Jueves, 15/9/2016: New immigration tracking system, Night of Jazz, Gunter Grass litho exhibit, New crafts market

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Jueves) agenda events –chl jeanne logo

Film – “Muerte en Granada” (Death in Granada), about the assassination of Federico García Lorca in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War, will be shown today at 19:00 in the Sala de Conciertos in the CCE.

Upcoming agenda events –

Condecoracíon – Designer and ceramicist Eduardo Vega will be decorated by the French Government this Sat., at 17:00 in the Alianza Francesa for his contribution to Arts and Letters in France and the world.

Mediateca – The media center in the Alianza Francesa has books, magazine, movies as well as a space for music and a virtual library (like my Kindle?).  Hours are from 9:30-13:00 and 15-19:00 on weekdays and from 9-13:00 on Sat.  It is located at Tadeo Torres 1-92 y av. Solano.  Phone: 2825-298. Website: www.afcuenca.org.ec.

Articles about –

A night of jazz – There are three jazz performances tonight.  The first is at 19:00 in the patio of the Museo de la Ciudad (antigua Escuela Central – Gran Colombia y Benigno Malo – my apologies for the wrong intersection yesterday) with EAM Band, the jazz ensemble of the U of Cuenca and Big Band from the U. Católica Santiago de Guayaquil with the Coro de Jazz.   The concert is part of the Festival de Jazz y Música Contemporánea.  Free.

The second event is at 20:00 in the Teatro Pumpungo (Calle Larga y Huayna Cápac).  This is the second promotional concert for the Cuenca Jazz Festival Internacional with Gilberto Rivero. The Jazz Festival will also have master classes with Gilberto Rivero on Fri, 16/9 at 18:30 in the teatro Sucre.  Concert tickets are $10.00. Tickets for the class are $5.00, both available at Almacén El Surtido and Más Música.

The third show is at 19:30 in the Teatro Sucre.  The “Jazz, Encuentro Intercultural is with Cuenca Unity Jazz with a program of jazz interpretation of music from different countries that doesn’t lose the musical roots.

The Festival de Jazz y Música Contemporánea has activities from the 14-24/9 including 3 concerts, a day of master classes, discussions and auditions for emerging bands.  The auditions will be tomorrow (Viernes) in the auditorium of Más Música (Borrero 7-47 y Córdova) with producers and talent scouts.  Register at proposta@gmail.com.  It might also be showcase.proposta@gmail.com – there’s a line break that makes it unclear.  On Thu., 22/9 there will be a jazz concert with “The Roots” and “Hipsteria” in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  Cost: $15.00 before the event.  On Fri., 23/9, contemporary bands Madre Tirana, Da Pawn and Guanaco MC will play in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  Cost: $15.00.  Sat., 24/9 will have a day of educational talks about making music, the music industry, and master classes on different instruments.  Cost: $25.00.  All tickets and registrations at Lislop (Paucarbamba 4-55), Más Música and on line at tickets.proposta@gmail.com.  There is also package prices of $25.00 for two concerts, and $50.00 for the talks plus a concert.

Expuesta – An exhibit of lithographs by writer Gunter Grass, who won a Nobel Prize in 1999, opened Thurs. night in the Centro Alemán (Bolívar y Benigno Malo above the Botica Sojos).

Bienal – the Bienal de Arte de Cuenca is forming a group of 80 “mediadores” (mediators or go-betweens) who will be at each of the exhibit sites.  Their role will not be that of a museum guide, but someone who can connect the art with the viewer. (Is the art going to be that remote from the viewer that it needs a mediator? Sounds like a recipe for – “Well, we’ve seen a bunch of art, now let’s go get a banana split.”)

Dinner and dance performance – La Compañía de danza Contemporánea at the U. of Cuenca through their international resident artist program will present “Casa Tomada” (Home Made) on Sat. at 20:00 in the Hotel Las Culturas Cafetería Bar (Honorato Vázquez y Borrero).  Cost: $10.00 including supper.

“Historias Nacionales, Regionales y Locales” (National, Regional and Local Histories) – is a series of biweekly discussion among academics, researchers and professionals from different countries living in Ecuador about the different views they have of the region and of Ecuador.  The first session will be today at 19:00 in the República Sur.  (Wonder if they’ll be complaining about traffic, the Tranvía and gringo pricing?)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Músicos mueren en vuelco (Musicians die in overturn) – For details see the Thu. article in CHL.

Tranvía – The mayor is considering a unilateral dissolution of the Tranvía contract with the Consorcio Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca for not completing the work. The city will need to assemble technical and financial information and then notify the contractor of the unilateral cancellation.  The contractor has 10 days to respond.  If the contract is cancelled, a new budget has to be made and a new contractor found.  (So – completion date for the Tranvía will be 2020.)  Coronel Tálbot will reopen today and Miguel Heredia will close.  Bus lines 12,18, 25, 27, and 100 will turn onto Tálbot from Vega Muñoz and then go to Bolívar and then to El Otorongo where they resume their normal routes.  Lines 3, 4, 13, 20, 22, 28, & 29 will follow a similar route change.

Airport – A TAME flight landed in a “torrential aguacero” (torrential downpour – your words for the day – to go with the infiltracion de agua from yesterday) last night with no problems.  However, there was no mid-day flight from Cuenca to Guayaquil because they couldn’t sell tickets.  (So if the planes work, the ticket sales computers don’t?  Is this really how to run an airline?)

Corte Penal Suramericana (South American Criminal Court) – Attorney General Galo Chiriboya introduced the idea of a transnational criminal court for the Unasur (Unión de Naciones Suramericanas) nations to combat international crime such as trafficking of people, money laundering, cybercrimes, narcotics. and arms trafficking, and murder for hire.

Nuevo Sistema Migratorio Ecuatoriano (New Ecuadorian Immigration System) – A new completely automated system will be used starting 17/9 at entry and exit points for the country. Travellers will present their passports or cédulas at the counter and an electronic reader will validate the information.  The readers will exchange real time and current information with data bases at the Registro Civil, Cancillería, National Department of Crimes Against Life, Dinased, and the police.  (So would that have stopped the guy who was just picked up for violating parole in the US from getting into Ecuador?)  The system will also calculate lengths of stay for foreign non-residents.  In Nov., a system of fingerprint readers will be installed so Ecuadorian citizens will not need to present their documents.  (Oh, yeah? They’ll probably have to do both – docs and prints.)

State of emergency – Pres. Correa renewed the state of emergency declaration in Manabí and Esmeraldas for another 30 days.

Replica (aftershock) – A 5.1 aftershock hit Esmeraldas yesterday.  It was located in the ocean off Punta Galera at a depth of 12 km and felt along the coast of Esmeraldas and in Jama, Pedernales and Flavio Alfaro in Manabí.  No damage or injuries were reported.

PRAC (Portal Regional Artesanal de Cuenca) – The new crafts market at Bolívar and Huayna Cápac will have spaces for 185 artisans who have until 7/10 to apply by filling out a form on the EDEC EP website www.edec.gob.ec, on EDEC’s social network sites, or in the offices at PRAC.  The 1.5 square meter spaces will cost $50/mo with a 6 month renewable lease.  Hours will be from 10-20:00, M-F and 10-18:00 weekends.  At the same website, artesans can apply to participate in the Feria Artesanal in Nov. for the fiestas de Independencia.

Plataforma de Narancay – The Plataforma Itinerante de Narancay with 780 self employed vendors was opened yesterday.  The market is in the south part of Cuenca and will be open on Wed. and Sat. from 7-17:00.

Discuentos y compras –

Coral – 8% discount on TVs (restrictioned to selected merchandise, valid to 31/12 or until stock runs out) with your Banco Guayaquil credit or debit card.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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