Jueves, 29/6/2017: Guitig wins in int’l water competition, Ex-minister admits taking bribe, New IESS hospital, Chamber music concert,

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Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Festival de la Lira – 31/7 is the last day to submit your book to participate in the 6th competition of Poesía Hispanoamericana Festival de la Lira. Submit your work at the Bienal de Cuenca (Bolívar 13-89 y Estévez de Toral). <All of you writers in transition out there – anyone writing poetry in Spanish? Now that I read it, it’s a pretty dumb question.>

Articles about –

Museo Nacional de Etnografía – The museum is undergoing a renovation which started two years ago. All of the pieces and exhibits were taken down for conservation. The new image will still have the same mission: to show the cultural richness and identity of the peoples and nationalities who still populate Ecuador. The galleries have been painted white, lighting has been added, and the space has been opened up. More than 11,000 pieces will be on display. Signage will be in Spanish and English. <For tourists – if you live here you should be trying to read the Spanish signage. How do you think you’re going to learn the language if you don’t ever use it?>

Chamber music – The Chamber Orchestra of the OSC will perform Friday at 20:00 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco Vintimilla” at the CCE. <If you’re interested, there’s a list of works they will play. Go to www.elmercurio.com.ec – it’s on P. 5A Cultura.>

CCE and la Federación de Barrios de Cuenca – The two groups signed an agreement today to work on art projects that show the customs and knowledge in the city. The first project is to promote reading with book donations and exchanges at the CCE library and later a lending library and mobile library. The second project is regular weekly meetings to take actions on culturally oriented resolutions that will benefit the barrios.

Opus Band – This group of students at the Opus Art Academy are launching a CD mañana at 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo. Cost: $10.00.

Bienal – The Bienal de Cuenca starts today at 19:00 in their auditorium with a cycle of conferences: “Lecturas y rapturas” (Readings and breaks).

Otras cosas –

Titular – Recibió 1 millión siendo Ministro (Received 1 million while Minister) – Alecksey Mosquera, the ex-minister of Electricity during Correa’s Government confirmed that he did receive $1 million from Odebrecht. His lawyer said Mosquera received the money for consulting work he did for Odebrecht between 2008 and 2009, none of which involved the Toachi-Pilatón Hydroelectric Plant contract.

Violence against girls – 8 out of 10 girls in the 5 Andean Provinces of Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Azuay, Cañar y Pichincha, have been victims of sexual violence based on a question asked to the mothers. The research also showed that victimizing girls had become normalized although indigenous justice was administered in some areas. Other areas practiced compensation in money or livestock, or shotgun weddings.

Board game – Two 5th year medical students at the U. Católica de Cuenca have invented a new board game that also teaches how to prevent antibiotic resistant bacteria. The game is played similarly to Monopoly.

New IESS hospital – The new hospital at av. Paseo de los Cañaris y Viracochabamba will also treat emergencies. 24 hour services will include emergency and urgency attention, lab, imaging, and a pharmacy. Doctor visits will be from 7-22:00. Make an appointment by calling 140 or go there.

Bus stops – Models of 17 proposals for new bus stops will be shown in the Galería de la Alcaldía until mañana. These were selected from 40 designs by students at the U. of Azuay.

Business page –

A liter of milk – The article is about what goes into a liter of milk starting with the cows and their owners who get $.42 per liter and less if your place is hard to get to for collecting the milk. Not all recollectors will leave the main road. <Not good to get to the plant with a load of butter.> The people featured in the story were getting about 40 liters from several cows.

Award winning water – Guitig was awarded the gold medal in the 3d International Fine Water Tasting Competition held in Guahzhou, China.

Intercultural – The article is about música afro in Esmeraldas and El Chota.

Encuentro de la Interculturalidad – El Tambo is planning an Intercultural Meeting el sábado, 1/7. All of the rural and urban communities will participate. It will start at 9:00 with a blessing ceremony and the Mayor’s welcome, followed by dance and music performances all day. In and around the plaza, there will be booths with crafts, comida tipica, and a booth for each community. The canton plans to have an event every six months with the next one during Killa Raymi (Moon Festival) between septiembre y noviembre at the Baños del Inca Complex in Coyoctor.

Internacional –

Brazil – Senator Renan Calheiros announced his resignation as the head of his party in the Senate. This is the same party led by Pres. Temer. He criticized Temer’s reforms that put the sacrifices on the most poor and whose new labor laws favored the bosses. The Supreme Court sent a complaint for corruption to the Cámara de Diputados (House of Representatives) which will start the process of removing the president. <What goes around comes around? Or have I already said that?>

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RM – 10, 30, 50% off sale throughout store – 28/6 to 31/7 – www.modaRM.com.

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