International Lifestyle and Health Conference set next week at Mall del Rio

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Are you interested in learning how to improve your health through changes to your lifestyle and diet? Or discovering the keys to reversing diseases traditionally treated only with surgery and medication? Next week’s 1st International Conference on Lifestyle and Health can provide the answers.chl conf logo2

Scheduled for Cuenca’s at Mall del Rio Conference Center, November 11 through 13, the conference focuses exclusively on the power of lifestyle to prevent and reverse many chronic conditions.

Prominent health care experts from both the United States and Ecuador will present practical, state-of-the-art, ‘how-to’ scientific information about optimal diet, exercise, stress management, and social support to prevent, manage, and reverse lifestyle-based conditions—from heart disease and diabetes to obesity, certain cancers, and more.

Attendees from around the world will gather to learn about putting evidence-based lifestyle research into practice as a way to transform health and healing. The conference is designed for women and men and health practitioners from physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, students, and residents to dieticians, medical administrators, health insurance directors, health coaches, chiropractors, and fitness and nutrition advisers.

Larry Scherwitz, Keynote Speaker

Larry Scherwitz, Keynote Speaker

“So many health problems can be prevented, even reversed with comprehensive changes in lifestyle,” says research scientist Larry Scherwitz, Cuenca expat and keynote speaker at the conference. For more than 18 years, Scherwitz was Director of Research with Dean Ornish, MD, whose research showed heart disease could be reversed with lifestyle changes alone—without drugs or surgery. Their lifestyle studies have been published in prestigious medical journals, ranging from the Journal of the American Medical Association to The Lancet.

“We now know that lifestyle can make a big difference in health and healing—regardless of one’s age or current health status,” says Scherwitz. “Lifestyle and Health Conference 2015 will feature the lifestyle skills that people need to put lifestyle medicine into action.”

Lifestyle topics covered at the conference include:

Reversing heart disease with lifestyle changes

Halting prostate cancer with anti-aging strategies

Longevity lifestyles of those who live to 100 years or older

Optimal eating to prevent and reverse chronic conditions

Managing stress to stay healthy

Exercise that enhances mind-body health

Social connection that leads to health and healing

Heritage cuisine from Ecuador for wellness

Based in scientific evidence, the conference is designed to educate, inspire, and give attendees the skills they need to personally practice healthy lifestyles that have the power to prevent and treat the majority of chronic conditions.

Those interested, can register at the conference site at Mall del Rio, or online at

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