Jueves, 4/2/2016: Tango at Pumapungo, Illegal hostals closed in Centro, Retired military officers protest, Spanish partners’ cultural cafe

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Estudiantes de arte presentan sus títeres esta noche (Art students present their puppets Thurs) – at 19:30 in the Centro Cultural Imay.chl jeanne logo

Noche de poesía, hoy (Night of poetry, today) – was Thurs at the Café Carlota (Loja 3-68 y Remigio Tamariz) at 20:00. The cafe is organizing Jueves de Poesía (Poetry Thursday) (I can’t tell if it’s this Thu. only, or if it’ll be all Thursdays) but if you are interested in showing off your work, send it to vientollucho@gmail.com to register.

Sesión de electrónica (You don’t really think that I think you’re too stupid to translate a bunch of cognates for yourself do you?) – “Stoner Session” was a show of DJs doing electronic music at Pop House (Doce de Abril y calle San Roque) today at 21:00. You an check out one of the musicians music at https://soundcloud.com/xavier-iturralde.

Articles about –

The show by la Marujitas at the Café de la Vaca Cuenca Fri (5/2) at 20:00.

A tango show Fri. (5/2) in the Teatro Pumapungo at 20:00. It will include both classic tango and tango of the milongas. Tickets available at Librimundi (Sucre y Hermano Miguel) for $15 and $20.

República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55), a cultural center started by two Spaniards. This month they are having 2 film series – on Tuesdays, films by Francois Truffaut and on Wed, their choices for best films of 2015. All screenings at 19:30.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Diez quemados causa explosión en Austrogas (10 burned – cause, explosion at Austrogas) – the explosion was at the maintenance facility on the Pana Norte and caused by a gas leak. The injured workers suffered 2nd degree burns.

Health ministers – of 14 Latinamerican countries including Ecuador have agreed on a hoja de ruta (I’m guessing it’s a plan) to combat the Zika virus that includes international coordination and the possibility of increasing funding.

Retired military – are protesting a return or refund to the federal government of $38 million which the retirees say is an asset of the Instituto de Seguridad de las Fuerzas Armadas from the sale of land in Guayaquil. (The photos shows a fellow in what looks like a WWI outfit facing a bunch of cops who are holding riot shields with “Soy Policia y hijo tambien” or “Soy policia y padre tambien.” (I’m a cop and son, too or I’m a cop and father, too. In other words, I’m a cop and I’m human, too. Do you still want to throw that rock?)

Coopera – is opening a new round of bidding for 3 properties. Submit bids to the Cuenca office (3 de Nov. y Juan Pablo I) by 12/2 between 14:00 and 18:00.

Tourist lodgings – closed for operating illegally without the proper permits. The places were in El Centro and the closures will continue. (I wonder if the Department of Historic Areas, the Cuenca Tourism Foundation, and the Guardia Ciudadana went to the B&B listings on-line and compared them with permits? So if you’re renting out a room or a whole apartment, you’d better have a RUC and be paying SRI.)

Deportes –

Chubb – will be the main sponsor for Deportivo Cuenca.

Stadiums – are public spaces and the law prohibiting drinking in public spaces applies.

And that’s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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