Indigenous leaders threaten bus fare protests; Azuay forests are under threat; Vaccination sites added; Political parties jockey for Assembly leadership

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Jueves, 22/4/2021

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Titular – Restricciones por la vida (Restrictions for life) – See Thursday’s articles (jueves, 22/4) in CHL for the story. <I think I’m going to be baking this weekend — use up some of that yeast I stockpiled last year.>

Otro punto para vacunar a los grupos vulnerables (Another point to vaccinate vulnerable groups) – People over 90 and/or more than 50% disabled, either physically or intellectually, can get vaccinated in the coliseo “Iván Salgado” at the Unidad Educativa Manuela Garicoa starting today, all day. The vaccinations will start with those who got an appointment last martes at the UPS and coliseo “Jefferson Pérez.” On the afternoon of el pasado martes, over 90’s and disabled people went to those two sites creating crowds which exceeded the stock of vaccines. Appointments were given for available doses and for the next day to people who couldn’t get vaccinated. Starting next week, people with catastrophic illnesses can also get vaccinated in the coliseo of the Garicoa High School.
An increase in patients is keeping ICU units full with 30 people on the waiting list at the IESS hospital. The coordinador de Salud said that ICU beds were added at the hospital “Homero Castanier” in Azogues, and 3 ICU beds were added at the regional hospital. The goal is to get 50 beds there, an increase of 13. To achieve this, they are contracting for and training nursing staff.

The weekend lockdown begins tonight at 8 with the intention of getting people off the street. (El Comercio)

Alerta: Azuay ha perdido el 2.26% de sus bosques (Alert: Azuay has lost 2.26% of its forests) – Between 1990 and 2018, Azuay lost about 44,000 hectares of forests. Causes included expansion of agriculture, forest fires, and concrete construction. Biologist Gustavo Morejón said that urban expansion has its price, and little by little, gray is defeating green. All of the areas surrounding Cuenca are a type of high mountain and very high mountain Andean forest which is in danger of extinction. Evidence of the disappearance of the Andean vegetation can be seen on the road between Cuenca and the coast.

For Andrés Martínez, an expert in environmental law, it is not enough to declare a protected area. It is also necessary to have people who can control what happens in that area. In the whole province, the Ministerio del Ambiente (Ministry of the Environment) has 6 park rangers for the parque nacional Cajas and Quimsacocha. It is impossible for this tiny group to patrol all of the protected areas. A vision is needed that protects natural resources, and this should be established by the new government

Reacciones de rechazo tras anuncio del alza de pasajes (Reactions of rejection after the announcement of the increase in fares) – The 15% increase in intercantonal and interprovincial bus fares which will take effect in the first week in mayo, has left different sectors of the population in incertidumbre (uncertainty – your word for the day). The increase has deepened the complicated economic situation for many families still stressed by more than a year of the health emergency. The indigenous sector is also worried, and Leonidas Iza, candidate for the presidency of CONAIE did not dismiss the possiblity of protests. Carlos Sucuzhañay, president of Ecuarunari said this fare increase will be on the agenda of the next congress of CONAIE from 1-3/5. He said as always, we need to resist in the streets. Go to to see the table listing current and new fares.

Pugna por presidencia de Asamblea (Fight for the presidency of the Assembly) – The 3 assembly members who got the highest number of votes in the last elections met ayer with the current assembly president, César Litardo to start the negotiations for who the next president will be. Pierina Correa (UNES), Salvador Quishpe (Pachakutik), and Wilma Andrade (Izquierda Democrática-ID) know that each of their parties did not get the 70 seats necessary to elect the new Legislative officials and will need to form alliances.
Wilma Andrade said ID will not give its 18 votes to UNES on the basis that it will be nessesary to grant governability to Pres. elect Lasso so ID is getting closer to the political block of Pachakutik, CREO and PSC (Partido Social Cristiano). Salvador Quishpe of Pachakutik which has 22 seats, said that it has had conversations with various independent legislators and other blocks including UNES in spite of having been agredido (assaulted) during the Government of Rafael Correa. Currently Pachakutik has reached an agreement with ID to develop a common legislative agenda which might also serve to elect Assembly officers although that has not been confirmed. Even with 47 seats, the Correista block by itself, cannot dictate the legislative officials, and must form alliances. But as of now, no one has shown an openness to uniting with it. In addition to the position of the ID, Pachakutik is seeking to add support for Salvador Quishpe by an alliance with CREO-PSC. Pres. elect Lasso has shown an openness to supporting the candidacy of the indigenous leader. <Who was it who said laws are like sausages, it’s better not to see them being made.>

“Se analiza un posible indulto a los funcionarios del correísmo” (“A possible pardon for Correísmo officials is being analyzed”) – Francisco Jiménez, a CREO assemblyman-elect, confirmed that the party is analyzing possible pardons for officials in the Correa Government in exchange for votes in the Asamblea Nacional. In an interview with La Posta, Jiménez said that the 47 UNES votes would be needed to reach governability. He brought up the possibility of pardons for those sentenced for corruption including those who are fugitives. <To me, that doesn’t even sound legal, let alone ethical. But then this is a politician talking.>

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