Jueves, 30/6/2016: Detours and bus route changes on Av. Las Americas, Maduro wants to shut down Venezuelan congress

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Hola, Todos –

Sorry for the truncated issue yesterday.  But to call it to my attention, do NOT use the hotmail address.  I never check it – I’ve lost the password.  Usechl jeanne logo the old email address or use CHL.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tonight’s issue will go through.

Pagina cultural –

Eventos de hoy (Thurs) (Today’s events) –

Book launch – “Las palabras y la cultura” (Words and culture) by linguist Oswaldo Encalada was launched Thur. in the multiple use hall at the U of Azuay.  The book is about the significance and origin of commonly used phrases.  (Would be worth getting just to find out what the commonly used phrases are.)

Poetry recital – Antoni y Santos y Sonia Manzano, a national literary figure gave a recital Thurs in the librería Pedo Páramo (lower level of the Casa de la Cultura – Cordero y Córdova).  (Are or is Antoni y Santos y Sonia only 1 person? The article says she is “unas de las figuras” which is singular and feminine.  Another Spanish naming convention mystery or a very public multiple personality disorder.)

Awards ceremony – Thurs for a high school contest about responsible use of security systems.  Since the contest name was “Intercolegial de Crónica y Cómic Tómalo en Serio 911” (Intercollegiate Chronicle and Comic Take 911 Seriously) I’m assuming it’s to discourage crank calls to 911.  (en serio – your words for the day meaning Seriously!? or Say what? – Listen for it – it´s a commonly used phrase and kind of fun to use.)

Articles about –

Book launch – An art book about Ecuardo Solá Franco was launched tonight Thurs in the Mjuseo de las Conceptas.

Pencil portraits – The exhibit of portraits by Fernando Tenesaca, drawn in pencil on the pages of a 128 year old book opened Thurs in the Aula Magna Mario Vintimilla gallery at the U of Cuenca.

Exhibit – “Amor violento” (Violent love) by Gabriel Zamora Peña opens tonight at the Alianza Francesa.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Más bloqueos al tráfico (More traffic blockages) – De Las Américas southbound from La Mar to Del Batán and northbound from Del Batán to Gran Colombia will be closed for 4 months starting Mon, 4/7.  (Happy Independence Day!) (For you old timers, it’ll be a lot like living through the big dig again.)  You can still connect from Gran Colombia to De Las Américas heading north.  There’s a map of alternate routes – go to www.elmercurio.com.ec to see it.  Bus numbers 3, 8, 13, 16, 18, 50 & 100 will alter their routes.  Info available on the social network pages of the City.  (You should at least learn enough Spanish to navigate a web site.)
Tranvía deadlines – Total project completion, 11/3/17;  De Las Américas, 24/1/17; LaMar, 8/1/17; Gran Colombia, 21/11/16 (Ooh, just in time for El Paseo del Niño); España, 11/3/17. (So who’s making book on these dates?  Is there a Tranvía pool?)

Tourism – The Municipal Tourism Foundation has been accepted as a member of the ICCA (International Congress and Conventions Association) which has more than 1000 members in 90 countries.  (I bet that application was well along before the airport problems.  Will ICCA kick Cuenca out since we effectively don’t have an airport?)

Internacional –

Venezuela – Chavistas are exploring the possibility of asking the Supreme Court to dissolve the Parliament which is majority opposition and has been trying to oust Pres. Maduro with various measures which have been denied by the Supreme Court. The dissolution of the Parliament would be on the grounds that these attempts have violated the constitution. The Guardia Nacional Bolivariana (the Militarized Police) does not support the Parliament. Chavez was originally a military man.  (That poor country is headed in a bad direction.)

Deportes –

Trail running – The Nunaventura group and the Municipality of Girón are promoting the first “trail running” competition on Sat., 30/7 at 9:30.  This first run is less than 19 km with 1,200 meters of ascent and 300 descending.  Runners can meet in parque de La Madre at 7:00 for tranportation to the starting point near Cumbe.  Register at www.registro.cikla.net, UDAFE, One-Coworking and MonoDedo.  Cost: $15 until 7/7 and $30 until 26/7.  (Here’s a run for those of you who don’t like to breathe bus fumes.)

Discuentos y compras –

Colineal – 10, 20, & 30% discounts on furniture and accessories – from 27/6 to 3/7 – on the autopista, Hermano Miguel 8-58, Calle Octavio Chacón 2100 in the Industrial Park, and at the Mall del Río.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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