Jueves, 1/9/2016: Richard Clayderman concert, Don’t pee in public, Intersection reopens, Cuenca 400 years ago exhibit

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Your periodicos will be back until next Tuesday when I get my second surgery with another couple of days to recover and to get reading glasses.  Do farmacias carry non-prescription cheaters? I am now reading the paper with my “bad” eye, but I won’t have one after next Tues.chl jeanne logo

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Thu) agenda items –

Poets – Fernando and Susana Moreno Ortiz presented their books of poetry today at 19:00 in the Sala de Conciertos in the Casa de la Cultura.

Danza – A free class of “Danza del Veintre Tribal Fusión” (Tribal Fusion Belly Dance) was today at 19:00 in El Centro Cultural Gato Alado (Pres. Córdova 14-43 y Coronel Tálbot).

Future or ongoing agenda events –

Cursos – CCE is taking registrations for formative workshops in theater and dance that will start on 12/9.  The courses will last 30 hours.  Cost: $40.00.

Teatro – From today until Sat. at 20:00, el Centro Cultural El Prohibido (sector de El Vado) will present Dionisios Teatro Drag. Cost: $5.00.

Museo – The Museo de las Conceptas has recreated the way of life of the religious who founded the convent 400 years ago in an exhibit.  Free.

Libro – The book, “Cabalgata Nocturna” (Night ride) by Eliécer Cárdenas will be presented on Thu, 8/9 at 19:00 in the Sala de Conciertos dela Casa de la Cultura.

Música – El Centro Musical Santa Cecilia is restarting its courses in accordeon, piano, guitar, requinto percussion and singing on 6/9.  Get more information at Las Herrerías 2-20 or call 409 8202.

Articles about –

Radio El Mercurio – The radio station, after 68 years, will cease broadcasting on 1,200 AM and switch to on-line programming at www.radioelmercurio.com.ec.

Richard Clayderman tour – The pianist will perform in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz on 8/9 at 20:00.  Tickets are now on sale at the Musicalísimo store and at the theater office or box office.

Disco – Lojana poet, Susana Álvarez, has set her poems to music in a new disc titled “Travesía del viento en el jasmin disperso”  (Crossing wind scattered jasmine).

Otras cosas –  
Titular – Fin de Dilma Rousseff y del PT (End of Dilma Rousseff and the Partido de los Trabjadores (PT – Workers’ Party).  The Brazilian Senate vote to impeach Pres. Rousseff, 61 to 20 yesterday.  Michel Temer was immediately sworn in.  (A bloodless coup by the right wing.  I wonder how much it cost?)

Cemetery – At least 3,000 people owe EMUCE fee for the maintenance of “bóvedas, túmulos y nichos” (vaults, tombs and niches – your words for the day – part of your end of life planning).  The total owed is more than $500,000.

Light poles – Only 1% of the light poles are wood.  Empresa Electrica is replacing wooden poles with “hormigón” (concrete). If you need to call to report an electrical problem or emergency, dial (or enter, since there haven’t been dial phones in decades) 136 which is manned 24 hours.

Intersection reopens – The intersection of Luis Cordero with Gran Colombia  and Mariscal La Mar has been opened to traffic.  The Tranvía asks that drivers use caution and do not park on the Tranvía platform.  (I think things will sort themselves out once the trains start rolling and actually hit an illegally parked car.)

Animal protection ordinance – The ordinance was passed on 22/7, but its publication and application are still pending.  Meanwhile, uncontrolled sales of dogs at the Feria Libre continue as do maltreatment and abandonment of pets.  Councilwoman Gabriela Brito said it seems as if there is a lack of will to implement the ordinance. As it exists, there is not even a place to report mistreatment of animals in the city.

Water conservation – ETAPA has asked its ratepayers to use water responsibly.  The rivers are low and the canton is in a drought due to low rainfall.

Mal uso del espacio público (Misuse of public space) – Pissing in public is “mal uso del espacio público.”  A man was cautioned by police when he peed on a wall on av. Robert Crespo.  (There are some customs it’s better not to adopt even if “everybody” does it.)

“Premium tasting: Gastronomia y Bebidas, I Edition. – This food and alcohol tasting event sponsored by La Taberna y Jardines de San Joaquín will be on 8/9 at 19:00 in the Jardines de San Joaquín as a prelude to the Christmas season.  (Now Christmas season starts before Halloween.  Pretty soon, it will be the day after the 4th of July.)
Beer workshop – There will be a workshop on making microbrews on 17/9 from 15-18:00 in the Hotel Conquistador.  It will cover the difference between industrial and microbrewing, ingredients used and homebrewing equipment.  There will also be equipment such as fermenters, tanks, coolers, pumps, and bottle fillers.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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