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In fiery speech, Moreno lashes out at Correa, corruption and says change is coming

In the most impassioned speech of his young presidency, President Lenin Moreno said Saturday that he will govern by listening to the people, not by following a “rigid, preordained philosophy” that relies on an authoritarian approach to meet its objectives.

President Lenin Moreno speaking in Montecristi.

“Our government has just begun but we face the enormous job in restoring true democracy, getting rid of corruption of the previous government, and reestablishing the trust of the people,” the president said at the 9th anniversary of the signing Ecuador’s constitution in Montecristi.

Moreno lashed out again at former president Rafael Correo for leaving an economy “deeply in debt” and a government that was “out of control.”

The anger in Moreno’s speech surprised many at the anniversary ceremony, especially members of Moreno’s and Correa Alianza Pais who remain loyal to Correa. It was clear, observers said, that Moreno was setting the table for the questions to be included on a national referendum.

Among the questions to be announced today is one on term limits that could block Correa’s return to the presidency.

“He (Correa) said he left the table served but, instead, we found it bare,” said Moreno. “Instead of a healthy balance sheet, we were served with a crippling debt,” the president said, adding that he intends to repay all of it. “Ecuador is a country that honors its obligations and even though I do not agree with the way the debt was engaged, I am committed to repaying it.”

Moreno pledged to eliminate the corruption left behind by the previous government. “We will pursue those who profited from corruption and they will be punished. We will follow the money and get back as much of it as possible for the people of Ecuador. But justice will be pursued through the courts and it will not be a vendetta,” he said.

A consequence of the corruption, the president said, was substandard quality and missed deadlines on major capital projects. He cited construction problems at the oil refinery in Esmeraldas and at Yachay University in Imbabura Province.

“Most of all, my job is to regain the people’s trust in their government,” Moreno said. “It is my pledge to listen to the people, and I will listen to all of the people, not just a small group of elites.”

15 thoughts on “In fiery speech, Moreno lashes out at Correa, corruption and says change is coming

  1. What a sad, sad discovery we have unfolding. The emperor had no clothes. Correa fooled so many people and still there are those that are fooled by his dishonesty. May he and his cohorts rot in hell and may God protect Moreno.

    1. SW that makes absolutely no sense ! First of all you would have to believe in heaven and hell and a God. None of which has been scientifically proven. Then you would have to seperate the political rhetoric from the facts. Then (as Mireno said) this is not a vendetta which you seem to advocate before trial (mob mentality) but, will be settled in a court of law – cheers mate !

      1. “None of which has been scientifically proven.” How much has been disproven? I support the comments from Stillwatching. Keep up the good work SW and ignore the trolls.

        1. Disproven? The burden of proof is on the one making the assertion. “Disproving” the existence of something for which no evidence has been presented is a logical impossibility . . . a lot like the current goings on in Ecuador.

          1. I give faulkner a thumbs up on this one because he is right; The burden of proof lies with the person making the assertion.

            That said, the hypocrisy of faulkner pointing this out now flies in the face of the fact that both he and globeslogger (aka Julius Talbot) have repeatedly asserted that the burden of proof lies with the person questioning the assertion.

            Long time readers will know this. Let’s see how long it takes faulkner to revert to his previously stated false belief. However, the guy that was really trump-like on this issue was globeslogger. I say “trump-like” because just like trump, he will double and triple down on his falsehoods when confronted with the truth.

  2. Sure! Another politician speaks. As he speaks new ways are being found to screw the people to ground thru laws like mandatory health insurance. Take a look at the number of predators already advertising their “help” on all the media. The insurance companies are nothing more than a cancer on all. They screw the health care industry as well as the consumers that are forced by the socialists to buy into their game. Guess where the next graft and corruption will come from? Same as in the USA! When Moreno was attacked by robbers who was there to help him, it wasn’t an insurance company….

    1. That is really confused thinking. The insurance companies are not profiting much by this. Insurance companies are capitalists ventures that promise and do not pay out. Their interest is in profit. No one should profit from others pain. The simplest and fairest is a socialist insurance single payer universal. All the developed countries have this and it works. Only the USA is not competent enough to figure this out. Assuming that your goal in health care is to provide healthy care !

  3. All I can say is that I love this guy and hope he lives up to all he is saying. He’s a great example for all leaders around the world – to the extent that he lives up to his promises of course I.e paying back debt, lowering burdensome tariffs, opening up the media and free press, etc.

    Bravo Lenin – so far I like what you are saying.

  4. My favorite part of the speech was when he addressed Alianza Pais members by telling them to stop defending those involved in corruption. He said that AP members need to free themselves of the corruptos, because if they don’t, it begins to raise doubts about them and indicates to him that they may be participating in a mafia-like scheme of terror in which more than one person is involved.

    I also liked when he mentioned that he doesn’t want a museum inside Carondelet (presidential palace) where they reproduce his photo a 100 times. He also doesn’t want them putting his honorary degrees being placed in a museum nor will he calling his ambassadors asking them to find countries willing to award him honorary degrees. He said don’t put anything with my name on it. In the future, I want my cedula to be the only thing with my name on it.

  5. President Moreno has been great! I hope he has a lot of security. These people whom he is up against are potentially dangerous. I’m hoping he stays safe.

  6. Correa is a fool who cannot help but succomb to the call of his own vanity. He had much to his credit, reforming and rebuilding Ecuador, but his addiction to praise led him to turn a blind eye to corruption and incompetence and his fear of dissent to bullying and authoritarianism.

    1. Kevin, we only hope that is the only thing the ex president did. Time will tell how high the corruption rose, it is only one position below the presidency now and they are just getting started. Hope it doesn’t go higher, however, I fully support the total truth, whatever that happens to be.

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