Informal vendors removed from markets, Internet service expansion in rural areas, Head-on bus collision, Trout festival near Molleturo

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Jeves, 5/12/2019

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Christmas event – Los Heraldos del Evangelio y Caballeros de la Virgen (The Heralds of the Gospel and Knights of the Virgin) are presenting “Nacimiento con luz, movimiento y sonido” (Birth/nativity scene with light, movement and sound) <Push! Push! Argh, argh. I don’t remember hearing anything about the birth being immaculate, too.> The shows for the general public will be los sábados y domingos from 16:30-20:30 at their headquarters at km. 4 of the Autopista Medio Ejido in the San Joaquín sector. To reserve, call 096 935 7691.

Concurso de Voces Santa Cecilia 2019 – The 2019 Santa Cecilia voice contest will be este jueves a las 19:30 in the university theater, Padre Carlos Crespi, at the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Informal vendors near the 9th de Octubre market.

Festival de la trucha – The 3d trout festival will be in Miguir el 14 & 15/12. Activities include a fishing contest in the open river el 14/12 a las 10:00. There will also be the biggest trout ceviche in the world <I wonder how they plan to keep that from going bad while they’re assembling it?> There will also be a national song contest, sports, dancing, election of a festival queen, and a stage show. The festival will be in the Miguir caserio (hamlet – our word for the day) at km. 45 of the vía Cuenca-Molleturo-Naranjal. For more information call 098 778 5212.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Alta inversión para masificar el internet (High investment to massify the internet) – There is a gap in internet access between rural and urban areas. For every 10 households in rural areas, 2 have internet while in the urban zone, 5 of every 10 have access. <Which may be part of why public spaces are so full of people on their cellphones. Free internet.> The Ministerio de Telecomunicaciones announced a rate reduction for internet services at the end of last month to bring it within reach for all Ecuadorians with a goal of 98% connected by 2121.

However, cost is not the main hurdle. Infrastructure and digital literacy need to be invested in. Bringing service to rural areas is difficult and costly because the population is scattered throughout a difficult geography. One suggestion is for antennas to be shared by Claro, CNT, and Telefónica <Movistar> and that these be placed in unserved locations. An executive order says CELEC (Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador <I hope you’re not relying on me to translate that.>) is supposed to distribute internet via fiber optic.

Vendors around mercados – 13 itinerant vendors left their spots outside the mercado 10 Agosto yesterday afternoon after a first notice el 28/11 and reminders el martes y ayer (yesterday). It was proposed that the merchants take available stalls in the market but they refused. <Might this involve the issue of rent?> Other mercados have addressed this problem. 40 vendors were removed from around the bus transfer station at the Feria Libre. 12 used goods venders at the 12 de Abril changed to selling new items from spaces inside the market. 8 food venders were removed from the plaza San Francisco.

Transparent city management – Mayor Palacios signed an agreement with consulting firm Corporación 3D for an anti-bribe system complying with ISO37001:2016 requirements. Goals are to promote an anti-bribery culture and reinforce transparency in all contracting processes.

Bus accident – Two buses, one a city and the other a interparish bus had a head on collision Wednesday a las 5:43 at a sharp curve on the vía El Valle-Santa Ana in the Auquilula sector. Both drivers were injured and the buses damaged. The cause of the accident is being investigated by the Unidad de Accidentología de la Policía (Police Accidentology Unit). <You don’t think the drivers were playing chicken do you?>

Rock collection – The U. of Cuenca has most of its historic pieces in a newly renovated museum which was inaugurated este miércoles. The rock collection was assembled over 120 years with rocks from different countries. In addition to geology, there are exhibits on history, sciences and arts.

Canned hornado y guatita – <Now there’s a product geared for overseas Ecuadorians.> Carlos Tenesada Ordóñez sent his first 350 cans of hornado (roast pig) to the US with people going to the US. <A reverse mule.> He hasn’t found a local distributor although there were certain merchants who wanted to use their own store brand on the cans. His hornado was made from pigs off his parents’ farm in Macas.

Descuentos y compras –

El Mercurio – Blender, 2 speeds with pulse, 2 liter – $22.00 plus IVA – at all Mercurio offices until 6/12.

CVConfecciones – Christmas specials, pants for adults, 2x$24, for children, 2x$15 and 2x$18, cash payments – from 5-9/12 – corner of 10 de agosto y Paucarbamba across from ETAPA – 409 7823 or 098 718 9108.

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