International theater festival returns; Thieves take refuge under bridges; Qi Gong classes are offered; Criminal gang targets a suburban subdivision

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Lunes, 19/9/2022

Hola, Todos –

Barring unforseen circumstances, the periodico will be written on M, W, & F and will include articles from the preceding day(s). The articles will focus on activities and things to do and local news. If you’re interested, local “hard” news articles are generally on El Mercurio’s web site at

Actividades –

The Escenarios del Mundo (world performance theater) returns in Cuenca in October. One of the productions features Ecuadorian cycling champion Richard Carapaz.

From sábado, 17/9 –
Vuelve Escenarios del Mundo (Escenarios del Mundo returns) – This scenic arts festival returns with theatrical, circus, and musical performances from 5 to16 of October in different venues. The festival program is as follows:
5/10 at 20:00 – Teatro Pumapungo – La ruta de los Andes (the story of Richard Carapaz)
6/10 at 20:00 – Teatro Pumapungo – Sueños, Varieté White (Dreams, White Variety – <Would those dreams be the ones Proud Boys and their ilk have of overthrowing the government?>)
7/10 at 20:00 – Teatro Pumapungo – Killa Sairi Kuna
8/10 at 20:00 – Teatro Pumapungo – Bésame, forastero (a work to decrease discrimination against the LGTBI population)
9/10 at 18:00 – Teatro Pumapungo – Se desconcierta el desconcierto
11/10 at 20:00 – Teatro Pumapungo -Imaginar
12/10 at 20:00 – Teatro Pumapungo – La casa de Bernarda Alba
13/10 at 18:00 and 20:00 – Sala Alfonso Carrasco – Super mandarina
14/10 at 20:00 – Patio del CIDAP – Cumbia, porro y gaitas (a Colombian festival featuring the cumbia and a flamenco performance by a Spanish group)
15 & 16/7 at 20:00 – Teatro Carlos Cueva – Los caminantes
Ticket sales for the performances in the Pumapungo and Carlos Cueva Tamariz theaters will start on 22/9 at Librimundi, the Galería de Miguel Illescas (calle Larga next to the Museo Pumapungo) and on-line at Meet2go. Individual tickets will cost $12, a package of 3 shows will cost $25, and purchase of tickets to 5 or more shows will cost $7/each. <I’m not translating the titles of the shows because if you can’t do that for yourself, you have no hope of understanding what the actors will be saying. Although maybe your telephone will.>

From domingo, 18/9:
Qi Gong, una disciplina que conecta on la naturaleza para sanar el cuerpo (Qi Gong, a discipline that connects with nature to heal the body) – This 6,000 year old Chinese practice can fight stress, increase strength, and control breathing as some of its physical and emotional benefits to practitioners. Classes are being given in Cuenca by Perry Curts at 8:00 am and 7:00 pm at the Pampamisayoc Qi Gong alternating with classes in open air venues such as the Parque de la Madre. Contact the organizers (English and Spanish) on their Facebook page, Pampamisayoc Qi Gong.

Titular –

Un proyecto musical une a venezolanos y ecuatorianos (A musical project brings Venezuelans and Ecuadorians together) – A music and dance project called “Hermandad” (Brotherhood) run by the Haciendo Panas foundation and funded by an agency of the UN for refugees, has the goal of bringing Venezuelans living in Cuenca, estimated at about 15,000, together with Ecuadorians. The program has a choral group of 30 children and adults interpreting music of both countries with the goal of performing in the glorietta at Parque Calderón. Otibel Valero, director of Haciendo Panas, said there is marked discrimination against Venezuelans, much of which occurs in schools. <If you’ve never been the object of discrimination, thank your lucky stars and your parents’ genes.> The foundation is also helping Venezuelans get temporary visas and cedulas.

From El Mercurio de hoy:
Celebran Killa Raymi (Killa Raymi Celebration) – The cities of San Fernando and Santa Isabel, along with the Provincial GAD of Azuay, are planning Killa Raymi activities which will include a tourist fair. <Follow this space for future details. I hope the details will precede the events and not be articles telling us what a good time everyone had.>

Sucesos –

Puentes son utilizados como refugio de delincuentes (Bridges are used as a shelter for criminals) – A motorized police squadron is intensifying patrols at the bridges over the río Tomebamba from Balzay to the El Vado bridge to prevent delinquents from hiding under bridges after they commit crimes. The police have found backpacks, purses, bags and other personal items under bridges <undoubtedly stripped of cash, electronics, and other items of value>. They have also identified bridges where drug and alcohol addicts spend the night. Neighbors of the bridges are asking that the patrols be made permanent, reporting that after thefts, the thieves go under the bridges, change clothes, and then disappear.

Policía busca a agrupación dedicada a robos en viviendas (Police seek group dedicated to home burglaries) – In less than 1 month, 3 subdivisions have been the target of a criminal gang that police have not been able to capture. The last robbery was la tarde del sábado <I know it’s been a long time, but these are words you’re supposed to have learned by heart.> when a group of at least 10 armed subjects surprised a security guard for an urbanización (development and your word for the day) in the south part of the city. They came in a car, told the guard they were there to visit a family member, overwhelmed the guard, broke through the security systems in 4 houses, and stole valuables. They spent almost an hour in the development. Police are reviewing security cameras and interviewing the owners of the houses broken into. <Better join your neighborhood crime brigade. At least you’ll meet your neighbors and know who not to call the police on when they come home tipsy at 2 am and are fumbling with their keys.> <Whew – I was afraid that after that long vacation I might have mellowed out too much and forgotten how to be snarky.>

Descuentos y compras –

El Mercurio – a 3 compartment thermal lunch box for $11.99 + IVA, a whistling teapot for $14.99 + IVA or both for $25.99 + IVA at all Mercurio offices.

And that’s all for today so hasta ? –



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