Jueves, 12/11/15: Cuy festival has 10k race, fireworks and crispy critters

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Observatorio – El Observatorio Ciudadano de la Comunicación (The citizens observatory of communication) will be monitoring the advertising on 4 radio stations, 4 newspapers, and 4 TV channels.  (Will their conclusion be “There´s way too much of it?)chl jeanne logo

Concurso – La Unión Nacional de Periodistas (UNP, and no I´m not going to translate a bunch of cognates for you.  Except periodistas is journalists.) is having a Concurso Nacional de Periodismo “Eugenio Espejo” with entries due by 6/1/2016 at 16:00 in the UNP.

Cine – the Avispero Collective is opening a new film cycle and showing movies every Sat at 15:00 in the sala below the Museo del Sombrero (Calle Larga 10-41)

An article about –

A book by photographer and filmmaker Galo Carrión titled, “Mundo de Vida y de Color” (World of life and color) with 300 fotos of el Macizo del Cajas.  He covered 5000 km in a period of 64 weekends and selected the 300 from 6000.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Recrudecen las protestas (Resurgence in protests) in Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca from both the anti and pro government protesters.

A signed letter by someone explaining why Guillermo Lasso is the best candidate for 2017.  In the header it says who asked for it to be published, his cedula number, the source(?), and the date.  (I wonder where this fits into the election laws which restrict campaigning until a couple of months before the election or something like that.  It certainly makes a joke out of US disclosure laws.)

Tourism and hotel groups – are promoting that tourists stay in formal (legal) hotels. (If you´re a concerned tourist, you can ask for the innkeeper´s RUC number.  If there is none, it means they aren´t registered with the SRI, and aren´t paying taxes on the income.)

A Cuy Festival – is this weekend in Ricaurte.  Activities start tonight with a flashlight parade at 18:00, and continue tomorrow starting at 9:00 with a Eucharist, then traditional games, drawing contest, popular games and an accordion festival at 20:00.  Saturday has sports, a 10k run, another Eucharist, singing and fireworks at 24:00.  (Is 24:00 a real hour?  Fireworks at midnight?) Sunday starts with a Eucharist, then a procession, a flowered balcony contest, and the blessing of the cuy banquet at 10:00. Entertainment at 14:00, and a Eucharist of thanks at 19:00.  (Seems like this festival had some sort of religious basis – maybe more than one religion.)

The art of cetrería (falconry and I think that´s a fine, if useless word for the day) will be demonstrated this Sat in the Yurak Allpa Zoo in Tañiloma in Tarqui parish.  If interested, call 287-8241 or 098 565 2133.

(A common sliver of life) An accident – involving a Toyota Yaris and a big truck on the viá Cuenca-Giron left the Yaris with its whole front end – yes, the engine compartment and its contents – missing.  The big truck (maybe 10 yards?) lost traction, spun out and turned over.  (If I get another car, that Yaris is worth a look because the driver lived.)

Amenidades – 

Día del Soltero – sales hit $9.3 billion with hundreds of millions of Chinese looking for and taking advantage of on line bargains. (But I bet you´d have to get those bargains in Chinese – and if you thought Spanish was hard – at least there´s an alphabet.)

Internacional – 

Paraguay – Paraguayans will be able to vote in Guarani which is the second official language.

Argentina – Mauricio Macri is favored to win the run off election on 22/11.

Chile – is not looking to escalate the impasse with Peru over a border area that both countries claim. Pres. Bachelet said that Chile didn´t want to escalate this since world experience has shown that when things escalate, countries suffer needlessly. (Not exactly the macho point of view that´s braying, “Get the guns out!”)

Discuentos and ads –

A show, “Tierra Mestiza” presented by Nutri with Grupo Quimera and the National Ecuadorian Ballet on Sat, 21/11 at 20:00 in the Coliseo Jefferson Pérez.  Tickets cost: 10 empty 1 liter boxes of Nutri Leche or $15 in purchases of Tetra Pak Nutri products.  Get them at the Coral stores.  (How much in cash is 10 boxes of milk if all you were going to do was give the milk away or throw it out?)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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