The importance of first impressions: GC Specialized Dentistry shines

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By Susan Burke March

Your smile may be the most important part of a first impression, and it’s said you never have a second chance to make a good first one. As I walked into the office of GC Specialized Dentistry I thought, this is the definition of a great first impression.

GC has the most modern dentistry facilities and equipment.

If an office could smile, this space surely does.This brand-new clínica,recently inaugurated in January of 2017, is a showcase for modern dentistry.  Designed to the specifications of owners Dra. Emilia Guerrero Coello and Dra. María Augusta Cordero López, this sparkling yet tranquil office is setting new standards for patient-centered dentistry in Cuenca.

GC Specialized Dentistry was born out of their dream of creating a modern and comprehensive dental practice.  Theirmission is to providepatients with complete access in dental care,for adults and children.  In this practice, patients will find General Dentistry, checkups and cleanings, plus each of the seven practitioners are highly trained and hold advanced specializations, making it simple and convenient to obtain all needed care in this one attractive location.

Periodontics: Specializing in treating and prevention of gum disease, and implantology, which focuses on the replacement of lost teeth using dental implants.

GC’s children’s room in bright and cheerful.

Endodontics: Specializing in diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canal treatment and other procedures relating to the interior of the tooth: in many cases a diseased tooth can be saved with endodontic treatment.

Oral rehabilitation: The process of completely restoring all the teeth in your mouth, for example, when teeth have been lost, injured or fractured. Oral rehabilitation includes crowns, veneers, or bridges as well as implantology, oral surgery, and cosmetic surgery.

Orthodontics and Orthopedics: Orthodontics entails the management of tooth movement using the latest techniques including braces and retainers. Dentofacial Orthopedics involves the guidance of facial growth and development, which occurs largely during childhood.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Addressing problems ranging from the removal of impacted teeth to repair of facial trauma.

You can relax in the waiting room.

Pediatric Dentistry: Children are not just small adults when it comes to medical or dental needs, and the advanced training for pediatric dentists includes training in growth and development and child psychology.  Pediatric dentists hold advanced training in oral health for infants and children through adolescence.

Dra.Emilia and Dra. María Augusta emphasize that their goal in creating this comprehensive clinic is to provide their patients with the best continuity of care. They invite Expats to visit their clinic and see the new and modern offices, and meet with the expert dental team.

Dra. Emilia said, “At GC Specialized Dentistry we take your health and your time seriously.  We are unique in that all of our team members are colleagues, and we will consult closely with each other to provide you with the most comprehensive and convenient dental experience.  We are proud and excited to offer state-of-the-art technology, and have purchased the most modern and highest quality instruments and equipment.  We use only the finest materials in our practice, sourced from the U.S., Germany, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico.”

GC Specialized Dentistry is architecturally designed to provide functional balance.

I complemented them on the attractiveness of the new clinic.  The reception area is especially welcoming, with muted colors and lots of natural light.  The examination and treatment rooms are spacious and bright, and the pediatric exam room is decorated with cartoon murals and fun colors — so different than when I was a kid!  They described how the clinic was conceived and built to the highest standards for a dental practice.

Functional balance means that the design incorporates the principles of architectural design, clinical function, technology integration, and ergonomic design.

Unlike other dental offices, which may be a repurposed office space and less than optimal for top-notch dental care, all the top design elements for efficiency and comfort have been incorporated, taking into consideration both the patient and needs for the practitioners.

The goal in a successful dental office design is to create a warm and inviting space while providing modern and technologically comprehensive exam and treatment space.

Here, GC Specialized Dentistry shines.

When arriving, patients are greeted and invited to relax in the spacious waiting area with a refreshing beverage. Dra. Guerrero said, “Each exam room is designed to allow each specialist to work in a space that complements their unique practice needs.  For example, Dra. María Augusta’s specialty is restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and her corner office’s natural light is ideal, for example when performing teeth whitening and color-matching crowns.”

New patients can contact the office for an appointment.

GC Specialized Dentistry will coordinate your appointments if it is necessary to see more than one of their specialists.

If you have a specific problem, you will be assessed thoroughly, with special attention to any conditions that may be contributing to or complicating your problems.  During this consultation, your dentist will discuss the findings and your personalized treatment options and plan will be provided. Their pricing is competitive, and costs may be flexible depending on the materials chosen.

GC Specialized Dentistry. The most well trained experts in all things dental, from a checkup and expert cleaning, to implants and orthodontics.  This practice features the most modern equipment, well-trained practitioners, pain-free procedures, and comfortable and appealing office and treatment space.  They have flexible hours, six days a week, including Saturdays.  Schedule your appointment today, and enjoy 20% off any preventative treatment through May, including complete cleaning and anti-cavity treatment.

GC Specialized Dentistry
At the corner of González Suárez y Octavio Diaz, Cuenca
First Floor
(07) 2807204

WhatsApp 097 908 7562/099 323 7483
Facebook GC Odontología Especializada
Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

The Dental Team

The dentists who practice at GC Specialized Dentistry are all highly specialized professionals, graduating from the Universidad Catolica de Cuenca and Universidad de Cuenca in Dentistry.   All speak English as well as Spanish, and Dra. Emilia Guerrero is also fluent in German.

Dra. Emilia Guerrero Coello, founder and owner of GC Specialized Dentistry,holds a Specialist in Endodontics from Universidad de Concepcion – Chile.  She is a University Professor of Dentistry at Universidad Catolica de Cuenca.

Dra. María Augusta Cordero López, founder and owner of GC Specialized Dentistry, holds a Master of Dentistry with Specialty in Restorative Dentistry from Universidad Andrés Bello – Chile. She is a University Professor of Dentistry at Universidad Catolica de Cuenca.

Dra. Andrea Pérez Mora holds a Specialist in Periodontics and Implantology from Universidad Mayor – Chile. She is a University Professor of Dentistry at Universidad Catolica de Cuenca.

Dra. María Cristina Alvear Córdova holds a Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, as well as a member of the International Association for Dental Research.

Dr. Paúl Cordero López holds a Specialist in Oral Rehabilitation from Universidad de Chile. He is a University Professor of Dentistry at Universidad Catolica de Cuenca, as well as a Graduate Professor of Dentistry at the Universidad Estatal de Cuenca.

Dr. Santiago Reinoso Quezada holds a Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México as well as a Sub-specialty in Pediatric, Craniofacial and Maxillofacial Surgery from the same university.  Dr. Reinoso is also a Fellow in Craniofacial Surgery from University of California, Los Angeles and holds a Master in Scientific Research from University de Cuenca.  He is also a University Professor of Dentistry at Universidad Catolica de Cuenca.

Dr. Alberto Alvarado Cordero holds a Master’s Degree in Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics from Centro de Estudios Superiores de Ortodoncia, México. He is a member of the Society of Orthodontics and Orthopedics of Azuay, and is a University Professor of Dentistry at Universidad Catolica de Cuenca.


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