Jueves, 3/11/2016: Rain chances improve, Art Bienal opens, Tranvía work progresses, Four days of dance, Black Friday sales

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Pagina cultural –

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Conference – Psychologist Pilar Sordo gave a conference Thurs. at Mall del Río on “No quiero crecer-Cómo superar el miedo a ser adulto” (I do not want to grow up-How to overcome the fear of being an adult).  (There are times I still think, “I want to be like that when I grow up,” and I’m well into tercera edad (third age, senior citizen).

Articles about –

Bienal – The Bienal de Arte de Cuenca will open Fri. at 19:00 in the Museo Pumapungo.  The Awards Committee is touring the exhibit venues.  There will not be any economic prizes this year, but 3 Recognition Awards will be given.

One of the three largest art bienal’s in Latin America, Cuenca’s bienal as been criticized in recent years for relying too much on installation art and ignoring painting, sculpture and other forms of the plastic arts. The director of this year’s bienal has pledged improvements, including providing greater access to the public. Among the changes, this year was the hiring of a U.S. curator.

Activities prior to the Bienal opening gala –

Thurs. – opening of the “Algo después” (Something after) exhibit by artist Illich Castillo in the Galería Museomático (Hermano Miguel y Pres. Córdova)

Thurs. – Bernard Marcadé, one of the jurors will speak in French about Marcel Duchamp and his use of time.  It will be translated.  (So if you speak either French or Spanish you’ll understand.  If you speak English, bring your own translator.)

Viernes at 9:00 – showing of an official work in the Sala Proceso (Luis Cordero y Pres. Córdova).

Viernes at 11:00 – Inauguration of  the IN-SITU Project, Art in public spaces – parque De La Madre – “El ciclo de la vida” (The circle of life) will be performed in “lenguaje de señas” (sign language – another language we probably don’t know.)

Viernes at 16:00 – Presentation of the installation Interactiva KuKuu (Proyecto de la Cocina) (Interactive KuKuu (Kitchen Project)) – MMAM

Orquesta Sinfónica de la U. de Cuenca – A review of a concert it played in honor of the University’s 150th anniversary.

Danza – 4 days of international dance opened Thurs. in the teatro Casa de la Cultura with Capilla de Guadalupe from Jalisco, México.  África Kalama and Folkclorico Bochica from Colombia also performed.  Fri. there will be local folk dance groups and sábado will have groups from Saraguro and Otavalo, all at 19:00 in the teatro CCE.  Cost: $5.00.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Racionamiento no habrá pero siempre que llueva (There will not be rationing but ???.  But whenever it rains? But it always rains?)  ETAPA says it can meet demand normally without water rationing, but if the drought continues, they might start rationing. ETAPA is working on a contingency plan to use tankers to supply rural parishes such as Santa Ana, Quingeo, Llacao and Tarqui where there already are shortages.  You can coordinate delivery by calling 100.

Probability of rain today, tomorrow and sábado is 50%, domingo is 70% and this coming lunes and martes is 60%.

Christmas is coming – People and businesses are building their nativity scenes.  The 3d Army Division Tarqui (I have no idea of the proper word order to describe a military unit) has 3 options for the Niño Viajero to wear on the 24/12 parade from San Sebastián to parque Calderón.  The first is a Cuatro A Blanco uniform only used on the Coast and in the Oriente.  The second is the pixelated camouflage used by all military, and the third is the Grand Parade suit he’s been wearing.  (Where else in the world would the Army be concerned with dressing a doll?)

Tranvía – Mariscal La Mar between Hermano Miquel and Benigno Malo is almost ready for signage and signals and lane dividers.

Water – The community water districts in Nero and Baños, the two largest in Cuenca, have not discarded the idea of water rationing should the drought continue.

Fires – 2,953 hectares have been burned by forest fires in Azuay. The province has been using a National Police helicopter with a “bambi bucket” which can pick up water and then drop it on the fire.  (That seems to be a brand name.)

Internacional –

Colombia – A second peace agreement was signed today between the Colombian government and FARC at a simple ceremony.  Ex-pres. Uribe, leader of the opposition to the agreement, rejected the text and said the Government is cheating the people.

Discuentos y compras –

Vitefama – Black Friday from 24-26/11 – 10-22:00 – up to 50% off furniture and decoration – Manuel J. Calle y Alfonso Cordero, across the street from the Centro Comercio El Vergel.

Ochoa’s sport – Black Week from 25-30/11 – 20-60% off all merchandise – 9:30-20:00 – Av. de las Américas next to Coral Centro – includes casual clothing and US brands – Reebok, Skechers, Vans, Puma, Lacoste, Nike, New Balance y Adidas.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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