Jueves, 20/4/2017: New internet service, Cuenca International Film Festival, Russian Ballet, Water, electric service cuts-offs

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Header event –

Exposición – An homage to Cuencanan painters, masters who have worked for more than 40 years, is at the Salón del Pueblo.

Articles about –

Día del Libro (Book Day) – The day is celebrated on 23/4 and there will be reading events.  <I’ll be celebrating at a private event with a mystery, apple pie and tea.>

National speech contest – Students from 19 high schools will compete in the “Un árbol de sueños para un mundo de jóvenes” (A tree of dreams for a world of young people) tomorrow in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.

CCE – gave their annual report last Tuesday night.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cuenca – Originally scheduled to occur during elections, the festival has been rescheduled to 3-8/6.  <I bet the organizers never anticipated such a post election circus.>  The films are ready and a catalogue is being prepared which will be out en los primeros días del mayo próximo.  <I think I’ve snuck in enough Spanish in past columns for you to figure that out.>  If you are interested in the workshops, go to the web page or social networking sites.  <I guess whoever was interviewed or whoever wrote the article felt there was no need to give the page what with Google and all the search engines.  If I could find them anyone could.>

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Violencia en Venezuela – Thousands of demonstrators went into the streets to protest against Pres. Maduro.  2 people not involved in the protests were shot and killed, 57 people were injured, and over 400 arrested in 9 different cities or states. <I’m too ignorant about Venezuelan geography to know if Táchira or Carabobo are cities, states, or both.>

Public announcements – ETAPA will suspend water service on viernes, 21/4/2017 from 8-17:00 to all users in the area bounded by the following roads: Cayambe, De la Verbena, Moscoso Serrano, Daniel Toral Malo, Camino a Racar, Magnolias, Del Sarar, De los Cerezos, Camino del Tejar, De las Pencas y Guabisay.  Something about emergency work associated with some paving project.

Empresa Eléctrica – There were electric service interruptions today from 9-13:00 at Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional and on Mariscal La Mar y Miguel Morocho to change utility poles.

Elections – Lasso says that Moreno’s administration will be illegitimate.  Moreno says that it’s “la hora de acuerdos por los grandes objectivos nacionales” (the time for agreements on major national objectives).

Crowd control training – French police instructors are training 60 members of the Unidad del Mantenimiento del Orden (UMO) de la Policía Nacional del Ecuador. <Are the police expecting Lasso supporters to keep protesting?>

Lack of signage – Pedestrians are vulnerable, especially school children, when they need to cross streets without zebra striping or signals.  The Chola Cuencana redondel is especially worrying.  <It’s not just gringos who are complaining about unsafe traffic conditions.>

Gas trucks – The devices that will replace the beeping with música “amigable” (friendly or nice) will be tested on 3 trucks in the Totoracocha barrio starting tomorrow.  <How about ice cream truck music?  You could hear that a mile away – or maybe my hearing was better then.>

Flower show – “Cuenca Historia y Paisaje” (Cuenca History and Landscape), organized by the garden clubs of Cuenca and El Sigsal, will open in the Museo Pumapungo at 19:30 tonight. Hours will be from 10-20:00 until domingo, and there will be 16 floral design classes each teaching 4 designs.  <Sounds like you reproduce what someone else has arranged.>   The Orchid and Bonsai clubs are also participating.

New internet company – Netlife is coming to Cuenca with fiber optic into the house. Other providers have fiber optic in the street, but not between the street into the house.  Their minimum service will be 20 megas, “dos a uno” (two to one) <Is that some kind of geek speak?) and will cost $34.99.

Amenidades –

Trovafest – The show of “Trova” music was in Parque e la Madre Thurs. at 20:00.  <Hope you wore a good raincoat.>

Beriozka – The “Mejor Ballet Folclórico del mundo” will be performing in Cuenca this viernes, 21/4 in the Coliseo Jefferson Pérez at 19:30 with a cast of 50.  Buy your tickets at Musicalisimo in the Mall del Río.

Internacional –

Colombia – A landslide caused by un “aguacero” (downpour) killed 14 people in Manizales in the Caldas Departamento and left another 9 missing.

Deportes –

Archery – There will be an “tiro con arco” (archery) tournament este domingo, 23/4 at 10:00 in the coliseo Jefferson Pérez.

Bicicross – The official results from the Copa Nacional de Bicicross in Puyo this past weekend were announced.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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