Jilted beauty contestant says Ecuadorian winner had ‘fake nose, chin and boobs’

Oct 31, 2016 | 13 comments

Comments made by Miss Philippines Earth about the Ecuadorian winner of the Miss Earth pageant are making headlines in Manila.

Miss Earth 2016, Ecuador's Espin

Miss Earth 2016, Ecuador’s Katherine Espin

Imelda Schweighart was caught on tape saying that pageant winner Katherine Espin of Ecuador “has a fake nose, chin and boobs.” Schweighart, who did not advance to the semi-finalist group of 16, said her comments were meant for supporters, not for the public. The comments, however, were posted on a number of Facebook pages.

In an interview with CNN Philippines on Monday, Schweighart said she did not intend to offend Espin, and thought she could be “comfortable” speaking to her supporters. “It was careless and unmindful for me to say it and I am sorry for any pain that I caused,” she said.

Schweighart’s poor showing marked the first time that the Philippine queen failed to advance to the semifinals since 2010. The country scored back-to-back victories in 2014 and 2015.

Beauty pageants are taken with deadly seriousness in the country which has produced more queens in recent years than any other country.

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