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In UN speech, Moreno decries the use of resources for the ‘absurdity of war,’ urges the ‘construction of peace’

President Lenin Moreno pushes peace during United Nations speech.

In a short but impassioned speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, Ecuador President Lenin Moreno urged world leaders to stop spending “precious resources” on war, and to “embrace the inclusiveness” that leads to peace.

“We need to focus on the people,” the president told world leaders. “The emphasis should be on achieving peace and creating a decent life for all human beings on a sustainable planet.”

Moreno: “Focus on the human being.”

In his 15-minute address, Moreno said he supports the proposed UN global agreement on migration. “Human mobility should be encouraged, not restricted, because it enriches our lives and  destroys discrimination and xenophobia,” he said. “Closing the borders is never the solution.”

Specifically, Moreno criticized the U.S. blockade of Cuba. “It only promotes hatred and fear and with policies like it we can never achieve true freedom and democracy.”

Moreno praised international progress in rights for the disabled but said more needs to be done. “We still have outstanding debts to the one billion people with disabilities in the world. We need to work harder to include them in all the activities of our lives, and to make all physical, social and political institutions accessible to them.”

Moreno, who was paralyzed by a gunshot wound 20 years ago, served as United Nation’s Special Envoy for the Rights of the Disabled before running for president. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 for his work on behalf of the disabled during his term as vice president, from 2007 to 2011.

The president also highlighted his plan to provide comprehensive health care for the citizens of Ecuador. “My belief is that government should provide dignified care for a lifetime, from the moment of conception until God decides to close our eyes.”

14 thoughts on “In UN speech, Moreno decries the use of resources for the ‘absurdity of war,’ urges the ‘construction of peace’

    1. …on what levels then. You mean like nit committing genocide on Korean people. Trumps speech was lacking in any understanding of America or its morals and values….

      1. Re: “…lacking in any understanding of America or its morals and values”
        Yea, right. We should leave all that to the weak-knee’d liberals. You need to get yourself back in to the American History books, as a refresher for things like patriotism, sacrifice, and national pride-just to name a few. Don’t mean to criticize, but your comment reflects that you don’t have a clue about American history or its values.

  1. The Trump speech was a great speech, he said what was needed to be said to make America great again, to bad it hurt the feelings of so many on the left, get over it already, Trump is America’s next greatest president next to Reagan of course.

    1. Reagan was one big the worst presidents unless you like celebrity. Reagan killed the alternative energy and energy independence iniative of carter. He, also, didn’t act on HIV research for 7 years until his gay buddy Cary Grant got it and basically thinking people that got it were evil people that deserved it. How many people needkessly died due to his ignorance. Then the Berlin Wall. It was Gorbachev that did most all the work of that and Ronny stepped in to take credit for it. As to The Korean Peninsula. Trumps speech was advocating genicide to 25 million people under Un’s regime to NO fault of their own as well as millions of South Koreans – the 11th largest economy in the world… Teump is caekess with human life as any and at some 34% approval he is not a great president he is the first FAKE president of the USA – cheers mate ! The USA sucks to the world and is why so many enemies – cheers mate !

    2. How will trump ever be Amerca’s next greatest president? The way things are looking with the Russia investigation, I doubt trump will serve out his term. Of course you would never know about that as it appears that Sean Hannity is the only source that informs your opinions about trump. Yeah, yeah, I watch Hannity every night to excite my sense of anger, but my opinion of that ideologue is at least an informed opinion.

      In my opinion, trump is a horses ass. Funny that we agree about Ronald Reagan. He was my favorite president but trump is certainly no Reagan.

      Another oddity is that I agree with you about trump’s speech and I don’t give a damn what the statists think about it.

      1. Reagan who increased the Deficit by 11 Trillion, Iran Contra, one of the most corrupt administration along side the other GOP liars and crooks including the Nixon prior and the two shrubs. He just initiated the downward slide of the Middle Class.

        1. Juan, go look up strawman argument. I never mentioned Nixon or either of the bushes all of whom I think were awful. I know it is easier to create what you attribute to me and then attack that instead of what I actually said but that is the game of children that don’t know how to debate. Here, I’ll give you a hand with that:

          As for what you DID say about Reagan, it is more of your childish distortions. You claim the debt rose 11 Trillion under Reagan and that is off by an order of magnitude. The real figure was Ronald Reagan added $1.86 trillion to the national debt. Which president added the most? obama, who added $7.917 trillion.

          If you want to debate honestly, I’m happy to do so but not when you make up numbers or attribute to me things I never said. Read this very simple (selected for your reading level) piece about the national debt under each of the U.S. presidents and get back to me when you’re ready do deal in facts. Or are you a disciple of jason faulkner and just don’t deal in facts?

  2. This sort of rhetoric always sounds so lofty and magnanimous, and I suppose it embodies some nice principles. But we need to teach people how to take care of themselves. Any good parent has a goal in mind of raising self-supporting and independent children. People like Moreno are all saying: Let’s keep our population as young children, highly dependent upon the government. While we’re at it, let’s keep their critical thinking at a low level so they don’t see that we’re really just after their votes.

    1. No ! He is creating a vision for a better world – Trump is repeating the same mistakes of a failed past of war and terriorist USA violence as an answer to all problems – a poor lesson to children and the world. A sad commentary on jaded and sick thinking such as yours…..

    2. You mean how the ignorant masses has continually have voted against their own self interest? What people are you talking….wink wink. Just who took care of bailing out the banks in 2008?

      1. Juan, you write so poorly that it is difficult to know exactly what you are saying. I don’t hold that against you because you may not be a native English speaker but it does leave me with having to guess what you are saying. If in your last sentence: “Just who took care of bailing out the banks in 2008?” if you mean the failing banks in the U.S., that was done by statists that believe in such bailouts. I surely don’t. bush began the process and it was further carried out by obama who also furthered things by continuing to spend money the U.S. didn’t have (that’s called deficit spending)

        If you want to deal in actual facts, perhaps you should seek them out. They’re readily available. This will get you started:

  3. Ya know, when a representative of a country that does not share in the burdens of the world’s major problems (terrorism, N. Korea, Iran, etc), speaks of advocating “peace”, that doesn’t buy 3 seconds of my attention. Oops! Time’s up.

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