Jueves, 12/5/2016: Police nab bus station thieves, IVA refunds and electronic money, Flu kills 39, Dilma forced out in Brazil

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming events –

Conference and book launch – Juan Cordero Iñiguez will lead a conference about the French geodesic missions tomorrow (Fri.) at 18:00 in the Museochl jeanne logo Catedral Vieja (Sucre y Luis Cordero). The publication “Etnografía antigua del Ecuador” (Ancient ethnography of Ecuador) by Rene Berneau y Paul Rivet will also be launched.  (Don’t really know why I include these books since most of you can’t read them anyway.)

Acoustic music – Aerolíneas del Placer (Pleasure Airlines) (sounds kinda psychedelic – like a 60’s San Francisco band.) will interpret music of artists such as Gustave Cerati, Spinetta, Los Tres, Adanowsky and others.  (Anyone heard of any of these names?)  Other invited artists will participate as well as any other musicians who want to join an improv session.  (Lets hope Cousin Alfie with his brand new guitar and no lessons doesn’t decide to make his debut.)  The event will be Fri. at 10:00 in Situ (Calle Larga y Huayna Cápac).

Electronic music – Cesare Vs. Disorder, a big name in the Underground del House y Techno world, will perform along with 3 local DJs this Fri. at 21:00 in Space Club (Remigio Crespo y Unidad Nacional – it’s the club with the airplane.  I don’t see how even the newest newbie can have avoided seeing it.) Cost: $15.00.

Articles about –
Ordenanza que Regula el Sistema Cantonal de Cultura (Regulatory Ordinance for the Cantonal System for Culture) – This ordinance has been proposed to to create order in the systems and spaces that provide culture.  Cultural groups have asked that the ordinance not be approved without more discussion.  (I have a feeling that herding artists is worse than herding cats.)

“Cine al Cubo 2016” – The closing date for entries to this film festival has been extended to 18/6.  Entrants need to register their work with the Insitituto Ecuatoriano de Propiedad Intelectual (IEPI – Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property) prior to entering at www.educacionsuperior.gob.ec/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2016/04/Bases-e-Participaci%C3%B3n.pdf.  (whew – feel like I just got shot through a wormhole into unknown technospace).

Concierto – The group instrumental quartet Concerto performed Thurs. in the Teatro Sucre with popular music from France, Russia, Italy, Greece and Argentina accompanied by singer Estefani Chalco who sung in French.

Otras cosas –  

Titular – Suspensión y juicio contra Dilma parecían inminentes (Suspension and impeachement against Dilma appear imminent).  After a marathon 13 hour session of the Senate, 28 votes were cast in favor of the suspension and 9 against.  This result is not definitive since the full Senate has 81 members, 41 of whom are needed to approve the process which would suspend Rousseff from office for 180 days during which VP Michel Temer would take over and the impeachment process would be completed.  (At least there’s no blue dress involved here.)

Police action – There was a police action around the Terminal Terrestre  with searches of transients and others on the sidewalks and hostals in the area.  26 cellphones were found in one room and 60 doses of cocaine in the walls of another.

IVA – The vote to increase the IVA from 12% to 14% passed the National Assembly Thursday.

IVA refunds – Starting the 3rd week in May, consumers who pay with electronic money will get an IVA refund of 2%.  If you pay with a credit, debit or prepaid card, the refund is 1%.  (Maybe that will get more of you into electronic money.  Especially if you can double dip with your senior refund.)  You have to set up an electronic money account then push *153# and pick option 1 from your cellphone or go to an authorized location.  (And no, I don’t know where they are.  And if you didn’t open an electronic money account back when I was writing about it you’re shit out of luck now.)
H1N1 virus – Nationally, there have been 39 deaths and 239 cases in treatment.  The deaths occured with people who had other medical problems, self medicated, and got treatment too late.  Currently, cases are increasing in the Sierra and decreasing at la Costa.  If you have a high fever, cough and sore throat, go to a doctor or clinic and above all, don’t self medicate.  (So no Jack Daniels in hot water with lemon and honey.  I guess it only makes you feel better until you kick the bucket.)

Payments to victims – the Comité Nacional de la Reconstrucción y Reactivación Productiva y Económica (You can translate that for yourself.) will announce the amount of money some 8,000 families who are in temporary shelters will receive.  It is likely to be $200/mo which will help pay for rent or to other family members who take in the victims.  (So here’s an opportunity for you to cash in on the tragedy if you’re a Wall Street wannabe. You, too, can stuff a 5 member family into your spare bedroom and earn $200 extra.)

Internacional –

Venezuela – A march by the opposition to speed up a referendum process to remove Pres. Maduro was blocked by police yesterday.  The march is being rescheduled for Sat.

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