Jueves, 18/8/2016: Men get 40 years for Montañita tourist murders, Vietnamese dinner, Lasso work 55% complete

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Thu.) agenda events –chl jeanne logo

Sono – the Centro Cultural Sono continues its 8th anniversary celebration today with “Gescultura” at 19:00 and a poetry recital by the Ninacuro Cartonera collective at 20:00.  Free.  (Ninacuro makes soap, so is this the employee poetry team?)

Upcoming agenda events –

Música y más artes – (music and more arts) – Grimorian Fest will be this Sat. at 17:00 in the teatro Casa de la Cultura.  New and recent bands will perform.

Gastronomía de Vietnam – A Vietnamese supper will be offered this Sat. from 19:00 in the Salón Café Bar (Luis Cordero 6-75 y Pres. Córdova – across the street from the Banco de Machala) with a flavorful chicken soup, marinated crispy fried fish, and herb fried rice.  Call 099 316 5176 for reservations.  Cost:  $7.50.

Articles about –

Paperwork – HIstoric legal documents under the Judicial Complex of Cuenca are being “unearthed” for cataloging, transcribing, and restoring.  Cuenca has some of the oldest documents in the country dating back to the Spanish colonial era.  Similar efforts are being made throughout the country and started in Manabí after the earthquake.  (I guess if a property has been in your family for many, many generations, you’d want to dig up the papers proving it.)  The earliest seals on documents mentioned the King of Spain.  After 1822 they were sealed with the “Republica de Colombia-Estado de Ecuador”  (I think that would be when Ecuador was part of Gran Colombia).  After 1830 the seals are by the “República del Ecuador.”  (So there’s your history lesson for the day.)

CCE – Raúl Pérez Torres, Pres, and Gabriel Cisneros, VP, assumed office after winning the elections nationally with 22 out of the 24 provincial centers.

Otras cosas –  
Titular – Demanda y oferta de uniformes en la Feria Libre (Demand and supply of uniforms in the Feria Libre) – back to school supplies and uniforms are available at the Feria Libre from both manufacturers and retailers.

Pilgrimage – The Virgen del Cisne was accompanied by thousands of faithful Catholics in her journey from El Cisne to San Pedro de la Bendita, a distance of 25 km.  Today, the Virgen will be taken to Catamayo and on Fri. and Sat. to Loja.  (Be careful on the road – you wouldn’t want to run into all those pilgrims, sending them all to heaven while you head the opposite direction.)

40 years – The men convicted of killing two Argentinean tourists in Montañita last Feb. were sentenced to 40 years in prison, the maximum sentence under the law.

Public announcement –  Water service will be shut off on Fri, 19/8 from 8-14:00 in the sector Ucubamba.  The area is bounded by the Panamericana Norte to the north, Vía a Paccha to the east, Calle Roma to the south, and Av. González Suárez to the west. The shut off is due to maintenance work at the Centro de Reserva Cuartel Calderón on calle Paquisha y Cordillera del Cóndor.  (This is why you need to read CHL – you find out about this stuff before you turn on your shower and it just sputters at you.)
Corruption charges – A new charge of corruption associated with the national oil company, Petroecuador, was made against the former manager.  Álex Bravo was detained at the Quito airport (on his way to Miami?).  I think he steered a contract to a company from which he got kickbacks.

Crab ban – The ban on crab fishing that started last Mon. will continue until mid-Sept. until they finish moulting.  Many businesses brought and froze crab before the ban.

Ordóñez Lasso – The work on Ordóñez Lasso is 55% complete and should be finished by 30/10/16.  Sidewalk widths in some areas will vary to keep the roadway at a constant width for the sake of safety and to maintain traffic flow.  In the Santa Maria sector, the street is being widened and conduits are being installed.  Paving is being placed between los Cedros and Los Pinos.  The work has resulted in two days of prolonged water shut-offs.

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