Jueves, 24/12/2015‏: Families united for cancer patients, Computer hacking, Moderate level of activity at Cotopaxi, Safe city

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Flamenco – this Sat at 20:00 in chl jeanne logoEl Centro Cultural Rupública Sur (P. Córdova 5-55).

Convocatoria – La Alianza Francesa is calling for artists and gestores culturales (cultural managers – not sure what those are) to present proposals to be shown in the sala Paúl Cézanne which is dedicated to the promotion of local visual art.

Máscaras (masks) – a show of masks in ceramic and other techniques will be at the Enfrijolada (Francisco Moscoso 4-31 y Rafael Torres) from 30/12 to 6/1/2016. (Sounds like a run up to the Mascaras parade on the Day of the Innocents which is 6/1.

Article about – 

Los “Pibes” Trujillo (the Trujillo kids) – 3 brothers who recorded “villancicos” (there´s that word again – maybe with enough repetitions it’ll still be familiar next Christmas) when they were 8, 10 and 11 years old. It was one of the best selling records during the 60’s and helped popularize the genre in Eduador. Of the two surviving brothers, one was a football player and the other an electrician.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Multitudinario Pase, 24th (Massive Pase (the parade), 24th). The day started with a mass in the iglesia Carmen de la Asunción at 8:00 followed by moving the image of the Niño Viajero (Traveling Child) to San Sebastián for the start of the Pase at 10:00  The parade ends at San Blas.

Other titular – Estrabarán ‘nudo’ vehicular en el PIC (The vehicular knot in the Parque Industrial de Cuenca will be unshackled.).  30,000 vehicles circulate through this area daily with 3,000 parking there.  (And how many of you have ever seen this area?  It’s not exactly part of the tourist circuit.  Or for that matter, the gringo circuit.) The congestion is exacerbated by double parked big rigs and studies are being done to identify areas for parking as well as a possible by-pass so through traffic can avoid the PIC.

FUPEC (Familias Unida por los Enfermos de Cáncer)  (Families United for Cancer Patients) is looking for padrinos (your word for the day – godparents) for children with cancer.  In the first phase, about 100 children were helped and the second phase will last for a period of 6 months.  The program will involve people who might be able to help vulnerable people.  The help can be financial and psychological.  To be a godparent you need to have goodwill and be responsible for regular visits. Volunteer at the office of FUPEC La Mar y Hermano Miguel.  (I hope their offices will be packed with with good hearted gringos on Monday.)

Your sliver of life article for today – is about hacking (the computer kind – not the kind smokers get) and corruption.  A banda (gang) of 6 including an employee of the Sistema de Contratación Pública (Public Contracting System) blocked use of Sercop’s on-line system once a payment had been made by the “favored” business for a contract. Once the contract was awarded, the gang got 10% of the contract amount from the business.  (The world’s full of crooks. Where there’s money there are going to be thieves.)

Cotopaxi is maintaining a moderate level of activity.  The clouds lifted last night and early this morning allowing volcanists to see a small amount of steam at the level of the crater blowing west.

Cuenca – is the 2nd safest city in Ecuador. Azogues is the safest. (But who wants to live in Azogues? I should delete that for all of you who love Azogues, but I won’t. Do you still have to have your visas stamped in El Descanso? That´s a Cuencano joke.) Cuenca is the safest city with a population of more than 100,000.

IVA refunds – are made to the disabled on a sliding scale from 40-49% disabled receiving a 60% refund to 85-100% disabled receiving a 100% refund.  (Nothing said about how to apply and if you can double dip if you’re tercera edad.  Keep in mind greed is not a disability – it’s a sin.)

Internacional –

Bolivia – Pres. Morales is asking for support for a referendum that will allow him to run for a 4th consecutive term.  He said “En política solo hay izquierda or derecha, en política solo hay si estamos con el pueblo o estamos con el imperio.”  (In politics there´s only left or right, in politics we are with the people or we are with the empire/rulers.  And with Darth Vader and the US Congress and the multinational corporations.)

Chile – has approved free university educations for the most vulnerable sector of the population.

Dominican Republic – loses $420 million annually due to natural disasters. According to the Índice de Riesgo Climático Global 2016 (2016 Climate Risk Index) it is top on a list of 183 countries most affected by climactic events.  (Ecuador’s probably going to move up if the volcanos blow and El Niño hits hard.)

Discuentos –

Optica Los Andes – 50% off selected items – all locations.

Mall del Rio and Monay Shopping – will be open on the 25th (for you last minute shoppers). Hours: commercial area – 10-20:00, food court – 10-22:00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana, y que tenga una Feliz Navidad




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