Jueves, 5/1/2017: Cost index rises slightly, Sopranos accompany symphony, Bank charges to drop, Protests in Mexico

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Thurs.) agenda events –

Book launch – “Antesdeora y otros cuentos de una historia” by Oswaldo Durán González was presented Thurs. in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE (Cordero y Córdova).

Día del Periodismo Ecuatoriano – the Unión Nacional de Periodistas had a discussion Thurs.

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Teatro Drag – “La rosca de reyes” will play at el Sono (Borrero 6-83 y Pres. Córdova) Fri. and sábado at 20:00.

Articles about –

Magazines – Magazines have been an alternate channel for journalism and Cuenca has two.  Avance started in marzo, 1978 as a weekly tabloid.  It changed format and went to monthly issues and now you can go to its website as well.  El Observador started in 1998 and is currently publishing monthly.

Bienal – One of the venues is the Museo de las Conceptas with 5 artists, 4 international and one national.

Recital – Singers Vanessa Freire, Vanesa Regalado (sopranos) and Álex Rodrígurez and Jorge Regalado (baritones) will perform with the symphony Friday (this and cerveza have to be among the most widely known Spanish words so I’m assuming you know it.) at 20:00 in the Catedral Vieja.

Ley de Cultura – The law was published in the Registro Oficial last Friday, 7 years after the first debate.  It repeals several laws: ley de Cultura – 2004; de Patrimonio Cultural; del Fomento de Cine; de Patrimonio Subacuático; the one that made reading contests in schools obligatory and others.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Estudio definirá alza de pasajes (Study will determine (bus) fare increase) – The Empresa Pública de Movilidad (EMOV EP) has contracted with the Empresa Pública de la U. of Cuenca (UCuenca EP) to conduct a study on the ridership of the buses. Students are assigned to ride a bus and count who gets on and who gets off, how many pay full fares, and how many pay discounted fares.  There are 1,200 students participating, and the study will be due in 180 days.  The study will include 402 of the 475 buses in circulation on 29 lines. Then they have to get the operating costs of the system.  The current fare of $.25 has been in effect since 2003.

Campaign laws – Public institutions are prohibited from spreading publicity and showing the face, voice or names of candidates.  A current office holder who is running for an office can not officially participate in grand openings of projects and other things that are publicly funded.  (And that is how much I could pick up from the article.)  4 international organizations will be observing the elections.

Electronic money – The Superintendency of Control of Market Power issued a new resolution yesterday for the private banks in the country to provide the facilities for their clients to use electronic money.  The banks are not required to create accounts for all their customers. The banks say they won’t do it.  The Sup’y also told the banks to quit “badmouthing” the system.

Financial services – The cost of 14 financial services will be decreased early this year including for issuing and renewing the plastic credit card, annual renewal of a debit card with a chip, blank checks, replacement of lost or stolen cards, and bank references.

Matriculación – Auto registration will start on jueves, 12/1 with payments of fines which is one of the requirements to get your car registered.  If you didn’t register your vehicle for 2016, the fine is $15; plus in Cuenca, there is a $50 fine if you didn’t get the Technical Inspection,.  In February registration starts for cars with plates ending in the number 1.  March is for plates ending in 2, etc.

Death in river – A man and his son who were riding home after delivering supplies to miners in the mountains decided to cross the Santa Barbara River in Sígsig since there were no nearby bridges.  Manuel LLanos’ horse slipped and he fell and was dragged into the river.  His body was located the next day. The horse was apparently uninjured.  (This is to forestall those questions about what happened to the horse. Since there was no mention of the son, I’m assuming he was OK, too.)

Prices up – The Instituto Ecuatoriano de Estadísticas y Censos (INEC) (Statistics and Census) said the current Canasta Básica (Basic basket) is $692.56.  People interviewed by the paper had different opinions.  One woman thought that referred only to food without including other monthly payments such as utilities. People in the 27 de Febrero market also noticed higher prices such as a pound of peas going from $1.00 in 2016 to $1.50, getting 6 instead of 8 oranges for a dollar, and a pound of beef going from $2.50 or 2.60 to $2.80.

The Canasta Básica consists of 75 products in 4 categories – food and drink, housing, clothing and miscellaneous.  (It’s always the miscellaneous that breaks the budget.)  In Cuenca the Canasta Básica is $714.53 and confirms its place as a high cost city.

Amenidades –

“Tribal Fusión” – The Gato Alado Project will start a new cycle of classes in “Danza del Vientre Tribal” (Tribal Belly Dance – which is a US creation fusing belly dance with flamenco, modern dance and other forms) on 9/1 at 3:30.  The 12 hour class costs $35.00.

Internacional –

México – Protests against the rise in gas prices are occurring nationally.  100’s were stuck on freeways in Ciudad de México which were blocked by protestors.  Gas went up el pasado 1/1 between 14-20%.  Currently, gas is 29% more expensive in México than in the US and expected to go up to 56% more expensive.  Natural gas went up 77% and electricity rose 53% for industrial users, 37.4% for commercial, and 25.3% for residential. (So are all the Cuenca to Ajijic expats going to come back to Cuenca because it’s cheaper?)

Deportes –

“La Noche Colorada” – The stadium will be ready for Red Night (for the color of the Deportivo Cuenca jersey) on  20/1 at 20:00. Groundskeepers are aerating and fertilizing the field with equipment that the Federación Deportiva del Azuay rented from the Concentración Deportiva de Pichincha.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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