Jueves, 21/7/2016: Vans & buses during airport closure, More aftershocks in Manabi, Cedula renewals, Animal ordinance

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Hola, Todos –

I will be taking a “vacation” starting on Monday, August 1 through August 9 or 10 to work on another volunteer project and will be back to translating on the 9th or 10th.

chl jeanne logoPagina cultural –

Upcoming events –

“Taller de Narrativa Científica” (Workshop on Scientific Narrative) – the “Victor Manuel Albornoz” library at the Museo Pumapungo is arranging this workshop with the participation of 13 professors from the Unidad Educativa Bilingue (does anyone know how to get an umlaud using an English keyboard toggled to be a Spanish keyboard?  I found the capitol Ü, but not the lower case.) and 3 museum officials in the areas of archaeology, anthropology and conservation.

Escultura – A sculpture exhibit by Pablo Ortega Salínas continues on the 2nd flr. of the Salón del Pueblo (Sucre y Benigno Malo).  (If you get to the US 2nd floor and can’t find it, go up another floor.)

Libro – There will be a book launch of “Memorías culinarias de la zona rural de Tungurahua” (Culinary memories of rural Tungurahua – everything seasoned with volcanic ash?) tomorrow at 16:20 in the Huarmi Cocina Taller (H. Miguel between Juan Jaramillo y Honorato Vázquez).

Wednesday’s Agenda items –

Música – Spanish accordionist Rubén Ruipérez will play a concert “Amor de Acordeón” (Love of Accordion) Thurs. at the Teatro Sucre.

Concierto – Ayllu Llakta with Inolvidable y Andanito, Quinteto Polifónico de la Ciudad, Diego y Érica Zamora, Mundo Nuevo y Comarñejos Thurs. at the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.

Teatro – Teatro Barojo presented the comedy “La pipita” (The little pipe?) Thurs. en Zoociedad.

Articles about –

Orquesta Sinfónica Universitaria – Alexis Rojas Peskov, the guest violinist who planed with the University Symphony Orchestra Thursday night in the Catedral Vieja.

Poesía – “Azulaya”, published by CCE, is a collection of poetry by students at the Unidad Educativa Sígsig.  (My hat’s off to you if you’re reading poetry in Spanish.)

Taller (workshop – you ought to know that word by now) – the School of Arts at the U of Cuenca is holding a workshop on landscape painting in oils from 25-30/7 from 9-12:00.  Space limited to 20 with the right to a certificate for 32 class hours.  Register at artes@ucuenca.edu.ec.  (I supposed if you’re a retiree, the 32 class hours is pretty much irrelevant.)

Dance exchange project – The “TAXI” project of the Compañía de Danza Contemporánea at the U. of Cuenca grants the dance company an artistic exchange with the US, Mexico and Ecuador. The project’s 3 objectives are to stage 3 productions, hold workshops and have resident artists for the dance community.

Otras cosas –  
Titular – Restan 90 minutos de ‘pelea’ (Subtracted (?) 90 minutes of fighting) – (It’s about fútbol where Independiente del Valle tied the game in the last 3 minutes.  But I still don’t understand the headline.)

Dead ducks – See Thursday’s article in CHL.

Restrictions – Extranjeros (foreigners) are exempt from the restrictions against having money in tax havens. The restriction applies to public and elected officials. A proposed referendum would require those officials with money in tax havens to repatriate the money within a year or face losing their positions. (I guess as a foreigner, if you went to work for the government, the repatriation would be back to the country in which you hold citizenship and not Ecuador.  So it wouldn’t make any sense to include foreigners who might be holding their money in the tax havens of Wyoming or Connecticut or whatever those tax haven states are.)

Aftershock – Manabí experienced a “réplica” (aftershock – your word for the day.  I don’t remember if I already used it or not, but if I have, you probably forgot it anyway.) of 5.3 at 20:22 on Wed. night at a depth of 10 km near Jaramijó.  No damage, other than to peoples’ nerves, was reported.

Chevron – The $96 million (now $112 including interest) that Chevron was awarded by the US Supreme Court will be paid by Ecuador.  But the groups who sued Chevron for environmental damage want it paid to them as partial satisfaction of the $9,500 million they were awarded by an Ecuadorian court.  They feel that any money owed to Chevron by a creditor is subject to be impounded to pay the $9.5 billion judgement awarded by an Ecuadorian court to the indigenous groups that sued. Pres. Correa proposed paying the $96 million into an escrow account, but that there will also be an order to garnish Chevron’s assets.

Domestic animal protection ordinance –  The ordinance which was approved on 22/6 will be published in the Registro Oficial in the coming days after a final review and signature by the Mayor.

Cédula renewal – (And there are gringos out there who have been here long enough to need to renew their cédulas.  Those of you “en la lucha” to get yours can only be envious.) Acudir a las oficinas de la Coordinación Zonal 6 del Registro Civil, junto al parque Luis Cordero.  (I’m not translating because if you’ve been here 10 years you should know enough Spanish to read that for yourself.)  Pay $15, give them your cédula number, and first and last names.  A new cédula will cost $5.00.  (So don’t let your facilitator tell you it costs $1,000.00 – maybe doing all the paperwork for you, but not the card itself.)

Change of address – The Consejo Nacional Electoral (National Electoral Council) has a compaign for voters to update their addresses for the 19/2/2017 elections.  From 1-31/8, CNE reps will be at Tía stores, El Arenal, the José Carrasco Arteaga Hospital, Terminal Terrestre, Mall del Río and other locations to help you change your address so you can vote at the closest polling place to you.  They also have a schedule in rural parishes.  (Even if you’re an extranjero, I think you can still vote if you’ve been here long enough.)

Contamination in the Machángara – The Environmental Management Commission is investigating a report of contamination in the Machángara River which turned it blue. It was noticed on Tues. near Sinincay.  The commission’s director also referred to the contamination of La Compañía, which turned red in April.  That was originally attributed to a slide of clay soil, but later determined that the contamination was apparently intentional.

Airport and vans – Mayor Cabrera met with the Exec. Dir. of ANT (Nat´l Transit Agency) to decide on a contingency plan for interprovincial land transport while the airport is in limbo. Cabrera suggested that ANT allow vans which would be located at the airport to provide service to Guayaquil.  (Sounds better than the current options.) The Azuay Chamber of Tourism also favors the proposal and it is trying to reach agreements with the two airlines that serve Cuenca.

Amenidades –
Tribute – Fabricio Mantillo will have a tribute show to Enrique Bunbury y Heroes del Silencio on 22/7 at 21:00 in the Bar disco Below (in the clásica subida de El Vado en la Condamine 13-66. The show will be geared to an over 30 crowd.  (How about a crowd that’s seen already seen 30 two times?)  Cost: $10.00 including a free rum bar.  (I bet there are those of you who’d go just for the booze, the heck with the music.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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