Jueves, 27/10/2016: Five-level shopping mall planned for Remigio Crespo, Holiday events schedule, Venezuela protests

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Exposición –  “Códices Medievales, arte y historia desde lo contemporáneo” (Medieval manuscripts, art and history from the contemporary – Don’t understand that title at all – seems like there’s something missing, but maybe the “lo” covers it.) by artist Julio Mosquera opened Thurs. in the Museo catedral Vieja.

Exposición colectiva – “Simbolismo masónico” opened Thurs. in the Fundación Luis Vargas Torres (calles Euclides y Plutarco)  (Would that be in an area with street names after Greek scholars?  A lot more literate than names like Dancing Deer Road.)

Títeres – There was a puppet show Thurs. morning.

Música – “Los maestros cantan” (Teachers Sing) was Thurs. in the Teatro Pumapungo.

Articles about – 

Review – Bibap (I think that’s the name of the show), a musical comedy centered around the making of bibimpab, with the chefs engaged in a battle with each ingredient was well reviewed.

Flamenco – A show with dancers, guitar and song was Thurs. night in the Teatro Sucre.

Concierto – There will be concert Fri. at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz with a program of national music performed by 100 musicians.

Review – Three Catholic schools presented folk dancing and traditional music last martes.  (I don’t think reporters know what kind of show they’re announcing apart from a brief description. But the way they describe them afterwards makes you wish you had gone.)

Short stories – Tatian Neiraa has written a book of shorts stories about love – falling in and out of it and going from victory to resignation or chaos.  “Esa vida que ahora tenía” (This life that I now have) was presented Thurs. in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE.

Fiestas de Cuenca events – sabado – 29/10

Concierto de musica latinoamericana – Parque de la Madre – 14:00

Presentaciones astronomicas diarias (Astronomy presentations daily – but I think you all figured that out – especially given the location) – El Planetario – 9-13:00

Ruta Nocturna 10K race – Parque El Paraiso – 19:00

Otras cosas –

Titular – Venezuela: un policía muerto en protestas (Venezuela: a policeman killed in protests) – The alliance of government opponents, Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD – Democratic Unity Roundtable) called for a national general strike tomorrow to leave the streets empty and the country a desert (as in everyone stays at home?). There was a massive protest of 10’s of thousands at the Palacio de Miraflores after which the Poder Electoral suspended the referendum process.  A policeman was killed and two others injured while trying to break up a protest group in the State of Miranda.  (The overhead photo shows a sea of people filling the width of a 10 lane freeway from the foreground until the freeway curves out of sight.)  (And there’s the typical green freeway signs!  Anyone who drives probably wants more road signage here in Ecuador.)

Bridge closure – Puente Sixto Durán will close for two months starting 7/10.  4 beams and “el tablero que forma la losa del puente” (sounds like something structural under the roadway – maybe precast panels spanning the width of the bridge).  If you want to get from Challuabamba to Cuenca, take the “distribuidor de tráfico” (interchange?) at Guangarcucho.

Ruta del Pan – The “Ruta de los Molinos y el Pan” (Route of the Mills and Bread) will be launched this sábado starting at 10:00 in the Museo de las Conceptas.  It starts with a brief history of the first bread oven in Cuenca followed by a walk to the Todo Santos Church area.  There will be a performance of “Las Suquitas Mateas” by teatro Barojo at 11:00 in the terrace, a recital with singer and “armonio” (harmonium), and at 12:00 a demonstration of the wood burning ovens with Gastronomy students from the U of Cuenca.

“Batán Shopping” – There will be a new 15 million dollar shopping center, tentatively called Batán Shopping, on Remigio Crespo y calle Santa Cruz between the Totems and Feria Libre.  The center will have 5 floors including 3 below grade, 500 parking spaces, 50 stores, a food court with 15 restaurants, movie theaters, 2 main banks but not a banking center, and anchored by Coral.  It it schedule to open in mid 2017.

Amenidades – 

Colada morada– There was a gastronomic event Thurs, nightin the Museo Pumapungo with 3 stands demonstrating the evolution of colada morada – traditional from old recipes, the current version (from a Supermaxi mix?), and cutting edge (finger colada morada? like finger Jello? colada morada cocktails?)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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