Jueves, 14/7/2016: Russia’s buying more shrimp, Obey the cops or else, Guns ‘n Roses

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Thu) events –

Charla – Oswaldo Terreros, a Guayaquileño artist participating in the Bienal will give a talk on “Departamento de Investigación de Gráfica ychl jeanne logo Militancia del Movimiento GRBS”  (Department of Investigation of Graphics and Militancy in the GRBS Movement.) today at 18:00 in the Bienal auditorium. (I have no idea what the GRBS movement is so don’t bother asking me. The meaning of the rest of the talk escapes me as well. Artspeak.)

Pelicula (movie) – “Automedicados” (Self-medicated) was shown at 9:30 in the Department of Arts at the U of Cuenca.

Diálogo literario – There will be a literary dialogue at 18:00 today in the bookstore at the CCE (Casa de la Cultura – remember that – I’m going to start using CCE to save some typing.).  Guilllermo Gomezjurado will talk about “La Metamorfosis” by Franz Kafka.

Danza – “Expresión Latinomericana” will present a program of dances from Ecuador and other countries tonight at 20:00 in the Theater of the CCE.  It is a paid event, but no amount was given.

Exposición – An exibit of paintings by Alena Kárpova will open today at 19:00 in the Centro Cultural República Sur (Pres Córdova y Hermano Miguel).

Articles about –

Collective exhibit – Students of the Academia de Arte de Olmedo Alvarez opened a show at El Museo de los Metales, next to the Colegio Bilingue (Solano y 27 de Febrero) last Tues.  (The article is a long list of individual students and a description of their work. I bet reading that 1/3 page article would work better than counting sheep.)

Municipal library – The library received a donation of 507 volumes, mostly legal books, from the widow and daughter of Ariosto Reinoso who was a Superior Court judge in Cuenca.  (I wonder if they’d want old architecture and popular fiction books when I die?  Almost all in English, though.)

Canto lírico (lyrical song – whatever that means) – “Gala Lírica de la Música Nacional Churu Chura” is a show tonight at 20:00 in the Teatro Pumapungo organized by tenor Diego Zamora.  It will showcase national music including pasillos which use a pentatonic scale (like blues?).

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Reactivan trabajos en la Sígsig-Chiguinda (Work in Sígsig-Chiguinda restarted.)
Shrimp – Russia increased its importation of shrimp by 23% in the first 4 months of this year.  (I wonder if they marinate their shrimp in vodka?  Hmm – vodka, pepper and dill?)

Electric meters – To change a residential meter from 110 to 220, call number 136 or go to www.ecuadorcambia.com.

Universidad del Adulto Mayor (University for Older Adults) – visit their web page at www.uamcuenca.com (or it could be www.uam-cuenca.com – the address is split between two lines so I don’t know if there’s a dash in the address or if it was just punctuation.)

Police page (and how laws are different here) – On 12/12/2014, a driver approached a control point on Loja and 12 de Abril and ignored it.  An ANT officer climbed into the truck bed when the truck didn’t stop as required.  The officer reported the incident and the legal process ended yesterday after a year.  The driver had to report to the court every 15 days and was not allowed to leave the country.  The penalty for aggression against officers is 6 mo. to 2 years in prison.  The driver had to cover the expenses for the officer who needed surgery and  to make a public apology – which was in today’s paper.  (So if you drive – don’t be an asshole and attack the cop.  How would you tell your Mom that you’re missing her 85th birthday because your passport got yanked?)

Your sliver of life article today is about the Feria Libre – In addition to the Cuencanan formal and informal vendors, are vendors from other parts of Ecuador – especially the Coast. Some stay in Cuenca and others come in on Tues. night to sell on Wed which is the big market day.  One vendor of leggings leaves Arenillas in El Oro, takes the 1:30 am bus that arrives in Cuenca at 5:30, walks the market until 15:00 to sell his 3 dozen pairs of leggings, and returns home the same Wed. Another vendor gets up at 3am to prepare food for sale and gets to the market at 5:15 where he has a spot for his cart.  He has to leave at 8:00 when the guards start moving the informal vendors away.

Intercultural –

An article about the 4 genres of Cayambeña music at the fiesta de San Pedro de Cayambe.  The fiesta starts the evening of 28/7 and the big celebration is on 29/7, and the town is identified with the sound of the guitar.  (Don’t ask me where it is – look on a map.)

Amenidades –

Guns N’ Roses – The group will be on a Latin American tour this fall.  It will start in Peru with a concert at the Estadio Monumental in Lima on 27/10, hit Chile, Argentina y Brasil and finish in Colombia and Costa Rica.  It will play in Medellín in the Estadio Atanasio Girardot on 23/11.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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