Impeachment proceeding begin for Glas

Dec 18, 2017 | 4 comments

Ecuador’s National Assembly has taken the first step to begin an impeachment trial for Vice President Jorge Glas. On Wednesday, Glas was convicted of corruption by the National Court and sentenced to six years in prison. Other charges against him are pending.

Vice President Jorge Glas

The Assembly’s administration council (CAL) voted Sunday to forward its plan for an impeachment trial to the Constitutional Court for a legal review.

In the past, impeachment requests have been denied or shelved by the Alianza País (AP)-controlled Assembly. Following last week’s conviction and sentence, assembly president José Serrano added his support and CAL voted to put Glas on trial in the full assembly.

One AP member of the CAL committee, Soledad Buendía, refused to support the impeachment saying that Glas’ conviction appeal should be resolved first. Buendía is part of the Correista faction of AP.

After the impeachment order is sent to the court, Serrano said he will announce a date for the impeachment trial.

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