came to imagine caring for one another as something befitting only the small, or vulnerable, surely too bothersome for the heroes they pretend to be. These ‘warriors’ revel in finding something, or somebody to toss rocks at while hiding behind pseudonyms; the mask they wear is meant to obscure who they really are. How brave.

Too often we hear or read of some nitwit citing “independent research” gleaned from nonsensical sources which are, in fact, just more of the same old dust kicked up by other egomaniacal misfits who confuse being ostracized with being “special”. They are sadly mistaken. It is not exceptionalism or high mental acuity that they should be accorded. It is pity … and disgust.

I wonder how long it will be before someone crows that their personal freedom was being denied because they could not smoke cigarettes in an emphysema ward.

I am tired of all the sickness, the anti-science, the hatred, and the idiocy that this brand of politics represents. The insanity of those who contest 140 years of medical science as it relates to inoculations – and the millions of lives saved from smallpox and polio — is beyond breathtaking. It is heartbreaking and deeply disturbing. These sad little creatures need more than patience; they need clinical help.

Consider this:

The news from India details wards with no staff and more dead patients than live ones, people dying in hospital corridors, on roads, and in their homes. Crematoriums in Delhi have run out of firewood. The forest department has had to give special permission for the felling of city trees in city parks to provide fuel to cremate the dead. Desperate people are using whatever kindling they can find. Parks and parking lots are being turned into cemeteries.

And then there is this story about “T” published in the New York Times.

T’s father, diagnosed with severe bipolar depression, turned violent and began to harm himself. He stopped sleeping. He soiled himself. His psychiatrist was online trying to help, although she also broke down from time to time because her husband had just died from Covid-19. She said T’s father needed hospitalization, but there was no chance of that. The hospital was full of virus patients. So T stayed awake, night after night, holding his father hand, sponging him, cleaning him up. Finally, the message came: “Father is dead.”

He did not die of Covid-19, but of a massive spike in blood pressure induced by a psychiatric meltdown induced by utter helplessness. Yet even this does not quench the bloodlust of those who perpetuate lies for their own ego. It is beyond pathetic, it is criminal.

The murderous propaganda pitting humans against humans must stop.

Let me remind the rabble – yet again – that this is Ecuador, not the U.S.  Tucker Carlson can make his millions of dollars peddling hatred elsewhere, it is not wanted here. The people of Ecuador honor their families and neighbors, we value human dignity and inclusion. We also value the contribution of peer-reviewed medical science. I, for one, will no longer tolerate bestial behavior from those so obsessed with their own greedy ways that they insult those who are not in lockstep with their evil delusions.

Many news organizations across the globe, including CHL, remain committed to the essential service of providing access to a wide range of perspectives and observations; however, they should not be hijacked by a few deranged individuals who spend their time trolling news sites worldwide simply to feed their own narcissistic delusions.

There is no good reason for respectable media to provide a platform for anti-science agitators. Those who demand a voice condemning established science – be it vaccines or global warming – are free to spew their bile in the comfort of their own homes, or while standing on a soapbox in the local park. However, the rest of us are just plain tired of all the lies, innuendos, and accusations.

I’d like to get some rest. If you can’t be civilized, be quiet.